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    I don’t like them much. I still watch the odd horror flick, but stick to good old fashioned Hellraiser or Hellraiser Hell On Earth.

    Your stance on such films? If you like watching this genre, what are your favourites? With or without friends there?

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    I tend to be into science fiction more than horror. I do love a good Dracula film though. Usually the older the better as I think they were implicitly more romantic in times past. I do have a gothic streak which probably helps lol. Modern films seem to have lost that theme to a large extent. The ones I just don’t really like are zombie movies with hordes of the undead. I think really that, ortherwise, the films I like tend to be scattered here and there with different themes. Having friends with you does make it more exciting unless one is too extreme in their reaction.


    Meh… what used to be called horror,  Dracula , Frankenstein  etc cant be compared to the totally horrible sadistic films like Saw or the prodigy..I agree that the old films had an air of suspense, suduction and romance with them often the monster was given a slightly sad almost pathetic side that made us feel slightly sorry for them but not now, its just out and out bloodshed and sadism.

    I avoid films like this there is enough horror and sadistic monsters in the real world I dont need them on screen as well..

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    I agree, cassandra: there is enough horror in the world without watching a film about it too.

    As I said, I don’t tend to watch horror, except for the first and third Hellraiser movies. I just like the storyline and characters, rather than the gore. I won’t torture myself like that. In fact, though, the most frightening films ever made are Jurassic Park. Truly and utterly terrifying.

    I don’t watch them.


    I have written a good few horror stories, yet still cannot watch Nightmare On Elm Street or other such films. It seems odd, but that is how it is. I have a pretty frightening imagination when it comes to stories but can’t take horror films.


    I don’t like “slasher” or gory movies, but I do like an occasional movie that gets me scared.  I mostly like science fiction or fantasy stories like this, for example I really liked the M Night Shyamalan movies.

    One thing I can’t do is movies about sexual predators, that I think just feels too real to me.  Maybe it’s my PTSD from my experiences being raped, but I have this horrible fear of being kidnapped and dragged off to some part of the world to spend the rest of my life as a sex slave.  But I get triggered pretty badly seeing that kind of thing, which is why I can’t even watch shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale.


    That is utterly awful, Mamie. I haven’t been raped – so can’t completely know how you feel – but I can understand the fear of being abducted and made a sex slave. I do not know why I have this fear.

    I agree about not liking slasher/gory movies. Sure, I have a dark imagination but do not get a thrill out of those visual images. It is horrible, utterly horrible. So I just stick to light hearted films and children’s films. And will never watch Nightmare On Elm Street.


    I didn’t understand I’d been raped until long after, it was domestic rape, which I didn’t even know at the time was a thing. But it left some damage on me.

    I think maybe we all have that fear, since it’s something that could really happen, right?

    One of my favorite horror movies is Alien, it’s just terrifying and so well done.


    It must be a horrible position to be in as, like many, it is something I think about from time to time. I was on the jury at a rape trial. It was not easy as emotions ran high, but luckily my fellow jurors were good and we could discuss impartially.

    I was not keen on ‘Alien’ as it was so dark. If there is one thing I don’t like about some modern films it is that they are so dark. I don’t watch them, whatever the subject.

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    I find darkness scary … I think I’d find it hard to be really afraid if it was brightly illuminated.  I get spooked by isolation too, when they’re totally cut off from everyone, which is probably why I like Alien.

    I also like the first Terminator movie as a horror film. I love Sarah Connor as a character, and I find the relentless, unstoppable machine monster coming after her to be terrifying. And that scene where he goes in and kills all those police officers, I find it’s a powerful destruction of the illusion of security. There’s nowhere she’s safe, and like Ellen Ripley, her only hope of survival is to destroy her predator.

    Both stories kind of seem to me like a metaphor of Women vs Men, the latter being ruthless hunters out to consume and destroy, never stopping.  Ultimately we can’t run from them, and in the end we’re on our own.

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    My problem with films such as Alien and Jurassic Park is that they lodge in my brain and stay there for years. Now – I know they’re pretend – but they scare me witless. I can’t even watch Nightmare on Elm Street. As I’ve said, these films never leave my mind and haunt me for years. They are so dark and evil I can’t take it. I have watched clips of such films, but try now to avoid doing so.

    Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but I won’t be watching Alien! No: I shall stick to Maid in Manhattan.

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    That’s a great movie too KitKatKitty!

    Horror movies aren’t my favorites, but 0nce in a while I like something that scares me.  I think I like scary things that I know aren’t real: I’m not afraid of aliens, or dinosaurs, or killer robots and such.  None of those are going to come after me.  I also don’t believe in the supernatural (despite being very religious lol), so I’m not scared of ghosts or zombies either.

    But I like when a movie can create authentic emotions in the characters, especially someone I can identify with.  I feel I’d get bored if I only ever watched RomComs lol! 🙂


    You’re obviously right: no matter how scary a film, a zombie or vampire or cenobite or whatever is not likely to come after you! LOL. It is all fiction. OK, we know this BUT films can feel very real to some people in the audience and can create nightmares. People with a vivid imagination can often have this happen.

    Still, I love watching films. I must admit I do like Hellraiser 2 Hellbound. It is gruesome, but is such a good film. It has nostalgia to me. Very weird, I know, but true. I like the characters and storyline. I have not watched it for a few years, though.

    Anyhow, films are for entertainment and – I suppose – every film has an appeal for someone in the world. I do agree that your choice of viewing is high quality. I won’t watch horror often, but there are a lot of brilliant horror films on the market.

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