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    I expect newbies like myself would like to know where the site came from? Who owns it? Who designed it? When did it appear? Why was it felt that it would be any better? What was wrong with the other ones? Are numbers rising or falling?

    Sorry, or the extra work, but you did ask. πŸ˜‰


    A few tidbits can be found on the ‘About’ page:


    I am the owner of Female Forum.

    Female Forum launched on 4 September 2008.

    I was inspired to start the site after a discussion with my mother who said she doesn’t use websites like iVillage because they’re too complicated to use.

    I wanted to create an easy to use community that would attract members who would be tolerant, welcoming, open, and understanding.

    The current logo and site design was done by my wife who has her own graphic design and art direction business, Creative Pollen – it’s based on our original design that was getting dated and tired.

    (I’ve attached a screenshot of our v1 design).

    The new design was actually completed in July 2011 but due to a few major coding and freelancer issues it didn’t launch until April 2013.

    During those two years the site certainly suffered – however key members of our community (they know who they are) kept the place alive and our numbers are now recovering. Thanks to their dedication, we’re once again seeing growth.

    We have a special community here. I am a big believer in quality over quantity. We don’t have the largest community here (far from it) – but we do have one of the best.

    That’s down to our members – people just like you.

    So thank you, and here’s to the future!

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    Thanks for that, I think it would make a nice article planted somewhere here. πŸ™‚

    I had read the “about us” section, and I had noticed that a lot of activity seemed to die in 2011. It is odd that even this most modern of things, the internet, how often we resent change.

    Over the few years that the internet has existed in this friendly format, it has become very apparent that things HAVE to change, people HAVE to come and go, and people should do their best to keep with the changes as they are developing.

    My favourite group of all time the rude room on soulseek died, and I keep going back to look. There are just the two of us now, three if you include someone who just hangs in there never responding lol. On reflection, the rude room was never going to survive for long, it’s dynamics, of verbal violence was never going to be sustainable and few could step in to the room and survive long enough to remain as a member. It was a fun room and the friends I made at the time were very real.

    I like your line about quality over quantity and I simply hope that it is do-able. One of the killers of forums IMO is moderation, too many moderators and too much moderation. Free speech should take in the offensive,and the ill mannered. Criticism of the users, the moderators, or thinking,, should be moderated with a light hand. The politically correct should be allowed free speech too, for they are often the ones hunted down. Keyboard commandos are another group unfairly condemned,,,,,

    I think i am starting to lose the plot and rant a little too much now, and I expect I may be starting to frighten people off too.

    But in the words of Douglas Adams, I am certainly “Mostly harmless”

    Thanks for the history lesson Martin, was all I really intended to say, and now at least I know who i have to be polite too. πŸ˜‰


    Just occurred to me to ask: Did your mum like or use it? πŸ™‚


    I just thought I’d bump up this thread. The history of this website is very interesting! It is such an easy format to navigate. Using Female Forum is plain and simple and is definitely not confusing. I hope the site continues for many years.


    Yes very interesting. As a fairly new poster I had no idea of the history.



    Dear acherrystone, Martin, KitKatKitty, Lindylo, and/or whomever else this may concerns,

    As for me I’m soo glad to this kind of intro post, responses to this thread. I for one I really love this/ese kind of intro post/s, response/s, and thread/s because to is really is good.

    Hmm all totally agreement with others here (even through I haven’t read all of the responses to here, good/bad for them, I’m waybeyondfedup, interesting, okay, thanx, understandable, WOW. By the way I’m soo sorry again for the run on yet another run sentence from me here.

    Already really figured that it was iVillage. Since then has totally creased operations and was merged into Today site awhile back, but somehow forgot when that occurred. Basically, knew all about this from either going to the site itself and/or wikipedia checking it out whats going on. Its just mainly from looking the front/home/start page. By the way I was a member of there for a couple of yrs until I got totally banned from there. Basically, it was all about yet again another beyond my posting style and in which still is.

    Of course did read everything more then once before joining/having my membership validated by Martin. In which it took about a wk with multiple communications with him and beyond.

    At the same time I’m still kinda partial to beyond all of v
    Bulletin, Invision, Xenforo forum software, and maybe even more. As opposed to beyond all of this type of forum software, email, fb, google, news, yahoo groups, and maybe even more.

    I’m also sharing my response on my blog, in email, other chats, discussions, forums, portals, sites, social media networking. Added my reply before exactly the subject of course.

    Got this from one from one of the blogs, chats, discussions, forums, portals, sites, and/or social media networking that I belong to.

    Yours truly,

    Jessica A Bruno (waybeyondfedup)


    You’ve done a lot of work online Jessica A B. It is nice to spread your wings and use a variety of websites, with all their different formats. I do enjoy reading your posts: you’re very unique. Keep posting!


    You’ve done a lot of work online Jessica A B. It is nice to spread your wings and use a variety of websites, with all their different formats. I do enjoy reading your posts: you’re very unique. Keep posting!




    Hey, that acherrystone asks some dumb questions……….

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