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Herbal relief for PMS

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    Does anyone else suffer from bad PMS? I have been to my doctor about it as it makes some days of my life an absolute misery – I feel sorry for the kids when it hits me. My doctor prescribed me some drugs but I dont want to use them as I would prefer a natural remedy. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice?


    I get ridiculously grumpy when it is that time of the month. Have you tried evening primrose oil? That is meant to be good for PMS, although I havent tried it. I dont think I get symptoms as bad as yours though.


    Awww Carol I know how you feel hun. It is awful isn,t it? It,s just as if some big black cloud has descended on top of your head and stayed there. Then of course there is the pain that goes with it as well, which makes you even more miserable.
    I found this web site I thought may help. It looks pretty good and offers some good advice.


    Carol I also found this for you. I thought it might be of some help to you.


    not sure if this can be considered ‘herbal’ but when my cramps get really bad I find a hot water bottle really helps. Have you tried that?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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