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How has your February day gone?

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    Paperwork today. Boo. I think it’s mostly done, then I need to get a couple things notarised and call to pay a filing fee so I can send it off. Would love to have it done!

    I also got in a great walk at a park near the river, worked on a 3D puzzle of the Empire State Building, and chipped away at the PVR recordings.


    I had a very long lie-in today: I was shattered and just slept. But eventually I woke up and went about my usual activities. This included eating dinner at my dad’s house. He cooked a fabulous roast pork dinner with roast potatoes and veg: it tasted seriously nice. I am now back home and browsing the Internet, having drunk my daily cup of coffee.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow. It’ll be a good day tomorrow.


    The mention of daily coffee reminded me of something. I have to go on record and say that I must, must, must have a homemade tea latte on Monday. I’ve forgotten to have one for a couple days and I have so many good tea flavours that would work well – a couple bags of Pumpkin Spice left over, Candy Cane Lane holiday tea, strawberry pomegranate, Earl Grey for a London Fog… (I always forget to look for loose tea, by the way, though I hear it’s better than tea bags. My teamaker can handle both with its infuser, so I just have to get to it someday.)

    Okay, back to Sunday’s events! πŸ™‚ It was a pretty good day here. I was out of a few things in the kitchen and headed out after lunch, remembering finally to drop off a big bag of sheet music for a friend who plays guitar. (I acquire too much by not saying No firmly to my mum, and also by thinking we need more than we do. Must say No to all Mum’s stuff! Unless it’s books? Hee hee. But she’s got a four-bedroom house with lots of space, and I’ve just got a three-bedroom townhouse, so I can’t take things off her hands anymore.)

    In my travels, I discovered that Magnum makes non-dairy ice cream treats, and that was delish! You know you bought the expensive ice cream when it tastes so rich. Hee hee. Also grabbed a bag of chocolate peanut butter cups. I find if I keep watch for vegan or non-dairy labels, I don’t have to worry about the milk that companies are sneaking into their dark chocolate… Although my younger sister believes that it’s the caffeine in chocolate that has been upsetting me more lately, causing headaches when I eat even half a serving. Either way I go, sugar or milk or caffeine will get me because I need a taste of chocolate now and then!

    I got in a good phone call with my younger sister, who lives in the Vancouver area. (Big-city living! I’m happy for small-town space right now, until we all get vaccinated and boot the pandemic to the curb.) My nephew wasn’t home, so it was quiet at her place and she was generally more attentive to the conversation than usual. πŸ˜‰ I do need to convince her not to use speakerphone all the time, though – her words can come through garbled that way… I muted her a couple times by accident with my own phone, so I’m looking forward to trying out a headset soon that will give me hands-free calls with my cell phone (which has local calls all across Canada, woo hoo). Alas, my home phone is a cordless model that has no headphone jack to do the same! (It’s pretty much the backup phone, and the one spammers try.)

    I’ve spent longer at my computer tonight than expected, so I’ll deal with the laundry baskets tomorrow rather than before I head up to my room. My books are waiting… πŸ™‚


    A normal start to a Monday morning for me. I have had breakfast and am now wondering whether the parcel I am expecting will be delivered today. It was sent from the middle of France, which I did not realise was going to happen, but took a fairly normal time to reach the channel and cross. Then it was, and still might be, held up in a warehouse over here due to Brexit???? So much for the government sorting. It’s only been a day or two overdue so far though. I hope I find out early as there is a covering of snow here and I would like to get out for a walk if I can. I did get an email yesterday to say it was coming today but it is still shown as being in the warehouse near London.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend. We will see what this week brings with the new ‘beast from the east’ πŸ˜€



    Good! I’ve had my morning routine: drank my usual caffetterie coffee and had a shower. I then gave my apartment a good clean: I hoovered/put on a load of laundry/aired out my apartment/took out the rubbish & recycling/cleaned my bathroom/cleaned my kitchen/etc. It took a good few hours but has been well worth it. I now have a spruced up, cozy home.

    I am now browsing the Internet, as I do. But I shall be going out soon. However, there is an ambulance outside and that is worrying: I don’t know whether they’ve slipped on the ice and injured themselves or have COVID-19. It is really worrying. And I can’t leave my apartment until the ambulance leaves*. Otherwise I could be questioned by them as to why I’m going out and where I’m going to. BUT the sirens are not on, which is a good sign. I hope my neighbour recovers from whatever they have.

    Take care yourselves on the ice.

    *Oh: the ambulance has left, which means I can see my sister and dad today. The ambulance didn’t bring anyone out, thankfully. So there is no COVID-19 today.


    I have put on a load of laundry and am drinking my usual cup of caffetterie coffee. I am browsing the Internet and just enjoying my Tuesday morning. I also posted on Facebook, which I LOVE doing: it is such a great media platform. I cannot get enough of it.

