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    Just at the moment it is a heatwave here in the UK and I know that some other places in the world are having the same kind of weather as well. I was wondering how everyone is coping. Personally I do not have too much of a problem with the heat, most of the time, but I have to keep out of the sun except for short periods as I burn so easily.  My biggest problem is keeping the plants watered, without overdoing it.  I see it has got really bad in Japan and people are suffering badly. I know that in some places people are used to the heat as they have grown up with it, but it is a change from the norm which is the problem. How do you cope?


    Hi Jen, as I mentioned I don’t just burn like you but I think I am suffering with heat stroke as well. So I try not to go out during the ” very hot hours ” and wear my loose and long Summer dresses to get some breeze around my lower half , although I am struggling with that now.  Sweating too is a problem I keep changing my undies if I do the slightest amount  of work or exercise, never mind the thunderstorms will be here soon lol.

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    We had our record-breaking temps a couple of weeks ago.  It’s “monsoon season” now, and we’re getting a lot of rain.  Even though it wasn’t that hot today, we suffered with higher than usual humidity in this semi-arid climate…56%.  It may not seem like much, but it’s quite noticeable when walking around a lot.

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    We are predicted rain in the next couple of days which is making people happier. It has been a very sweaty night here with windows closed due to predicted thunderstorms. I heard lots of rumbles overnight but no rain. It does tend to be more humid here which makes it heavy going at times. Looking at the local weather here at 7:00 AM it was 20 segrees Centigrade and the humidity was 89%. More tropical than normal. I see the temperatures are to be going down to normal (20 degrees or slightly higher during the day) in the next few days with humidity between 50% to 60% (maybe our normal).

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    The nights here have been unbearable, if I touch hubby in bed we both end up sweaty ( oh that’s normal anyway lol ),  seriously I cannot wait for it too cool down and am tempted to sleep under the stars but that WOULD make it rain !!!

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    it is always hot in taiwan. i cope by wearing as little clothes as possible outside and staying in air conditioning inside as much as possible. thankfully my half filipino blood results in me tanning easily. never recall burning up, at beach. there are no nude beaches but a micro bikini is pretty close to naked and the sea water always is refreshing during hot part of the day if i have to do outdoors modeling. i throughly prefer hot weather to cold climate as long as i can recall.

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    Here the weather changes very much Bunny as it can get very cold in the winter. It is called an English pastime to complain about the weather, and most people just get on with things, just joking, whatever it is. In reality I used to enjoy driving through the snow in in wintertime with my last job, but was always aware that things can go bad in an instant, and so was usually rather unsure (that’s why I would me much happier if it were a company car and not my own lol). I live near the East coast where there is usually a cool sea breeze. A bikini of any sort is not common wear for most of the year, but with the present weather – yes.


    I think SpinningJen has a point: it is called an English pastime to complain about the weather. I try not to complain myself. I am rather glad it is hot here. I much prefer the hotter weather than the ice and snow of winter. I have to walk on that ice and it is a nightmare. Still, it is summer now. And I do like the ice cream, shorts and just enjoying wandering around and about.

    I do think a thunderstorm is going to hit shortly. Thankfully I have access to a car! It’ll be nice, though, for the air to clear.

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    the coldest it get here is around 50F in February. most of the year like ten months is 70-115F. only snow is on mountain tops. essentially summer time is majority of the year. many friends wear shorts year round as me do. i would be paranoid if really cold enough to be snowing.

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    Things were unusual here yesterday. Rain almost all day. It was pleasant walking around in the rain, as it was still warm, but much brighter today. The wet spell will revive the plants well!


    We Brits will always moan about it being –

    Too hot

    Too cold

    Too windy

    too wet and it always rains when we go out and leave the washing out to dry lol.

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    Where I live, we get winter for like seven months of the year, so I totally enjoy when it’s hot and sunny.  I’m having a warm summer so far this year, and I’m feeling it’s absolutely lovely, but I’m very sorry for anyone suffering.  I couldn’t live without my central airconditioning, I leave my temperature at 78 during the day and I turn it down to 74 at night (I can’t sleep if it’s too hot!).  I bought new clothes this year (thank you to everyone, your encouragement from another thread here helped me), so I’ve been dressing lighter and feeling nice about that.

    I worry more about when it’s going to get cold again.  In like January I’ll have weeks at a time where it won’t get above single digits, really freezing!  Oh dear Bunny, I’m afraid you just wouldn’t survive here, lol!

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    Last week it was about 105F (about 40C) with a heat index of 110F. Plus the humidity is awful. But these temps are pretty common for this time of year where I live. We had a cold front move through with some rain and it was 77F when I took my lunch break today, it felt amazing. When it’s so hot, it’s best to just stay indoors during the heat of the day. I had an outdoor sale at a Fleamarket a few weeks ago and it drained me so much that I actually took a nap afterward!

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    I worry more about when it’s going to get cold again. In like January I’ll have weeks at a time where it won’t get above single digits, really freezing! Oh dear Bunny, I’m afraid you just wouldn’t survive here, lol!

    That is pretty much how it is here (although single digits centigrade, not Fahrenheit), although normally just above freezing. It used to be below freezing for days and even weeks at a time but now with global warming it is more wet and miserable.

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    The weather does have an impact on our lives [which we realize]. I don’t mind British weather. I kind of like the variety of heat and cold. My favourite season is Autumn. This is because it is neither too hot nor too cold. Plus, I love Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night.

    The problem with this hot weather, though, are the fires in Greece and California. The whole of each area was a tinderbox. That is what is scary.

    Anyhow, I do prefer mild weather: as do most people. But everyone loves dressing in shorts and just relaxing when it hots up. It is kind of exciting in that sense. And not just for the kids! British summertime should be celebrated.

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