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How Has Your January Day Gone?

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    I had a fairly early start. I had my morning routine: brushing my teeth, drinking my cup of caffetterie coffee, my daily shower. I then waited for the boiler repair man to turn up. I have bought a few makeup items online. I have eaten my lunch and am now drinking my cup of tea. I am watching YouTube and am just enjoying my January Wednesday.

    As for the weather: the snow has melted and it isn’t raining, either. So I shall be buying myself a few candy bars later this afternoon. I will also be buying a loaf of bread: with a face mask on, of course.

    Love you, guys.


    A fairly early start here as well today. It is raining though so I won’t be taking a walk, except possibly to the postbox as I have a card to post. There is always much to do around the house. I hope your weather is nicer everyone x


    It’s Thursday already?! πŸ˜‰ Got busy with teaching, life, etc. And I’ve written one more quick letter so far. πŸ™‚ I didn’t bother with the stickers this week, but I have a bunch collected so I can put them on letters. It’s good to hear I’m not the only one who still likes stickers!

    It’s snowing a bunch here, so today is about keeping up with that clean-up (car and parking spot) and then resting between. The oldest also looked up electromagnetic radiation for school, as it’s part of the curriculum this year. (I guess we’re technically doing distributed learning – homeschooling in our province doesn’t follow curriculum requirements and therefore wouldn’t earn a diploma, but the way we’re doing it will get that important diploma!)

    The middle guy and I are working on the Astronomy Tower 3D puzzle in the Hogwarts collection that Wrebbit has. We’d done the Great Hall already, so we’ve expanded our workspace in the living room (using floor mats rather than a table to work on) and then we can have both puzzles out at once… Meanwhile I’ve reached a tough part of the regular jigsaw that’s up on the designated “puzzle table” (a folding square table 34 in across). There’s sky and reflection and branches of a tree (or trees) yet to assemble, but all that seems too hard to even get going… The rocky shore of the lake, the far shore with trees, and a canoe were all “easy” parts of the puzzle!

    Just laundry and dishes done indoors so far today because of the snowy day. May get the floors done tomorrow instead (and that’s vacuuming carpeted floors and washing – not mopping – the lino/vinyl/whatever-it-is!).

    I watched a cool video series last night with sites in Israel from specific passages in the gospels, and the hosts of the video focused on the women in the stories. I may never visit places like that myself, so I love it when someone makes a video and takes me along. πŸ˜‰


    I have a hard puzzle I have been doing for months. It is also only 6″ x 4″ and has over 230 pieces so difficult to see. I usually only try to do it when the sun is out and there is a lot of light. It’s about half finished now, but the pieces are so small I do wonder if any have gone missing.


    Yesterday shopping day , hectic. Today its raining but weve been out with the dogs normal 4k walk and Ive cleaned the bathroom.. But the best bit of my day was when the town hall phoned..

    Every year I take an elderly French man to get a proof of life certificate to ensure his French pension still gets paid. This year I thought I had better check if we needed an appointment because of covid regulations.. So I phoned and was told that he would have to do it digitally..Firstly he is 88 and has no clue how to even switch on a pc let alone use one.. So they said I should do it for him which as I pointed out breaks his right to privacy and if they send this certificate back to me it breaks data protection laws… Plus it seemed to me to be evident that is someone requires a proof of life cetificate the issuing officer should see the applicant in person to be able to say without any degree of doubt that the person in question is actually alive..

    But not the ditz on the front desk insisted that we do this digitally..

    So I sent all the forms via email..I also added that I thought it was daft and was causing Mr J a great deal of distress.

    Today Ive had a call the officer who issues the certificate confirmedΒ  that of course in order to confirm that Mr J is alive he will need to see Mr J with his own eyes. We have an appointment for next week Wednesday. He apologised for the person on the front desk and said he will be passing on this information just in case they are still confused and asked me to pass on his sincere apologies to Mr J for causing him any distress..

    I will go to MrJ this afternoon and give him the good news. He was so worried because without the form he wont get his pension and without his French pension he cannot pay his bills,Β  poor man.


