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How Has Your January Day Gone?

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    what a way to start the week Ive blitz my kitchen and utility. Luckily they are only small and Im not a messy person but fluff and dust get everywhere especially as we have two dogs so I moved all the small equipment like air fryer microwave toaster ect and all the tools that hang on a rail in the kitchen out and went from top to bottom scrubbing mopping and polishing. Now that everything is back in palce you hardly notice what Ive spent all morning on but I know also fluff is such a fire hazard so I like to get behind and under equipment where possible.

    Now  few minutes break and a well earned cup of tea.


    We had a fairly good Monday here, just one period of storminess when the middle guy was frustrated and blew his top rather than stepping back and calming down. Hopefully he gets that technique into the mix soon – he scared the youngest with his screaming and a brief bit of destruction. (Just tearing paper, so much less than it used to be.) Otherwise, we had lots of reading and discussion – maybe so much that he was mentally exhausted by the time he approached a project best left for a day with better rest beforehand?

    The desk looks really good in our living room. As predicted, my dad wanted his old piece of furniture back, so I sorted through things yesterday that had been in those drawers. So much more than I should have had in them, and not organised well enough! (Basically, it became almost like three junk drawers.) Now it’s a lot better, with a bit of recycling of extra bits that we didn’t need.

    I haven’t put up more decorative shelves yet, but the room is looking spiffy with the new arrangement. The old entertainment centre should be gone next Saturday when the disposal service comes, and we’ll have that much more space for sitting around and reading, or making obstacle courses with floor cushions and mats!

    And my dishwasher has been working! Yay! Sometimes I have to jiggle the power button to get it to stay on, but other times, it’s like nothing’s ever been wrong. We’ll see what the repairman has to say when he calls again…

    What else has been happening? I got out for a walk each day of the weekend, even found some sunshine on Sunday afternoon, in the park by the river. While I was there, I had a short chat with friends of my mum who were also out for a walk. I also made time here and there on the weekend to try beginning conversations with several men on a (free) dating site. Sometimes feels a bit awkward, but if I don’t speak up, I could be waiting a while for someone interesting to contact me! 😉 I’d love for an old school friend to respond to a message I sent near Christmas, but I think he hasn’t been on the site in a while. Sigh. He’s actually in the same city as me according to the profile, which is the first time I’ve seen that on the site – it’s mostly the larger cities that are 4 to 9 hours away. Still, you never know what might develop… I remain ever hopeful! 😉


    Keep hopeful Rebecca. You will find someone in time. Just beware that there are a lot of sharks in the pool.

    Yesterday I went for a long walk as it forecasts rain for much of the week. It is very very muddy on the fields and tracks though. Today I cook lunch which will be chicken with potatoes and veg. I have a painting for final varnish as well so things are lning up well.



    We had a nice Tuesday here. One of our school activities was that we counted money from the youngest’s piggy bank, to continue working on practical uses of math. Somehow he has the most money of all three! I’ve got a number line up by his spot at the table, too, to keep him familiar with the order of numbers up to 20. (Then I may increase it after a while…) Might want to make up a little song or something so it’s hard for him to avoid getting the sequence in his head. 😉

    We also finished off the Absolute History series about the castle-building at Guedelon. So cool! The oldest really wants to go there someday! 😀


    Although it’s evening now, I have chatted to two friends on the phone. Both Nick and Vicky are fine and just getting on with life. Although Vicky does feel COVID-19 is keeping us all prisoner. Which – in fact – I have to agree with. I can’t go to the hairdresser. I can’t go to the library. I can’t meet up with my friends. I can’t use the bus. I can’t go to Costa Coffee. I can’t go to my charity job: it’s horrible too for people with COVID-19. Their pain is truly awful.

    With vaccines being put into place, I hope the world moves on from this and the human race becomes stronger and can prevent another pandemic.


    Today it’s almost over and I’m glad.

