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How Has Your January Day Gone?

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    [quote quote=222158]I have decided to fork out to have my lounge and hallway carpet changed. I will be choosing a light green: my friend suggested it and I think it’d make a nice change from beige. Plus, I’ve had the same carpet for over 10 years: it really is time for a change. I shall also be buying myself a new mattress soon.

    That’ll be a great colour, KitKatKitty! I’m excited for you! We’re waiting here on the next reno to these government-owned townhouses – the outside was redone and a bit of indoors relating to air circulation, but the flooring still needs to be replaced and cabinets as well in kitchen and bathroom. (Hopefully all the room and closet doors, too.)

    I replaced two mattresses last year and probably will do one this year, too. We went with memory foam, and for the middle guy it’s a foldable one that he can turn into a low chair or couch since he’s not using a bed frame – too likely to fall off! Having a convertible bed is really nice!


    [quote quote=222177]I have just finished reading Barbara Taylor Bradford’s novel “A Woman Of Substance”. I read it last summer 3 or 4 times, too. It is such a well written, enjoyable and dramatic story. I have to say it is my favourite novel of all time now. It was published in 1980 and has stood the test of time. If you’ve got the time, give it a read. I’d read it in sections, though. I write this because it took me over six hours to read in total. If you’re not an avid reader, you won’t get through it, I have to say. But if your passion is reading, you’ll love it.

    Anyhow, I am going to be cooking dinner soon. I shall be eating chicken steaks and hash browns. I will also be watching “Coyote Ugly” on DVD shortly.

    Must find this book to try it! ☺️

    I think I remember some of that movie because my younger sister liked it a lot!


    We had a pretty good Tuesday. I put off math for the older guys because one felt a bit brain-tired today, but I got in some practice with the IXL app for the youngest. We can do math and English on there, and using the tablet makes it appealing. Tomorrow will be card math games, though. ☺️

    We got our cleaning done despite the appearance of poor attitudes about physical work. Oy. We also had trouble with the lid of the toilet cleaning fluid, but one of our tools gave me superior grip strength eventually. LOL

    We also skipped through 2001: A Space Odyssey for some film analysis. We have ideas for 2001: A Space Parody… 😅

    Our behaviour interventionist can’t make it tomorrow for his usual hours, so I’ll put off the planned (secondhand) furniture shopping and be glad for the teaching time. Besides the card games, I’ll likely read aloud a superhero story and motivate everybody to get some exercise!


    Your family seem to keep you occupied Rebecca. It is rewarding though when they grow up and be successful.

    I go to my mum’s for my usual midweek visit today. I have got some handwashing to do first though. I hope any ice has cleared before I go as it will be black and invisible.


    As per usual, I put on a load of laundry earlier. I also had my daily shower. I have been working on a project: it is all very exciting! I feel happier, too: this is because my close friend, Nick, has gotten back in touch. My best friend, Vicky, is still a very good friend and other people are staying in my life. I have more money, too.

    But – I must say – I value my friends more. However, having financial security is a weight off my mind. I just do not want to get into debt. I avoid credit cards, loans, gambling, stealing, borrowing money from friends: I work for my bread and butter. I also am strict about paying my way. This included paying my sister back a full $500, instead of in instalments. I pay every single bill and seldom borrow money. I am so organized with money, you wouldn’t believe it. But I am. I know where every single penny goes: and always will.

    Just a little information about me!


    We’re watching a Lucy Worsley documentary about the Tudor 12 days of Christmas. I saved it for Epiphany, though I watched it the evening of the 25th. Very cool! And I love that these guys will watch documentaries written for a general audience rather than just things produced for kids… (We use both, depending on what we find.)

    Ben had an issue this morning because a main character was killed off near the end of a Redwall novel, so I made up a funny idea of a story where characters upset about their deaths or plot endings revolt against a famous author (or a small group of them). It made him laugh and helped get over the disappointment, but I totally get it. I was so mad when I reached the end of 1984!

    Now I’m going to give them a recap of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night! Will write more later…


    We managed to sneak in math and English practice for another kid, a walk outside for the youngest (splashing in puddles and slush, hee hee), and indoor exercise for the older guys.

