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How has your February day gone?

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    I am not ill today, I am pleased to report.

    I have just finished watching “13 Going On 30” on DVD. It is a BRILLIANT and awesome film. I shall definitely watch it again. Jennifer Garner and Judy Greer were the right actors for the job. The cast really had chemistry. The film – I believe – is magical. I really enjoyed watching it.

    I also love:

    1. “Maid in Manhattan”
    2. “Coyote Ugly”
    3. “Honey”
    4. “Daughter Of The Streets”
    5. “Pretty Woman”
    6. “Erin Brockovich”

    There are so many great films I have watched in the past. The above list is just a few I have seen.


    Hope you’re feeling better already, KitKatKitty, though I know that a few days of yuck are to expected with colds. I always want them to be done soon, even though I enjoy the lemon tea I drink at such a time…

    I’ve been grocery shopping and have done my online volunteering earlier in the day than usual. Now I’m thinking of heading to the park for a walk. It’s warmed up some and there’s just light snow coming down. Seems like it’s time to get back out there! (I did yesterday, too, so tired of being inside for exercise!)

    I might have a phone call with my younger sister after lunch, and could watch a video or two, though I might also try to get a start on some organising in one of our storage closets. It’s a holiday here (Family Day), so the boys are away with their dad until suppertime. Tomorrow it’s back to school days!


    I forgot to mention I love “The Devil Wears Prada”. A seriously good and utterly enjoyable film.

    I have had my daily shower/drunk my morning coffee/have put on a load of laundry/and am airing out my apartment: the usual daily routine. I am also now browsing the Internet, as I do every day.

    Enjoy your Tuesday!


    Yesterday was my mammogram appointment. I did consider cancelling but cancer screening is vital so I decided to go along and I have to say they had arranged it very well with masks screens and shielding.

    To reward myself I had a slice of home made red velevet cake with my mid morning tea when I got home..


    Yesterday evening I watched the new Tom Hanks film , News of the world.. It was ok but I dont like westerns and I know he can do better. Its not a film I would watch again unlike so many of his other films..



    I loved watching Tom Hanks play Mr. Rogers. Such a good performance! He’s also good in That Thing You Do! as a band manager.

    Good job with the cake after your appointment. Excellent idea!


    It’s sunny out and not too chilly either, so I already got out with the youngest boy. I might go again by myself after lunch, for a faster pace. It was fun watching his excitement at the sun making the snow sparkle. 🙂

    The boys played with finger paint this morning and it wasn’t a complete mess everywhere, but it does spread when they’re not paying attention! We used newspaper on the floor but still had some clothes and a kitchen towel to toss in the washer… The kids will probably like the paint more than their mum!

    Not a lot else happening yet. We got a deposit in the bank account, so I paid a bill and filled out a monthly report that means we keep getting such deposits. I just bought pants and shirts for the oldest, too. Not too many at one time, but enough to get him started on the next t-shirt size and having enough pants in the same size. I forgot that I should have checked for shirts for the middle guy, who probably wouldn’t admit he’s getting too big for the size he currently wears. I think he’ll need specific fabric, maybe from an actual clothing store and not just Amazon. 😉

    My younger sister was reading The Secret Garden recently and brought to my attention last night that there was a new movie version released last year, with Colin Firth in it. (He was in an ’80’s version I still like, even though it doesn’t follow the plot as closely. It’s a nostalgia thing for me! It’s cool that he got another opportunity to do the story again, this time in a different role…) That’s my plan for this evening’s entertainment!


    It’s threatening rain here today so I plan a bit of a sort out indoors. There are always things to do 😀


    It is Thursday today. I drank my cup of coffee. I had my daily shower. I put on a load of laundry: the usual daily routine.

    I keep busy!


    I’ve done more cleaning today:

    1. Cleaned my bathroom
    2. Cleaned my kitchen
    3. Took out the rubbish & recycling
    4. Hoovered
    5. Am airing out my apartment

    I have decided I shall be living in an apartment all my life: and never a house. Houses take a LOT of maintenance and work. There is all the hoovering, sorting, dusting… the list goes on. If you’re well off, you can have help with cleaning a house but it is work I am not prepared to do. So it’s an apartment for me. Perhaps not this one forever but an apartment somewhere else. We’ll have to see what the future holds.