    It started off by being windy and rainy and I got soaking wet.

    then our government announced the latest lockdown measures which will include a curfew between the hours of 8:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m.. we had been expecting this and so we have changed the times we walk our dogs but even so I am angry.

    it won’t affect us too much and there is an exception if you are just walking your dog but I feel as if all of us who have kept to the rules, socially distanced, worn our mask , avoided going to visit anyone or go on holiday ect are being punished simply because some very stupid very selfish people won’t obey the rules.


    I am getting sick and tired of trying to avoid people who simply will not distance they walk right up into your face and I am constantly having to jump aside to avoid these idiots now we will all have to stay home in the evening again because of the idiots.

    I have always preferred the company of my dogs to other people and that feeling is getting stronger by the day.


    I’ve just brewed myself a cup of tea. I have also finished watching “Tru Calling” on DVD and am now watching “Alias: Season 1” on DVD. I gave my bathroom and kitchen a clean again today. I also have been browsing the Internet. I’ve posted on sites such as Facebook and Ello. I am now – later – on here. I do like posting onto my Internet sites.

    Anyhow, I shall be going out soon. Just out for a quick walk: I am following the government guidelines. I don’t want to contract COVID-19. It is another subject, though, for another thread.


    I have gone grocery shopping today. When I got home I put on a load of laundry and threw out a load of stuff. I am browsing the Internet. I shall eat my lunch soon: I am drinking my cup of coffee ATM. Oh: I also bought myself a new bouquet of flowers. I love having plants in my apartment, too.

    Enjoy your Friday!


    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty!


    Hooray, the weekend is just about here! Yesterday seemed tough because I had to be firm on boundaries and respectful behaviour. I was exhausted by the evening, but that resulted in checking out something to watch on Redeem TV (in order to “veg,” as I call it) and I found a low-budget production of the first book in a series I read as a kid (the Mandie books). I’ve ordered the first collection right away, which has Books 1-5. Going to try them again and have the kids experience them. They might get some laughs from the movie, too. (There are two more movies, and I’ve seen the Christmas one.) I’m trying to get us to read books first before movies/mini-series because that makes the whole thing more educational! 😀

    Today, the guys have been excited by the prospect of doing a Food Friday, where they’re baking with the education assistant and then discussing how food is grown and delivered around the world. A lot of extra energy from their excitement, but we haven’t done too badly with that. I got out to shop for a little bit, too, though I didn’t find the string needed for the middle guy’s project of making his own braided rope. I have a couple other stores to try this weekend for that item… And since I picked up the mail at the post office, I saw that our favourite pizza place has new pizza combinations offered. I’m going to try a veggie pizza with artichoke – inspired to be food-adventurous because the middle guy has been trying new foods lately. (So proud of him for that, my previously picky eater!)


    The pizza was yummy! I ordered more food for a single person than I needed to, but that meant there was salad to go with the pizza (despite it’s being veggie, my mind insisted on tossed greens). And dessert, too! I shared some of the cookie dessert leftovers with the guys tonight, and I’ve got the rest of the salad to eat tomorrow at lunch since pizza was my lunch today. See how I stretch out the indulgence? 😉

    I worked through divorce paperwork today. Might need to wait on filing it because one part refers to parenting arrangements and we haven’t yet tested some of the holiday arrangements, plus I haven’t received a signature saying my ex is good with all that the mediator helped with from September to December. Paperwork is not his strong suit, and he prefers to ignore me. Sigh. Hopefully the mediator will get back to me and say he’ll send the paperwork on, or ask if I want another month or so to polish up the agreement…

    The day was not all work with no fun. I found it very refreshing and rewarding to help get household junk out of here when the disposal guy came. He didn’t bring an assistant (relative) for muscle, so I helped load my items, a neighbour’s old couch, and a few other items from another neighbour. Next time we have large items, I’ll try to make use of pickup trucks owned by fellow church members (and their muscles too, hee hee), but it was totally worth today’s cost. While that truck doesn’t look so spiffy when it pulls up, it’s kinda cool the way it can open in the back and also on the side, which is curved to form a sort of scoop when it’s down. Anyway, good riddance to old rubbish! 😀

