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How are you feeling today (IMAGE)

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    I keep my nails cut as short as possible because they just won’t grow anyway, they are too soft
    Night girls it is 11.30pm & bed is calling


    I am presently at the hairdresser with my pic in hand…. decided besides my usual platinum color, I want my hair cut into a long bob; just long enough to tie it up when I am feeling hot and bothered. Lets hope sh gets it right 😆

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    Well how is your hair looking SG?
    crappy night sleep here, I coughed most of the night so feeling tired but I have to go out thismorning so might grab a nap this arvo but then I think that ruins my night sleep if i can get any
    Have a great day girls


    Went shopping with the family this morning after 9am and spent 6 hours shopping and treated myself to 3 CDs of the Man In Black and just listenin’ to some songs on my laptop and might just have an early night as it’s 02:34am here


    It’s looking good Lauren… My colour turned out perfect too…I wasn’t too pleased with it the last time. I have been going to this hairdresser for years but goodness me he sure has his bad days… So temperamental … Think he takes out his frustration on my hair :coolcheese:


    Oh look SG I am sure he keeps it all built up until you pop in LMAO
    I always go to same girl to & 9/10 times I am always happy but that one time she just talks too much & cuts too much.
    I have never dyed my hair as such but I get blond streaks or foils


    Oh I like SG. very cute 🙂


    Thanks girls…. ja I am quite happy with it.

    This arvo its a mani and pedi and eyebrow thread.


    That is virtually my hair style sg, so put me down as “In approval!” 😉

    Mine has a fringe, but the same side parting and colour, but with some mild highlights.


    Thats cool cherry.. haven’t had a fringe in years; in fact beginning to wonder if I ever had lol.

    I really like the colour in the pic and was tempted to change my platinum, but then remembered how long it has taken to get the colour to my liking.


    Well speaking for others, who are not 29, as I am.

    A fringe will hide forehead wrinkles.

    So even though I don’t have forehead wrinkles, because I am only 27. I am sort of supporting those who do.

    I also realise that I shall eventually become over 25, and as such if I hide it now, while I am still in my early 20’s no-one will even realise that I have aged at all, when I eventually get to a little bit older than I am now.

    I saw a marvellous line a while ago, it was “I am now 39, and have been for some time now.” 😆 😆

    I expect a few of you old timers could pinch it. 😉


    😆 I’ll try to remember that line cherry…. Rather let me diaries it .. Oh gosh that won’t work, twenty years is a long long way away… :coolgrin:


    I do like a good fringe, it frames the face nicely. I have a side-swept one that waves across from my right to left.

    Thing is though, I never quite understood the fear of wrinkles. Surely it’s a good thing? It’s means you’ve lived a full life and had plenty of experiences?


    Ja, I like that Papillio… it’s like each wrinkle represents the quality of one’s life made visible; I shall from here on refer to them as “wisdom wrinkles” 😆


    Sounds like a plan 🙂

    I guess I can’t really comment, being quite young myself, but I’ve never really seen the issue with wrinkles. I get it makes you look older, but since when was that a bad thing? I read an article a few weeks back that said women in their sixties are far more confident in themselves than women in the 30’s and below.

    Frankly I’m always seen youth as somewhat of a setback. People see my age and think I must be some drifting drunkard who’s only just now starting to think about her future.

    Besides, being young sucks. You’re not confident in yourself, your abilities or even your appearance. There’s rarely any financial stability (seriously, Fred’s the only person I know who’s our age working for more than min wage), and you’re constantly making bad decisions because you simply don’t have the life experience to know to avoid them.

Viewing 15 posts - 346 through 360 (of 380 total)
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