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How Has Your January Day Gone?

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    I gave myself a pretty pink manicure this morning. I did have a lie-in, though! I went over to my sister’s house for lunch and dinner, as per usual. We ate cod in white sauce with jasmine rice. Yummy! There is nothing boring about my sister’s food.

    I have been chatting to my close friend on the telephone: she is happier. I think she has grown where she now lives: I don’t want her to be the woman in the vinegar bottle. I shall be buying her another late Christmas present: the first was a DVD of the Disney classic “The Lady And The Tramp”. She has watched that DVD twice already in a few days! As for me: I am now reading “A Woman Of Substance” by Barbara Taylor Bradford. It was published in 1980: and has stood the test of time. I read it last year 3 or 4 times.

    I am keeping my apartment clutter-free: I just throw anything – and everything – away. It’s just stuff: throw it out.

    Have an enjoyable Friday evening, everyone!




    As always we started the day with a walk which was lovely calm peaceful and bright but having only had 4 hours sleep you can imagine our heads are thick with fog and we feel battered and quite exhausted.

    January 1st for us is a day to try to recover from the Madness of the night before.

    I have cleaned away some of our Christmas decorations but I had no energy to do the rest I shall finish it off tomorrow.




    Yesterday I went out for my morning walk then watched an old ‘Carry On’ film on the TV. Later I did a bit of art painting. In the evening I ran checks on my laptop as I was watching TV. It had flagged up a bad trojan as I was organising my files to a new external hard disk. I think it may not have been a problem as it was in a big set of Windows programming example files and I think probably a false positive as these files were Windows system examples, but one can never be too careful. A further minor issue was raised and I will use a different scanner I have today just to be sure. I have found it best to use multiple different type of tools rather than place faith in one virus scanner. I learnt the hard way some years ago when the Norton anti virus I used at the time was compromised. In the end it proved more of a problem to get rid of Norton than the virus lol.


    I have drunk my usual caffetterie coffee [don’t you just love that spelling?]. I also put on a load of laundry and sorted a few computer files and folders: both on the Internet and my hard drive.

    I have also been browsing the Internet and posting on my favourite website Pinterest. I tell you, Pinterest is addictive. I also prefer it to Instagram. Instagram is quicker, but isn’t my favourite website. I still post on Facebook. I definitely keep myself out there. I do see myself as an online agony aunt, too. I LOVE offering advice and sharing my opinions: as you guys already realize!

    Enjoy your January Saturday, everyone!


    Saturday went quietly with me. I visited my mum and took down her Christmas decorations. She was in good spirits which is always to the good. I got the first taste of driving in snow this year. The road was covered outside mum’s and she lives at the bottom of a small but noticeably steep hill. I had to be careful as whe wheels were spinning a bit but it felt very strange as the electronics were cutting the drive in and out (with traction control?) so giving a jerky movement. I am not used to this car in snow.


    We havent had snow but its been a bit icy, many countries in Europe now require winter tires between Nov and March so I have them on my car and I must say it really does improve road holding in wet slippery or snowy conditions.

    Ive taken down all my decorations and the house looks bare without them so next time I go shopping I shall treat myself to a nice plant or a colourful bunch of flowers to compensate.

    Im skyping mum today.. Not that she has much to tell me except moaning about her driver for dialysis …well honestly the rules are clear for drivers they must come to the door identify themselves and use face masks because these are very vunerable people. Many dont come to the door just sit outside the houses and toot..Mum is partially sighted blind as a bat in the dark..and very unsure on her feet so negotiating the walk to a car in the street is a big hazzard for her. Then some drivers wont wear face masks they know when they get the job that its required so why take the job if they dont want to obey the rules?

    Shes had yet another hospital appointment cancelled. This one isnt too urgent but the cardiac one she waited 10 months for was cancelled and the consultant rang and told her they could see from a recent scan her heart was worse but at the moment they cant help her so shes been given yet more pills to try to prolong her life..

    Its so depressing… Im looking online at local newspapers to her to see if there is any gossip or scandal that I can talk about to distract her.. Sad but at least it might take her mind off things for a while.



    I got my lie-in on Saturday morning. (We call it “sleeping in” here. I think I like “lie-in” better!) The decorations came down that morning, though the tree is still up so that it can be undressed together. I also felt that things seemed empty once the decorations were gone. Will brainstorm how to change that. I can’t keep plants alive, though, so maybe some extra posters or kid artwork?

