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How has your February day gone?

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    Happy February! I’ll come back to chat later, but here’s our official monthly conversation started!


    It’s an unplugged day for the middle guy, who gets super-frustrated on Mondays because he does too much on the weekends and is then off-kilter. I put away his laptop last night for that reason… He’s been drawing and reading, but then breaking out of the calming activities by wanting to play a game called The Secret Word that we saw on a cool video yesterday.

    Besides baking muffins, I’ve gotten the daily cleaning going, fetched some carrots for supper, returned library books (with plenty still at home), and picked up a couple small packages at the post office. One was a CD and the other is part of the youngest’s birthday gift tomorrow. (I’ll leave it unwrapped since I already wrapped the larger part of it yesterday, and that’s plenty. I just got carried away getting a whole book series and could have tried for just half of it…)

    I have online volunteering after lunch, and plan to send a few “Happy February” texts to see if anyone is chatty. Feels like no one in my contacts is as chatty as me! 😉 😉


    It has been good and chatty here recently but I have found that many people elsewhere have seemed to have hibernated. I did specifically ask one person I know as I was wondering how she was. She replied that she was sick of this covid thing on social media so was taking a break.

    No walk today, I think, as I woke up to a sprinkling of snow and now it is raining heavily. I cook for Tuesday lunch and the chicken pieces have defrosted overnight so I would now go as far as usual anyway. Have a lovely day everyone!


    Ive had a good  few days the weather has been crisp and cold ideal for walking. But the forecast is for more rain which is a bore.

    I have had a couple of lovely messages on my dogs FB page (yes they have their own account) We photograph our walks and I add a narrative. One lady told me she makes herself wait until her coffee is brewed and shes dressed before she sits down to see what Murphy and George have been up to. Another told me that my sunrises and nature photos help lift her depression at being stuck indoors and she laughs when the boys get up to mischief.

    Its nice to know that such a simple thing is helping others through the day.  On  Sunday I had mentioned that we stood and listened to the ice sing.  I got several messages back saying that people had never heard this.  So if youve never heard it this is ice singing its spooky and a bit eery but wonderful a bit like whale song…

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    I have had my daily shower. I’ve made myself a caffetterie coffee. I have put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment.

    I have decided to continue living in an apartment until old age: I won’t ever move into a house. I much, much prefer living in a space that doesn’t have stairs and doesn’t require hours and hours of cleaning: hoovering an entire four bedroom house every week is tough going. Also only having one bathroom is great for me. I just don’t like houses. I do sometimes reminiscence about having lived in a house, but I shall never go back to living in one. No: I love having an apartment. And because it isn’t large, it pushes me to go out into the world. Whereas if I had a house, I would hide in it. I do NOT want to live my life like that. I do know I won’t live in my current apartment forever, but I shall move into another one when I am ready. But we’ll have to see where life takes me.

    Anyhow, I am browsing the Internet – as I do – and work, as I do. I keep myself occupied.

    Enjoy your February Tuesday!


    catching up on my soap opera/ brouzing the internet/ drinking dr pepper. that’s the outline of it..


    We’ve had cinnamon buns for breakfast, a special birthday treat that I started in October when the oldest had his birthday. Everyone seems to like the new tradition, though at first the birthday boy was so fixated on the carrot cake he had requested that he expected it for the first meal of the day. Um, no. 😉

    He seems to be happy with his books, which are the Data Set series from Ada Hopper. (Pen name? Seems like a combo of Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper to me…) He looked at all the pictures in them, and I’m sure we’ll start reading them at some point today. (We had read #1 together from the public library, so we can skip right to the next adventure with dinosaurs!) Now he’s going to colour while one brother works on a medieval-style helmet (made from cardboard) and the other reads.

    Meanwhile I’m doing this and that until after morning snack. Then we may go see if the weather’s all right for horses to be out in the fields near my parents’ house (across the river). While we’re in the neighbourhood, I’ve got a couple things to drop off for Mum and she’s got a couple things to return to me (including Downton Abbey DVDs) plus a birthday card that didn’t get in the mail. (It’s always a silly dilemma whether to mail something to family in town. Might as well find a reason to drive over!)


    I’ve run a few errands in town. I also put on a load of laundry beforehand and am just browsing the Internet, as usual.

    There were very few shops open but I did manage to go into those shops. After doing that I walked home and am back on my computer. I didn’t mind walking because the weather is very mild: in fact, it’s quite warm and sunny. Bizarre for a winter’s day! But a welcome relief.

    Enjoy your Wednesday!


    [quote quote=224443]He seems to be happy with his books, which are the Data Set series from Ada Hopper. (Pen name? Seems like a combo of Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper to me…)[/quote]Funny…Grace Hopper was instrumental in the creation of COBOL, and Ada is another programming language!


    I think the Ada programming language was actually named after Ada Lovelace.


    I have been busy as usual today: I cleaned my bathroom and kitchen and also put on a load of laundry. I am airing out my apartment, too. I am on the Internet, which is a daily activity for me. I am going over to my dad’s house to help cook dinner: we are having a Chinese feast! This includes DIY stir-fry veg, noodles, marinaded chicken, spring rolls and prawn crackers: heaven here I come!

    What are you guys having for dinner tonight? Whatever you have: enjoy!


    That Chinese food sounds delicious!

    Laundry is started, and the middle guy did most of the work making blueberry muffins (yay! a baking assistant!). After morning snack, I’ll fill up the car’s gas tank (boo to still having gasoline rather than electric or a hybrid car…) and go to the grocery store to grab the meat for chicken dinner tonight.

    We have floors to wash and vacuum later as part of the school day (Career Education, plus an occupational therapy Heavy Work activity) and I will encourage everyone to get outside at some point, or exercise indoors. For my exercise, I’m hoping there’ll be a walk around the neighbourhood.

    For a video today, I’m not sure if we’ll watch special features from the 1985 Anne of Green Gables miniseries we finished watching yesterday, or pick a video online about history or world culture. We do have some Lucy Worsley documentaries on the PVR as well… 🙂


    And the food was delicious, rebecca! I sliced the red onion, bell peppers and cabbage. I then diced up chicken breasts and marinaded it with chow mein sauce. I left that in the fridge for 30 minutes. We then cooked the noodles, heated up the springrolls and cooked the stir-fry and chicken. Lovely it was, too.

    This evening I am browsing the Internet. I have just gotten off the phone with a dear friend.

    I keep busy!


    I have been busy today! I went grocery shopping with my dad. I put on a load of laundry earlier, too. I have just eaten my lunch: I had a southern fried chicken wrap. It was delicious. Oh: I bought myself a cash lock box. I just saw it and picked it up. My cash will now be secure. It only cost $6, too.

    I am just browsing the Internet. I’ll be online for another few hours, like usual. Anyhow, enjoy your Friday!


    We’ve gone through our early-morning routine, and all three boys are now dressed and ready to meet the day! I’ve started the laundry and will do another load or two later in the day. I’ll be driving the oldest to his vision therapy appointment, and I hope to get a little done while I wait for him. There are edits to consider for a caregiver treatment plan, plus I’ll have a notebook handy to write new things. Maybe I should put the last writing notebook in the backpack, too, so I can consult my notes and work on those projects!

    I leave Friday open on the cleaning schedule, so it’s just laundry and dishes for us all to work on (though I still end up doing most of the laundry cycle and don’t usually mind). Academic topics will probably be covered by the education assistant, but maybe we can also throw in research related to yesterday’s video about HMS Victory!

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