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Hello from Mika

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    Hello,I am Mika and 41 years old.Originally from Germany now an United States citizen for 30 years now.Married to my 2nd husband Curt of 3 years that loves my German accent also me being a proud redhead.I have 3 daughters from my previous relationship whom are 16,14 and 12.A step mother,two step sons,26 and 28 years old


    Hello Mika, You sound like you have a busy life with all that family. I am in the Uk, and have a grown up son and stepson so somewhat quieter here these days lol.

    It’s nice to meet you 🙂



    Hi..  originally Im from the Uk but now live in the Netherlands.

    I have three grown up children and now Im at home with my husband two mad dogs and a parrot who thinks he rules the world.


    Hi Mika, welcome to FF I hope you enjoy yourself on here.


    I have a busy life,first marriage ended up in divorce 6 years ago due to ex husband cheating on me.I kicked his butt out and did file for divorce.So far Curt is good to me and calls me his own Heidi Klum,he is 53.My parents,2 younger sisters and I immigrated to the United States when I was 11 for a better life and has worked out since we became legal citizens.Worst part is my oldest’s choice in boyfriends,been their nightmare.


    Greetings from Colorful Colorado, Mika!  I’m a former Army brat with a German mother.  I was born in Germany as well.  I used to speak German fluently.  After not using it for over 30 years, I lost that ability.  I still understand almost everything, though.  My cousins and I exchange emails in our own languages, and it seems to work for us.  LOL

    Welcome to our li’l corner of the ‘net.  We’re a pretty diverse group here.


    My step sons are very respectful to me.Good thing is my daughter’s bio dad is in their life


    Well Mika we redheads have to stick together.


    Work at a semi truck repair shop fixing semi trucks,co workers call me the mouthy German lady.If something doesn’t go right,go off for a couple seconds.I always likes them since I was a little girl starting at age 11 and love getting my hands dirty


    Well I am a bit technical too, but never was keen on dirty hands lol. Connecting pieces of equipment together and maintenance cleanup was as far as it got but in the home of a smoker it could get rather filthy.


    The only time I get my hands dirty is cleaning the oven and blitzing those pesky weeds lol.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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