    We have winter tires requirements here (just regional rules, I think) from October to April. Our mountain passes and even area roads can get pretty bad, so it’s necessary. I still feel a bit nervous about driving in snow when the first big snow comes, but you get used to it unless you don’t have to be the driver. Still, if I can stay home while there’s snow really coming down, I will wait it out. Prettier from inside! 😉

    Cassandra, I’m sorry you and your mum are dealing with such news. It’s tough to face not having a dependable body – we get so used to having them work the way we want. When they don’t, I think it’s a good time to consider every moment precious, and see if we can boost our impact on others. Having a legacy is comforting, I believe.


    I didn’t mean to be away for so long, life just kept being either busy or I was relaxing away from the Internet. Good way to start the year, perhaps?

    I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey between cleaning on Saturday. The movie is 10 years older than me, and it shows! I do see why people praise the cinematography, but it is definitely not going to be a favourite sci-fi movie for me. (I had seen it before, but didn’t pay as much attention. I’m a better film viewer/critic now.) I have the sequel from the library as well. We may end up using the first one as film analysis for school, because the older guys really want to see at least the opening, though they’re more likely to mock than anything – we’re spoiled nowadays with good storytelling techniques and great special effects…

    Last night, I finished a book borrowed from my mum. I skimmed a bunch because it grew tedious at the pacing the author chose, but the time period was interesting to me – the conflict came between weavers and mill owners in a small town, as technology increased and the old way of making cloth was on its way out.

    I’m also halfway through How to Have Your Life Not Suck. Funny title, fun writer. It doesn’t go as deep into personal growth yet as I’d expected, but that may be coming, and the expected readership might be younger than me as well. I did a lot of my maturing from age 37 onwards, and I felt that was late, but a support group I had was mostly older women than me, and some were still struggling with relational concepts that now made sense to me. I guess it’s not about the number so much as your experience!

    I’m looking forward to multiple church videos or livestreams today – one way I preserve the sense of community while being home, or just having to be a bit separate because of our special needs life. The guys are doing so much better with videos at home than they ever did being at church in person – too crowded, too loud, too long for their attention spans… And then for me, no one minds that I’m keeping my hands occupied during church by solving puzzles! (Always a jigsaw and 3D puzzle on the go here! Good daytime hobby with my noisy kids because it’s hard to focus enough to read a lot of the time, and it’s fun while watching TV in an evening too.)


    I am drinking my caffetterie coffee. I have put on a load of laundry and have also posted on Facebook. I shall be doing the cleaning later this morning. This includes my bathroom and kitchen/putting on another load of laundry/hoovering and taking out the rubbish & recycling. That reminds me: I have decided to fork out to have my lounge and hallway carpet changed. I will be choosing a light green: my friend suggested it and I think it’d make a nice change from beige. Plus, I’ve had the same carpet for over 10 years: it really is time for a change. I shall also be buying myself a new mattress soon.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone!


    Well we had a delivery of meat for the dogs this morning so we have packed that away in the freezer and taken all the boxes to the recycling, the dogs have been out twice.

    Ive hoovered and hung up so washing and now Im just waiting to hear if my car can be booked in for its MOT. This afternoon Im going to do the ironing, while I listen to something on youtube..

    I really would like new flooring but as we are moving in a couple of years its just not worth it. My living room is huge and the outlay for new carpet or laminate would be silly.


    I have just finished reading Barbara Taylor Bradford’s novel “A Woman Of Substance”. I read it last summer 3 or 4 times, too. It is such a well written, enjoyable and dramatic story. I have to say it is my favourite novel of all time now. It was published in 1980 and has stood the test of time. If you’ve got the time, give it a read. I’d read it in sections, though. I write this because it took me over six hours to read in total. If you’re not an avid reader, you won’t get through it, I have to say. But if your passion is reading, you’ll love it.

    Anyhow, I am going to be cooking dinner soon. I shall be eating chicken steaks and hash browns. I will also be watching “Coyote Ugly” on DVD shortly.

    Have a lovely evening.


    I have just finished breakfast and will shortly look at the weather forecast to see if it will be dry. I have things to do around the house and lunch to cook but I still like to get out for a walk if possible.


    Enjoy your day everyone 🙂


    The car is in for the MOT… I hope it passes easily I think it will we are very up-to-date on maintenance.

    I was shocked to see that we acutally drove more KM last year than in previous years this despite not be able to go to Germany as often as normal or go on holiday. I think its because we have been making sure that in order to avoid meeting people we have driven a few miles each day to more remote walking places .. It soon adds up


    Well Im going to put on some laundry and give the bathroom and good clean.. enjoy your day everyone



    Yeah… the car passed without faults…



    I have been doing some work on the computer today.

    I am just going to pop dinner into the oven. I am rather hungry. What are you having for dinner? Or what did you have for dinner? I shall be eating sweet & sour chicken with rice. Yummy!

    Enjoy your Tuesday evening.

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