    We have a townhouse, and that’s big enough most of the time. Except when you and your kids want to keep every souvenir, have a lot of movies and music and puzzles and Lego, plus collect a ton of books. 😉 😉

    For cleaning, we washed and vacuumed floors today, besides the laundry and dishes.

    Otherwise, I had writing time while the boys had Lego time this morning. (Just a half hour, or they’d get snippy and forget their manners!) We also watched the Perserverance landing coverage from NASA (well, one hour of it and we can go back for more later, I hope) and got outside for a walk in the neighbourhood. Now the oldest and youngest are imagining some of the terrain of a terraformed asteroid called Yax!


    I have been awake since 12 30 A.M. talk about a sleepless night.




    That’s a bummer, Emily. Hope you get a nap or two in your day!

    I’ve started the laundry for the day and packed up for taking the oldest to his vision therapy appointment. Only a few more appointments, then a longer trip to get his eyes assessed once again. We should be done then, except for some maintenance exercises. 😀

    I found a dirty spot – maybe a stain 🙁 – on a favourite tunic I was wearing, and that colour (jade) isn’t available in my size right now. Sigh. But I did find a fab dark purple in that style, and I’ve ordered a few other colours to have extras in ones I already own. I’m currently wearing royal blue, with my “short circuit” printed leggings. 😀 (I avoid solid colours for leggings and choose prints only – I noticed early on in buying leggings that solid colours aren’t very flattering to chubby thighs and bottoms, on me and on others I’ve witnessed. I’m working on building good muscle in my thighs, but in the meantime, best to focus the eyes on the pattern!)


    That’s a good idea Rebecca. I must admit I tend to be the other way round and virtually never wear prints. I have noticed that even a pund or two extra shows though.


    That sounds like a lot of hard work, Rebecca. I have a one bedroom apartment and even that takes a lot of work: I have to hoover/take out the rubbish/dust and wipe down surfaces/wash the laundry/clear out cupboards/clean inside the fridge/go through drawers and throw away unwanted items/regularly clear out old magazines/get rid of old books/sort my closet and clothes drawers with what I have to get rid of/tidy the shoe cupboard/re-fold blankets in another cupboard/clean the bathroom/clean the kitchen…. the list goes on. Lord knows how much time cleaning your townhouse takes! It mustn’t be a one woman job. Owning a house is a job in itself frankly. I know this because I used to have to clean my dad’s house. I’d clean the bathroom and would get complaints the room smelt of Flash bathroom spray. I’d also have to hoover, which I hated. But I don’t mind hoovering my apartment, funnily enough.

    Cleaning is not as easy as some people have been lead to believe: it is a full-time job. Because it doesn’t stay clean forever and has to be re-done. If someone cannot stand cleaning, then I’d advise they don’t live in a house or very large property. They’d spend more time on maintenance than living their life.


    Laundry is on the go this morning, mainly just my things because the boys are away until almost suppertime today. I kept with our usual dishwashing-after-a-meal schedule so far, which means the breakfast dishes are done as well. I may skip washing after lunch and wait till after I bake muffins this afternoon. That way, the baking dishes are included in the washing and there will be a bit less for the boys to do after a tiring day away.

    I have plans this morning to get out for a walk, and I also have to pop into the lingerie store for a free item I won back in December. It had to be ordered in, so I’ll pick it up and ask for some bra-fitting advice while I’m there.

    I should probably hang another basket shelf in the kitchen this weekend. I’m slow at the job, though it’s not horribly complicated. I guess it’s just not a favourite task, and no one else is pestering me to do it, so my motivation has slipped some since the shelves arrived… It’ll be nice to have extra storage space, though!

    I “travelled” to Scotland last night thanks to “Coastal Railways with Julie Walters” (first episode) and to South Africa this morning while watching a show on Karoo National Park. I can afford this way of seeing the world, and it fits well with pandemic restrictions, too. 😉 I wonder if people who travelled a lot before 2020 are realising yet that going so far is a luxury or impossibility for a lot of the world’s population. I’ve gone from one end of my own country to another (just west to east, not north as yet and most of us live in the south, anyway) and that is more than folks in poor countries like Haiti could ever do… I haven’t been on an airplane since my oldest son was born 13 years ago – if we’re going to travel, it’s by car to keep costs down.

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