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How has your February day gone?

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    I have given my apartment a clean [as usual]. I have been browsing online and shall watch a film soon. I don’t know which one yet, though.

    Enjoy your Monday.


    no housework for me I did all the laundry yesterday and today the weather was so lovely we went out on a good long hike through the forests.

    of course tomorrow there will be bread making and ironing as well as hoovering on the menu but at least today we’ve had a beautiful walk.


    We got out for a walk after morning snack, since it’s warmed up here. No sun today, but it hasn’t been raining either. I’ll take that! The youngest kept refusing the walk at first, but we held hands for a bit to get started, then we began talking about hopping over things and going to see the stream by the railroad tracks. You just gotta get him out and then he’s usually really good!

    Meanwhile, the middle guy smelled smoke and other disturbing odors while he was out around the same time, and that set him off for sensory issues. He can move past them a lot better when he’s well-rested, but he needed the naptime that is just ending now…

    We’ll have popcorn now that my volunteering is done – and I’ve been splitting it up into Monday, Wednesday/Thursday, and Saturday times to give more frequent feedback on each church page (especially the larger church in Florida).

    I’m looking forward to having time tonight to watch “Daddy Long Legs” with Fred Astaire. I’ve seen other movies of his (and own “Funny Face” already) but missed this one as I grew up. Now that the boys know about the book from the Mother-Daughter Book Club series, I figured it was time to see the movie, despite the fact that it may be very little like the original story… It’s an excuse to watch Fred dance, hee hee.

    I also have two CDs to back up to digital format, since they arrived today. I owned these ones on cassette tape way back when and recently uncovered those actual tapes, which I thought I’d discarded already. I can listen in multiple ways and support the musician again (Tony Vincent, who was a finalist on The Voice and did stage work too – though the CDs come from before all that).


    I had a short walk yesterday as rain was in the air and in was soon wetter. Today I hope for longer but will have to be back to cook lunch so need to get a move on lol


    We are having the most lovely spring like weather it makes walking really great but sensory issues.. I get that there is so much to take in on these days bird song , power tools from spring garden work , smells of all sorts and in our area gunshots because the hunt season is still going on..


    [attachment file=”collage(2).jpg”]


    The weather here is gorgeous, too: it is so spring-like and sunny. The breeze doesn’t cool you down too much either. Hence why I have the windows open. I also put on a load of laundry today: as I do daily. I am also browsing the Internet. It has been a Facebook morning for me: I am very creative with my Facebook feed and posts.

    I bought myself “The Sleeping Dictionary” DVD from Amazon the other day. I have not yet watched it, but I will within the next few days. Jessica Alba is such a gifted actress and I love most of her work. I did not like “Machete”. Maybe she enjoyed filming it, but I hated watching it. I watched “Machete” all the way through once, but after that it went in the bin. I did not want anyone else watching such a gruesome, graphic film. Utterly awful.

    Anyhow, I gave myself a manicure this morning, using a white glitter colour. My nails look gorgeous.

    Enjoy your Tuesday!


    I have drunk my caffetterie coffee. I have put on a load of laundry. I am airing out my apartment, too. I am browsing the Internet, which I do daily. I shall be telephoning a good friend later this morning: she’s in a bad way. I have posted on Facebook, too.

    It is a gorgeous spring-like day. Oh: my dad is going for the vaccine today. My sister is driving him to the appointment. It means my dad will have greater protection from coronavirus. He will be OK.

    Enjoy your February Wednesday!


    I had time to bake muffins this morning before getting on the phone with the teacher who helps select materials and oversees my own teaching (from another city). She also gets the job of writing and submitting report cards. (Whew!) We took a lunch break about noon and I did help with the dishes a bit, but otherwise I was back in my room chatting education for much of our usual school day! (We had our behaviour interventionist here, so that gave the kids someone else to do activities with and be shepherded by…)

    I skipped out on cooking dinner, then got to enjoy storytime with the kids before my own quiet evening time. I watched a short video series about healthy screen time, and got the laundry sorted as well. (Ah, tidy laundry baskets!) Now I’m sneaking into my reading time a bit to get chatting time here!


    I am never going to hoover my lounge carpet again…



    Because its being ripped up as I type.lol  I had you gasping there for a moment didnt I?

    Yes we are putting in a whole new floor from the beams up and Im going to go the bit extra and have floor planking  ( NOT laminat) laid stained and sealed.

    Its going to take a few weeks in total because also while the floor is up and spills dont matter we are going to pain the walls too.

    Im also choosing new lighting and art work for the walls..

    A big project but I think its about time the house got an overhaul.


    You did have me worried there! LOL.

    I am also going to have my carpet replaced! ATM it is beige: I shall be going for a fairly-thin material and a light/medium green colour. I will be forking out for it out of my savings. I’ve had my current carpet for over 10 years: it is time for a change. I am just waiting until the carpet shop reopens. Then it’ll be choosing the carpet, taking the measurements and having it fitted.

    It is all very exciting!



    That sounds brialliant Cassandra! Its good to have a change from time to time. I dread to think about our carpets although I give them a thorough clean. We had really good quality ones fitted when we moved in around thirty years ago and they are still in use. I love quality carpets and am personally not keen on wooden flooring. It is easier to clean but the feel and acoustics don’t sit right with me.


    Well the old flooring is out..

    The first trip to the dump is done and already the house feels lighter and brighter..

    But we had a moment yesterday, we put both our dogs upstairs and shut the baby gate so that they were safe as we pulled up the old laminate, as we stopped to take a breather half way through there was the unmistakable sound of a dogs nails clicking on the flooring  as it ran towards us, both OH and I just looked at each other.. Then we quickly got on with pulling up the rest of the floor!


    Big surprise: I have put on a load of laundry today. I have also opened all my windows. I am browsing the Internet and just am taking the day as vanilla.

    It is a gorgeous sunny spring-like day: the sun is shining and the birds are singing. It is a good day to open my windows. I have also drunk my caffetterie coffee: I do like my morning coffee.

    Enjoy your Friday!


    I happen to be a fan of vanilla. 😉 Not just the ordinary days we need regularly, but also the flavour and the smell! 🙂

    I didn’t get a lot of writing done while the oldest was having his vision therapy – because I got distracted by research in case we need to replace the older computer that boy is using. It’s freezing up quite a bit, despite having a Windows re-install in November. Ah well, maybe we can’t make it last any longer. I may pitch in about half of the cost of a refurbished laptop and get the oldest to use some of his savings.

    I also got time in the afternoon to do some math and English exercises with the youngest and the oldest. The middle guy did his with the EA, after playing with an electronics kit. (Snap Circuits – super cool idea to get kids understanding how circuits work.) Check that off as a good school day! 😉

    Once the boys were off for supper with their dad, I got in a walk at the park. It so happened that my friend Valerie was there with her son (and dog) for a walk, too. Hadn’t seen her since Christmas, so it was great to have several minutes of conversation, before the boy got bored. 🙂

    This evening, I’ve been watching a PBS show called The Black Church, though I did take a break to do some cleaning we didn’t get to yesterday.

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