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How Has Your January Day Gone?

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    I missed being online on the weekend, anyway, because I had kids to hang out with – they’re usually gone to their dad’s for one night and much of the daytime on the weekend, but this year we are getting one weekend together per month. Woo hoo!

    We got to the library for more reading material, watched the Doctor Who special from New Year’s, got in a bit of hiking… It was fun!

    I finished the third season of Star Trek: Discovery on Friday, and now I’ll be waiting for it to arrive on DVD (or BluRay, whichever is in the budget). I have the first two seasons and Picard, so I can watch them again in the meantime. I do want to catch up on Enterprise and Deep Space Nine, but that will take longer and I don’t have the sets yet – lately I just watch random episodes from my cable provider, though I prefer to go in order. The Next Generation and Voyager are my favourites so far because TNG was the first Star Trek series for me (and then I took in all things original Star Trek) and Voyager had the first female captain of a series plus lots of other cool characters… A friend in junior high used to call me Becky the Trekkie! 😂 (Otherwise, no calling me Becky!)


    I’m awake early but may sneak in more sleep before breakfast. Ideas for a book were in my mind – it doesn’t always want to pause for long, even though sleep will help my writing. 😉 I’m making notes so I can plot and write later, and it’s always handy to have those notes to tell me if I included what I originally thought up or need to go back and insert more.

    I moved a large piece of furniture yesterday to make way for a smaller TV stand. Now there’s more wall space in the living room, so shelves can go up for knick-knacks. (I had a picture in my mind of the empty space when I snagged the used TV stand, and found cool square shelves online plus floating shelves for other places in the living room or bedrooms. Wire baskets will work in the kitchen since it’s low on cupboard space – those have been on my list for a while and it seemed the right time! They’ll take longer to arrive, but I’m sure I’ve got enough to do right now.

    What else am I interested in for today? I have a Camelot puzzle if I need a sit-down break today. That was fitting yesterday when we watched Absolute History for school – we’ve been watching the series of videos about castle building at Guedelon. ☺️ The boys have also been making cardboard weapons for their fantasy stories, so we’re half medieval here! 😉


    My January morning has gone very well! I had a lovely visit from my neighbour and I’ve been invited over for a cup of tea when COVID-19 is gone. She brought over her gorgeous – and lovely – little dog. I held him and he’s adorable. He’s really friendly and I can see why my neighbour loves him. Having a visit from a friend is wonderful. I won’t get obsessive or anything like that, though: I do know not to harrass my neighbours. I’ll take it slowly and just – again – not become obsessive. However, I will still make time for her.

    I gave myself a French manicure this morning. I also drank my caffetterie coffee. Soap box alert* I haven’t done any laundry today, as I did it all yesterday along with the hoovering and scrubbing, etc. I am a clean-fiend.

    *Which makes me wonder why single people use a massive coffee machine when they’ve got a handy caffetterie that takes up much less space in the kitchen. Also, what is wrong with a basic kettle and instant coffee/milk/sachets?


    We had a power outage this morning, but it lasted only about 90 minutes. That was long enough to determine where all our battery-powered lights are (small lamps, one flashlight, freebie armbands for walking in the dark winter afternoons, tealights which weren’t very useful…). When the lights came back on, we got back to our typical morning routine with electricity – using hot water, for example.

    The kitchen is tidied (and we haven’t heard from the repairman yet about the dishwasher), the laundry is begun (with more loads today since some of the fleece blankets weren’t smelling very clean anymore!), and I swept the vinyl half of the flooring on our main level.

    I also booked a hotel room for our next trip with a medical appointment, in March. We’re using the same place as we did in December, which is right next to a nice park and not far from the new office the clinic just moved to recently. We’ll be hoping to hear that the oldest guy is done his vision therapy (which means a return to occupational therapy next school year).

    You’d think that was enough done, but I also scanned and emailed a legal form to the court registry. Go, me! (I have all the desk-order divorce forms to sort through and comprehend next. I’m hoping that with all the waiting periods, it’ll be official by June. February makes 6 years of separation, so it’s time to get this done! As much as a legal-aid lawyer helped navigate the system at times, that meant a very slow timeline…)

    I checked in with my mum by phone since I was excited about all I’d gotten done. Among other things, the topic of one sister getting vaccinated came up. She’s a nurse in a large hospital and works on a floor with COVID cases, so it makes sense she would be among the first in our province. My parents are expecting it’ll be May for them, based on their ages (70’s). I think my little fam is bottom of the list because our special needs don’t include being immune-compromised. I’ll be looking for some cool-looking masks in the meantime. (I had two-layer masks before, now I’m moving to three-layer if I can get them on budget. I don’t want solid colours, though, but prints/designs!)

