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How are you feeling today (IMAGE)

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    You will do fine, you have always been a wise old head on young shoulders. 🙂


    It’s a process… and I agree, I really wouldn’t like to go back to my 20s. But ja, as cherry says you are very wise for your age Papillio… you got a good head on you and I have gleaned alot from you.


    Another fall after chasing Dusty but we also had a little furry visitor who came to my window and cried to see me, brought the kitty into let my mom see it and we think it’s name is Turbo…

    Treated myself to Grand Theft Auto 5 and also a new top with Brooklyn 98 on the front with two white stripes on bother sleeves.


    Oh dear! Cats are wonderful aren’t they lol!

    Mine came home, rubbed herself all over me and tricked me into thinking she was being affectionate. Turned out she had a slug on the side of her chest and was simply trying to get it off (!)


    Yup and the little kitty is only a couple month old and Dusty didn’t seem to mind the other kitty being there…. Pulled two all nighters this weekend as it’s the GP in Japan which is on right now


    I’ve finally started getting some sleep now. I couldn’t sleep for like a week because of how bad my stomach hurt. I knew the meds had caused a problem last month when I came off them, and I knew from the scan I had a thick lining but seriously. It’s day 12 and I’m still going…

    Anyway, sleeping again now which helps!


    Oi, that is so so horrid. I have had moments these past few weeks of struggling to get to sleep; I wouldn’t mind so much if I was able to sleep in, but these beautiful sparrows wake early building their nests and chirp me awake before 5am lol

    Well partly true, we early rises anyway, so ja.


    Missing sleep is never pleasant.

    Glad you at least got that sorted.


    06:19am and listenin’ to Rosanne Cash and not even in bed yet lol


    Day 15 and still going.

    Depressed much…


    Pap I hope you are feeling better now xo
    it is 12.15am & I cannot sleep either so I thought I would try to get on here & do some posting, I tried last night after our family went home but it is so slow for me to get onto the forums again,
    We had a fantastic week with Tara & her boys & Klaus & the 2 year old got on swimmingly, it was so good to see how Alexander took to his poppy
    I have some lovely photos to share but I will wait untill things are faster here with getting into forums.
    Hubby went last Friday & was measured up for his face & chest mask all ready for radium if he can have it & we should know that by this Friday,
    okay off to see if I get can a few more foums in before I try sleep again 🙂


    Seems the non-sleeping bug is hitting us all!

    Good luck Lauren. All the best to your hubby 🙂


    Hope it all goes well, Lauren. 🙂

    But he has been lucky so far, he got himself a good wife.

    One who cares for him, not everyone gets that.


    So pleased that their stay was a happy one Lauren; bet Klaus was delighted with the little fella.

    All well for tomorrow girlie xxx


    Ooops I slept in, I have a Kay coming from Brisbane today with a little toddler & she has just text to say she will be here in one hour (it is a hour drive) I hav’nt had brekky but thats ok because I am making a Binoffie pie hehe, She normally stay’s for the whole day & leaves here about 3ish so I am just having BLT sandwiches for lunch they are her favourite so thats nice & easy & my mate Jen will call in for lunch with us as well so a nice day ahead.
    Having visitors will also help the day go faster for Klaus waiting to hear from hospital although I suggested if they have not rang him by 1pm he should call them, it is so hard waiting all the time
    Have a great day/night girls i need to jump in the shower 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 361 through 375 (of 380 total)
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