    I’m looking forward to reading some Robbie Burns to the guys tomorrow. My mum’s mum, though Irish, was interested in all things Scottish, and the 25th was her birthday as well. To Rabbie and Irene! 🙂


    Good on you, rebeccajpand, for getting rid of all that stuff! Good riddance to bad rubbish indeed. I shall also be throwing out loads and loads more stuff this month. But controlling clutter and junk will always be an ongoing process. That isn’t to say I’m a hoarder: BUT it does mean I have a cluttered apartment and don’t feel I should put up with it. It’s all got to go.

    I have felt a little unwell today: I had a headache and am slightly hot. I feel tired, mainly. I am sure I’ll be fine.

    Anyhow, enjoy your Sunday evening, guys.


    There’s always going to be something to throw out. The oldest gets a memory foam mattress in the next couple weeks, so that means the old mattress will have to go. Maybe a neighbour will be okay with it since she can’t afford new beds?

    Hope you’re feeling better when you read this, KitKatKitty. Hopefully rest will be what your body is asking for, and that’s it.

    Still really chilly outside, so I exercised inside. Stairs plus walking around looking for things to put away. A tidy-walk! 😉


    I’m back to share that I have written my first “snail-mail” letter of 2021! My dad’s oldest brother is 82, so I think he should get a letter before any of the other relatives. It’s about time I get back to chatty letters after finding less moments for that type of writing last fall. I like one-on-one interactions, and even though he’s not writing much anymore (but he did send a Christmas card out) I don’t mind things being this one-sided. I’ll picture him getting a smile out of the experience of reading it, and that’s good enough!

    I went with a typed letter because my “handwriting” is messy. It’s also technically printing, with a tendency to join my letters now and then. Cursive printing, we could call it? Somehow I didn’t keep up the practice of writing for much more than a signature… Anyway, typing is neater and will get the news across better, but I’ll add a note at the end in pen as well. Then maybe later in the week I’ll tackle the oldest sibling on Mum’s side, who is a letter-writer herself when she’s got time between hobbies and grandkids who live around an hour’s drive away. I’ll probably alternate the two sides of the family after that, though it’s lopsided that way because Dad has four brothers and four sisters while Mum has two sisters and one brother… If I ever thought having three sisters of my own was too much, imagine what Dad had going on in his house for noise and drama when he grew up. LOL (Also, speaking of drama, there were still a few kids living at home when their mother died of cancer in the early 60’s, and the housekeeper hired after her death eventually became the second wife, but apparently not all the kids liked that turn of events. I should get more details and turn it into a bit of fiction!!)


    I LOVE snail-mail, rebeccajpand. I mostly type out and print my letters. I do still write the odd handwritten letter, though. I absolutely love sending letters through the post. I have been doing so for the past year. My friends love receiving letters from me. Still, I wish they’d reciprocate. But I won’t stop writing to them. I do like to add stickers and stylish stamps on the envelope and onto the actual letter. I also print out the envelope on the computer. It looks smarter and is easier for the postman to read.

    Also, emails and text messages are great but it is nice to go back to the old times. There is nothing romantic about a text message or a quick email. Letters are there to be treasured and enjoyed. There is such nostalgia when getting a letter through the post: especially when the sender has taken care and time to write and design it.

    Anyhow, thank you for your concern, rebeccajpand: I actually still feel a bit off. I just have a headache and feel as if I have a temperature. I am also finding it hard to sleep: and stay asleep. I was on YouTube early this morning because I couldn’t rest. So I painted my nails a coral orange. They look fab, actually.

    I do LOVE my nails and my nail vanity. As I may have said before, I have been a painting my nails since 13 years old. And – funnily enough – my parents never tried to stop me. I have also plucked my eyebrows for years and my parents never tried to stop me doing that either! I am very lucky.

    Enjoy your Monday, Rebecca.

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