    Enjoy your Tuesday and be careful on the ice.


    I worked hard yesterday on finishing legal paperwork… and I filed for a divorce order today! Whew! This is almost 6 yrs in coming, so it’s a relief even as it’s still a marker of something I never expected to be part of my life. I can regret choosing the particular man I did and staying with such drama and unhealthy behaviours for so long (almost 15 yrs) but definitely don’t regret my three kids. Life throws in some good with the tough stuff, eh?

    Anyway… I got the laundry started before going to the courthouse (in another city) and had also baked fresh muffins (chocolate chip). Now it’s after lunchtime and the kids have built a sort of fort-ish place in the largest bedroom, using folding mattresses and spare sheets. I’ll interrupt them in a little while for an educational video. I’m currently halfway through my indoor exercise routine, since it’s really chilly outside this week and likely to be too icy to walk in the neighbourhood or at the park.



    Thursday was a good day here. I went through our shelf of books from the school (and which belong back there when we’re done with them) so we read a few. We do well using online sources for a lot of our topics, but it’s good to be sure we’re still staying with what’s expected and not straying too far just because we learn as we’re inspired by topics and questions about life!

    The boys had a lunch break with their dad, and I took care of a bit of cleaning we normally do together. Thought I’d get that out of the way, and it’s probably good if once a month I make sure we’re actually getting it done really well. πŸ˜‰

    After the lunch break, they played a bit and then I read aloud from the beginning of a book series that the oldest and I like: The Betsy-Tacy books. I hadn’t even heard of them until the Mother-Daughter Book Club series included the series, and the easiest way to get my own copies was to buy directly from the Betsy-Tacy Society in the author’s hometown of Mankato, Minnesota! Anyway, the first couple chapters went over well, so hopefully we’ll keep going in the next few days.

    We also watched a show with black bears. Very cool. I should see if I can track down any episodes of a wildlife show I watched as a kid called “Wild America.” Love seeing animals out in the wild!

    I finished an ebook last night and the next in the series isn’t out till September! Seems so long! But the same author has a new book out in April from a different series, so I suppose I’ll be okay. πŸ˜‰ I did a little looking around in the Kindle store earlier this evening and found a series of 7 books by another author I like, so I think I’ll get wrapped up in that for now! There’s always something to read… πŸ˜€


    Today has not got off on a good start as, when I was putting our bin out for empty, my neighbour told me that all the workforce had gone off on covid isolation and the bins will not be emptied for two weeks. As ours is nearly full now that will be interesting – not! We will get by as there has been the odd occasion like this before but it’s times like these when you realise just how important more than just the identified emergency services are.

    Otherwise hopefully a normal Friday. Have a good day everyone!



    Its true no one notices bin men or cleaners until they aren’t there.Β  Its only when they dont work you realise just how important they are to the general working of everything.

    Im busy this weekend its our Ruby wedding anniversary and as we cant go out Im organising a feest here at home including a red velvet cake.

    Hopefully OH will enjoy it.


    [quote]Its true no one notices bin men or cleaners until they aren’t there. Its only when they dont work you realise just how important they are to the general working of everything.[/quote]

    You’re absolutely right, cassandra. Some people think little of bin collectors. But when they’re gone, these people are annoyed and angry at the load of trash in their back gardens. Bin collectors do have an important job: and there is a LOT of trash on the streets and outside houses. It’s like today I took out the rubbish & recycling: without those bin men, the rubbish and recycling would stay there and just look disgusting.

    A little appreciation for all the workers that keep our neighbourhoods clean and free of trash. Plus others: such as cleaners and supermarket shelf workers. They ALL deserve respect.

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    quite poorly today


    sat around feeling full of food wondering how the hell it’s almost 1500 and all I’ve done is drink 2 glasses of dr pepper


    and dress


    Hope the day improved, Emily!

    We started out a little late this morning, which is nice for a Saturday together. We didn’t need to get going by a certain time, though we did have a library trip planned. First I made fresh (double chocolate) muffins, then after every one had their morning snack, we layered up to brave the cold. (It’s been lower than -10C here lately, either the true temperature or what it feels like. Brrr.)

    I have half of my indoor exercise to do before lunch, and will continue with the laundry cycle. No big plans for the afternoon, just relaxing. It’s been all about books for the boys since we returned with a few bags full!


    There is some talk of it warming up here so fingers crossed. A fairly normal Sunday is planned, with the weekly shop then lunch and relax a bit. There are always things to get done though πŸ˜€



    I’m rather ill today: I have a runny nose, sore throat, I have been sneezing, I have coughed… I just feel really sick. I have to keep blowing my nose.

    Anyhow, I am still getting on with my day. I ran a load of laundry. I have been working on my accounts and have done some Internet shopping. I also ate my breakfast and drank my caffetterie coffee. I keep busy.

    Have a restful and enjoyable Sunday, everyone.

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