    Our dishwasher won’t stay on – as soon as you let go of the power button, it turns off again. I have to wait till next week for a repairman, so I’ve got a system figured out that I think will work to stay on top of handwashing dishes for four people. Probably should have been using it already, but let’s not worry about that! 😉 I’ll also try to use this as an opportunity to get everyone trying handwashing with me – we’ve got sensory issues causing them to avoid the job, but now might be just the time to find some strategies through those issues. (Ahem, they make gloves for jobs like this…)

    I wrote my goofy story idea down as my writing time tonight, after watching an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (Laundry sorting is fun when there’s a show on!) It’s about time to look at adding that show to my collection rather than just watching episodes here and there, without the flow of the storyline… I might even be inspired to write some of my own Star Trek fiction, as I once did. 🙂


    I was thinking, when I read your post Rebecca, that you could get everyone to help with dishwashing – Then you put that you were doing 🙂 . We did have a full collection of Deep Space Nine DVD’s but they were my stepson’s and he took them when he moved out. There were magazines too and they all took up too much space. Personally I prefer Voyager as I like the varying storyline and locations. I am fascinated by The Borg.

    Today I plan to get out for a good walk as there is little forecast of rain. Yesterday I visited mum. She was in bed, although well, so we didn’t talk much. As there is not much to do at the moment there is little incentive to move for someone who is otherwise housebound unless taken out.


    [quote quote=222299]We’re watching a Lucy Worsley documentary about the Tudor 12 days of Christmas. I saved it for Epiphany, though I watched it the evening of the 25th. Very cool! And I love that these guys will watch documentaries written for a general audience rather than just things produced for kids… (We use both, depending on what we find.)


    I like Lucy Worsley and if you like her it might be an idea to look up things like the Tudor farm with Ruth Goodman https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/profiles/9Ph0F7PtlDMthtvnG9F0wT/ruth-goodman

    Older but also very fun to watch was Time team with Tony Robinson. A great insight into hisotry with lots of boys mucjing about in mud to keep little minds happy.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvmEISc6e4tLwn8TyS14ncw


    Funnily enough I watched “Star Trek” on the horror channel the other night: it was awesome. I loved the storyline and skill of the actors. It was so well directed, too. I really love Star Trek now. I loved it as a teenager, as well: I shall definitley be watching it tonight. Again on the horror channel at 8pm.

    rebeccajpand: I have written a few science short stories. I wrote “Mission To Mars” and “Space Samaritan”. They are pretty good. Science fiction is thoroughly enjoyable to write. I’d advise you get writing too: before your muse leaves! You must catch those thoughts and ideas with a pen and notepad. Don’t let them get away.

    Anyhow, I have done the cleaning again, as usual. I will be cooking noodles for my lunch shortly [or rather heating them up!].

    Enjoy your Thursday!


    I have always loved Star Trek from the early original series right through to the latest offering called Picard which follows the story of Jean Luc after the Enterprise.

    I must admit I wasn’t that keen on DS9 although it did have some good characters and the new series Enterprise is a little too political for my liking but Star Trek is and remains the very best sci-fi Siri there is ..

    A close second has to be a very own doctor who whizzing around space and time in his TARDIS..



    [quote quote=222332]

    A close second has to be a very own doctor who whizzing around space and time in his TARDIS..


    I like Dr Who too. I don’t know if it is me though or that it is getting rather heavy on drama and social points these days rather than being entertaining science fiction. I think that I have said before, I am not keen on heavy dramas. I watch TV for relaxation as there is enough drama in real life. Maybe it has always been that way and I am just a bit more sensitive now?


    A usual weekend for me with seeing my mum and shopping. The supermarket and roads were quiet yesterday so this new lockdown is biting. The changes don’t really affect us that much. I suppose it reflects our quiet life?

    I presume the forum was offline this weekend as I tried a couple of times with no connection.


    Yep the forum was down …again,

    yesterday we heard that our lockdown is likely to be prolonged for another 3 weeks because the infection rate isnt dropping. Hardly surprising given that I see people flouting the rules every day, spots types seem to be the worst joggin or cycling in groups all huffing and puffing.

    Good news from mum though, shes now had 4 covid tests and each one has been negative she will be allowed out of isolation this week. But her carers family are all ill. At Christmas / New year  they had all eaten at each others houses and whoever had the virus to start simple spread it to all the others and now in total 15 people are sick.


    I also tried to access this website at the weekend and it was down. I did wonder if it was because my own computer: but I must’ve been wrong. I did miss posting. I know I post a lot online but I will always do so and definitely enjoy sharing opinions and my own take on things. I think you can tell this from the amount of posts I upload virtually every day!

    I have done the cleaning as usual again today. It took me a good two hours but was worth every minute. It is lovely having a clean and tidy apartment. I am certainly vigilant.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, guys.

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