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    Hey everyone

    I thought it would be fun for us to describe how we imagine other Female Forum members. We are close to hitting 200 members as of Friday, 14 November which is a fantastic achievement. I thank all of you for being involved and getting this community off to a great start.

    I will start out by selecting a few members at random, so you get the idea of this thread! Make sure you add to it and let’s see how close we can get to guessing the ‘true’ person behind the member name! You don’t have to describe as many members as I have – just profile the ones that stick out in your mind – it’s all just a bit of fun!


    A crusader who wants to fight the injustices of the world. Has a fondness of kittens and puppies and used to dress up as a superhero when younger.


    A happy, positive person who likes to see the good in others. Sometimes this can cause her problems, but she refuses to accept that there isn’t some good in everybody.


    A busy, hardworking and devoted mother. Nothing is more important to her than her husband and her children – even when they are driving her crazy!


    A positive young woman who is still trying to ‘find her way’. Not happy in her career, but has a great outlook on life which will be certain to guide her to happiness.


    She has found her true love and cannot wait to settle down with her fiancΓ©. She still wants to retain some of her independence but her relationship with her partner will always be her number one concern.


    A busy, hard working professional. Her family and children are hugely important to her, but so is her career. Fiercely independent but emotional and caring at heart.


    A woman who is happy with her job and career but feels her life is not wholly complete without a partner to share it with her. A friendly, outgoing personality means she won’t be looking for too much longer!


    A true gent. No more needs to be said πŸ˜‰


    A cheeky rogue who caused her parents no end of frustration as she was growing up. Loves to share her opinions and learn the opinions and thoughts of others at the same time.


    A wild child growing up, and a wild child now. Fiercely independent, doesn’t care what others think and knows that life is hers to grab hold of and enjoy.


    A real thinker. Claims to be light hearted and likes to put a comedy slant on most issues in her life, but her brain is always working overtime. Works out great for us as she posts some great, thought-provoking threads on Female Forum!


    A New York city-slicker. Getting established in her career and starting to enjoy stability in her life. A real personality this one, and I think we will be seeing more of it emerge in the future!


    This girl is enthusiastic about everything life throws at her. Going through college to help quench her thirst for learning new things. Will always want to learn and gain new perspectives on life.


    A real loveable character. Dawny loves to love and be loved which makes her hugely popular amongst friends and family. She is immensely proud of her family, and they are lucky enough to know it.


    Still finding herself and always open to new ideas. A very caring and emotional woman who has a streak of independence and rebel inside her!


    A hardy Russian beauty with ambition and determination. Friendly, warm and approachable – those who can call her a friend are truly lucky people.


    Likes a bit of everything and anything. Always looking to try new things, but has a real passion for the things she sticks with. A bit of a romantic at heart.


    An animal lover from down under. Loves to spend her days in the garden sipping on some white wine but rarely gets the time nowadays. She can certainly never be accused of sitting on the fence as she always has her own opinions.


    Shy, but sociable at the same time. Can be nervous around new people but soon shares her entire personality with people once she feels comfortable around them.


    Ambitious and dedicated. Has aims and goals for herself and is determined to achieve them. Seizes opportunities and is eager for success.


    Never afraid of taking a risk in order to better the life of herself or her family. Her number one priority is her family. The second most important aspect of her life is the friendships she has cultivated.


    Again, friends and family are hugely important to Darlink. She is still looking for a solid direction in her life, but is determined to get herself on the right path.


    This one sure has a sense of humour! Not only that, she is willing to take action to achieve her goals. Never one to wonder ‘what if’, she is more of a ‘when and how’ type of woman!


    A busy mother who is looking to increase her independence and get herself back on the career ladder whilst still maintaining a strong connection and bond with her family.


    Proud to be a woman and believes that anything is possible. Always open to new ideas, is ambitious and open to learning new things. Never afraid to voice her opinion.


    A bit of an enigma – shares enough of herself with friends and family but retains some intrigue. Hopefully she will share a little more of herself here!


    Supportive, outgoing and full of empathy. Everyone around her values having her in their lives, although she often fails to realise this.

    Phew! Right, was I close? Anyway over to you lot now!!!


    LOL, what a great idea this is. As a newbie here I haven’t really had time yet to form an opinion on anyone really. So far everyone seems incredibly friendly and helpful.

    As for Martin’s assessment of me…lets just say he was close with some things πŸ˜›



    A cheeky rogue who caused her parents no end of frustration as she was growing up.

    :red: yeah, you got me πŸ™‚


    Right come on you lot, you need to get involved too and tell us how you imagine other members – even if you only mention a couple!! Let’s get the ball rolling πŸ˜‰


    Ok then, here,s a few of mine.

    Squeezy. A bundle of fun and mad as a hatter.;) Always gives good advice to those who ask.

    Sally. Serious minded with a sensible head on her shoulders. The kind of person you,d turn to in a crisis.

    A real live wire and a breath of fresh air on Female. Bounds around with endless enthusiam, and is always full of fun. Can always be relied upon to keep a confidence. A true friend.

    gemini. Like a wise old owl. Always ready with some good advice. Has started up some great thought provoking threads.

    Our latest member from down under. Loves animals, children and her OH. Gives good sound sensible advice. A real trooper.

    And last but certainly not least, πŸ˜‰

    Well what can I say? ermmm, ummmm, there must be something?? Ohhhhh yes I remember. πŸ˜†
    Firm but always fair, and always willing to do his share of the housework. *I have to say nice things about him coz he,s the boss* πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


    LOL! I don’t know if that fits me… I’m not terribly ambitious. Dedicated, though, yeah, I can see that. I’ve stuck with my site for 2 years and am still at it. LOL!

    Interesting game but I only pop on here now and then and haven’t really gotten to know people. I like this forum but only have so much time on the computer. πŸ™



    LOL! I don’t know if that fits me… I’m not terribly ambitious. Dedicated, though, yeah, I can see that. I’ve stuck with my site for 2 years and am still at it. LOL!

    Interesting game but I only pop on here now and then and haven’t really gotten to know people. I like this forum but only have so much time on the computer. πŸ™


    Hey Michelle, it,s nice to see you back again!! It,s a shame you can,t spend more time here, but any time on Female is better than no time atall.;) Pop in and see us whenever you can. Your always welcome. πŸ™‚


    I tend to cycle around a lot. I’ll spend a whole bunch of time on one site and then not come back for a bit and then spend another bunch of time. Lots of things competing for my attention. At the moment, it’s these kids that have actually been playing fairly well by themselves while I’ve been posting here… I should get off the computer a while and play with them. πŸ™‚



    Wow that is really thoughtful Martin it must have taken you ages and you are really spot on.

    Still new or feel it so not got to know anyone that well yet.


    Well I think you did an awesome job Martin on the small few I know here.

    Right on the money with myself and them.

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