    Time to grab the scissors and other items to give the middle guy a quick trim before lunch. He likes long hair, but it gets in his eyes and starts to look quite shaggy with all the thick hair… Should I apologise that he seems to have inherited my grandpa’s thick head of hair? 😉 😉


    My morning has been going slowly this morning as I got up later. I must have been tired as I slept over nine hours. I am usually around eight. I looked out and saw the sleet coming down while making breakfast and was happier when I realised I did not have to go out. There is always much to do indoors though so I won’t have time to be bored 🙂 .

    People seem to be being vaccinated far quicker here but my mother has not been called yet. She is in her eighties and I would have thought she would be in a high risk group. Looking online it seems to be patchy in areas too.


    I have drunk my caffetterie coffee. I have also put on a load of laundry and am browsing the Internet. I am listening to a Girls Aloud CD ATM. I shall be doing the cleaning later today. Oh: I have given myself a manicure, using a midnight blue glitter. It’s gorgeous.

    I absolutely LOVE nails. I cannot get enough of nail polish. I have always been so: even in secondary school. I do love my vanity.


    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty.


    Ive put on a jeans wash and done the weekly shop. The dogs have been for their second walk and Ive paid some bills..

    Just having a peaceful moment now.



    We got our laundry and other cleaning done this morning. And the repairman came at lunchtime, found a trick that should work for now with the dishwasher, and promised to let me know if parts can be located to be sure it’ll work in the future. (Not a common machine, in his experience.) If there are no parts available, I’m fairly sure I’m getting a new one. Totally worth the cost!

    The oldest had his haircut after lunch, and we watched a documentary on pirates. Arrr! 😉 Fairly unremarkable day, but I’m okay with that!


    I need my hair cut, rebeccajpand. The problem is I am not allowed into a hairdressers. That puts a spanner in the works. I would love having a bob again: I do love having short hair.

    Anyhow, I did do the cleaning yesterday: it took two hours but was totally worth it. I shall always clean my apartment on a regular basis. I am airing out my home ATM. I do this daily to keep the air fresh and just smelling nice. Being clean and tidy is very important to me. I would love to declutter more, too: I have been trying and will continue to throw stuff away as & when. I don’t like living in clutter and mess.

    Enjoy your Friday.


    I am browsing the Internet and drinking my caffetterie coffee, which has cooled down now. I shall be showering shortly and putting on a load of laundry. As for the rest of the day: it’ll be eating lunch at my dad’s house and helping my sister cook dinner. I don’t know what we’re having yet. I am sure it’ll be delicious, though!

    It is damp and rainy now: the grey clouds look ominous. But there is no snow: at least not yet. To be honest, I don’t like snow. I don’t mind winter weather: just not snow. Mainly because I am afraid of slipping on the ice. Which is a valid fear.

    Enjoy your January Saturday everyone!


    It was raining most of the night here too. It should be much better going to mum’s today without the snow.

    I need to visit the hairdresser too but, to make things worse, my hairdresser has retired so I need to choose a new one. We have a few locally but none that I would automatically change to. I like to form a good friendship with my hairdresser.


    The kids are all done with their cuts, but I’m going to grow mine out again. I went from long-ish (midway down my back) six years ago to shoulder length, then to a bob. I think I’ll go with shoulder length again and get used to it.

    Friday night, I unpacked the parts for a desk but decided to tackle the assembly in the morning. Instead I watched the new All Creatures Great and Small on PBS. (Samuel West has grown up since playing Prince Caspian!) I also had a special about Masterpiece Theatre saved, so I watched that.

    I’m awake early again (third or fourth night in a row), so I may need a Saturday nap after lunch. Oy. I’m planning less TV and more reading/writing in the evenings for a couple weeks, so maybe that will straighten out my sleep.

    Besides the desk assembly this morning, I’d like to get back to sorting out divorce paperwork today. I want to get it filed soon, just need to understand it all! I’m hoping that we can get it done without actually having a court appearance. Had enough of those already in the last six years, and “ain’t nobody got time for that!”


    The main part of the desk is done! The instructions were confusing at first, but I’m becoming familiar with the parts and finding it much better at step 15 out of 27. 🙂

    I’m going to tidy up the kitchen and then take my walk before resuming the work. Best to get fresh air before the day gets away from me! And then I’ll have to make room for the desk in a space where I currently have an old piece of furniture my dad rigged from pieces of other furniture (which explains why the drawers stick). I have to give a call later to ask if he wants to pick it up or if it’ll go with other items for disposal… (Dad is a packrat with his own items…)


    As usual I have drunk my morning caffetterie coffee. I have also put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment. I gave myself a French manicure this morning, too. I have also been browsing* the Internet, as I do.

    Have a peaceful Sunday, everyone.

    *Using the term “surfing” [the Internet] is old and tacky.

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