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How are you feeling today (IMAGE)

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    Our power has been off all day with the storms. It is on now, so I feel:

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    Been for more blood tests today

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    Ah…. Can’t bear needles lol.

    Do let us know the results Papillio…

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    I used to be bad, but I’m kind of getting used to it (see above pic lol!)

    It’s just I’ve been v.tired recently so I asked him to check me out for Anaemia again (I’ve been having some pretty bad nosebleeds in my sleep) and he has – amongst a few other culprits just in case like – so we should have an idea next week. Just need to make it through the day without a 10/11/12 hour sleep and an hour midday nap!

    Also, if we could lose the dreams of demonic shopping trolleys chasing me (in order to gobble me up) and Prince John threatening to kill my hubby if I don’t sleep with him (that’s my own fault, I was reading Elizabeth Chadwick before bed!) that’d be good too!


    Oi… STOP reading that book IMMEDIATELY – no wonder you are exhausted 😆 (well at night at any rate).

    It’s not your diet perhaps?


    I can’t find a picture for wide awake, but that was me at 4:30 :ahhh:


    Will this do Kam..

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    That’s perfect :exclaim:

    So far I’ve drank a whole pot of coffee….:ahhh:


    Oi, no shut-eye for you tonight girl…. A few tots of whiskey may be required 😆

    I’ve just sat through the animation Free Birds at the cinema with the kids…

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    He didn’t seem to think so. Admittedly, my diet has become fairly appalling recently with me hating the smell of most stuff, except eggs, peanut butter and toast, but between them (high protein and fair fibre) and my pre-natal vitamins it shouldn’t really be a problem.


    Franco when he finally bloody well decides to return from their so-called working trip . I cannot believe they missed their flight today…. Ja RIGHT!!!

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    Waiting for the fire to warm the place up!!

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    As you know I got the best news today. 🙂

    I also have found the new avatar I wanted.

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    My music fix for this entire month

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    Am I the only person who gets out of bed reluctantly looking for breakfast in silence?

    I am not grumpy, I just like it quiet. After all[strong] I know [/strong]I will wake up in the next hour or two. 🙂

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Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 380 total)
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