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    Your post struck a chord with me, cassandra: with everything turning digital now, it is a problem for the disabled, elderly and vulnerable. When someone doesn’t even know how to switch on a computer, how are they supposed to do everything online? Most of the disabled people I know have real difficulty just writing a few sentences on WORD. Let alone sending an email or filling out an online form. Luckily a lot of these people have carers, so it’s done for them. But for a lonely elderly person, it isn’t possible. Apologies are required. And I am glad you sorted out the issue.

    As for my January day: I have drunk my caffetterie coffee. I have also had a shower and put on a load of laundry. I gave myself a French manicure this morning.Β  I am also browsing the Internet this morning.

    Have a good Friday!


    I am drinking my caffetterie coffee. I have put on a load of laundry. I am also airing out my apartment. I shall be going out later this morning. I have also checked my emails and am just browsing the Internet.

    Enjoy your Saturday.


    The forms and the assumption of doing things digitally – or a certain way digitally – connects with something mentioned in a volunteer meeting this morning. I’m now helping moderate the local church’s Facebook page (and a community group connected with it) because of my experience volunteering for another church. Anyway, the local church might get the software set up to host their own livestream, rather than just using Facebook and YouTube. I think it’s a little silly to have put it off till now because “everyone’s on Facebook, anyway.” Not true! It looks much more professional to have your livestream hosted on your own site, and people may feel more comfortable there than they are on Facebook. (Plus the chats on the church-hosted stream are not available for people to see later.)

    To assume that every person in society is online, and comfortable with the platform you’re using, is a bit narrow-minded in my thinking. Always have lots of options, and be nice about it! Just like I’m hoping that there’ll continue to be lots of ways for introverts to continue socialising at their own comfort level… I like being online for so much! I don’t mind using email to renew my car insurance, for instance. Was there really ever a need for me to be there in person? Can’t phone and email accomplish much of the business I must conduct? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


    I had a good day. I finally got to the task of putting up the floating shelves for the living room corner above the TV stand. Looks great to have the empty space filled. πŸ™‚ I also put up a couple of the basket shelves for the kitchen, though one managed to be not-level once I was done. I’m just using them for light items so far because I’m not an expert with shelves! It’ll be nice to have that extra bit of storage space, though, and I’ll put the heavier items in and on top of the sturdy cabinets (of which there aren’t enough in a small place). We’ve been in this place for about 5 1/2 years, so it’s past time to solve the storage issues and/or decorating ones! (In the first year at a rental, I feel nervous about even small holes from hanging pictures, but the longer I stay in a place, I don’t worry about the traces I’m leaving. I may even fill them in myself, if that doesn’t get too messy and create more work when we’re gone!)

    After the online meeting and lunchtime, I got out to a couple stores and did fairly well even though I forgot my grocery list. I got a dish rack at the hardware/automotive/housewares store I used to call “the man store,” then picked up our favourite bakery bread at the grocery store where my oldest sister works (in the bakery!). Without my list, I pretty much decided to get what I prefer having from that store – while I was at that end of town – and I hoped those items had been the ones needed. At home again, I found there were only a few others to fetch, and I’d be picking up my guys from the downtown grocery store, anyway, so that was no problem.

    I took the dishwasher adapter off the kitchen tap this afternoon, but the original piece for the tap that I found stashed in a kitchen cupboard is an odd one – there’s no aerator, and the piece doesn’t appear to be a standard sizing. Not sure if I’ll go for a swivel one that lets me change to a spray mode, or just go for a basic screen aerator, but first I need to determine the right size by popping it off and either writing down what’s etched on it, measuring it myself, or just taking it to the hardware store with me! We do have a maintenance man for the entire townhouse complex, but I don’t think this is a big enough issue to wait around for him to be available. As much as I don’t need to have plumbing information stored in my mind, I’m gonna learn how to take care of it myself – and then jettison that knowledge later in favour of Josh Groban lyrics or Jane Austen trivia. LOL


    Well its the last day of the month its -7c (about19f) outside and its frosty… OMG its beautiful..

    We walked about 8km this morning and took lots of photos it was truly the kind of walk that makes your soul sing the colours the light the sheer beauty of nature. A wonderful way to end the month.


    I have eaten my breakfast of conflakes. I have also drunk my coffee [L’OR] and turned on my computer. I will be going out in a few hours time. In the meantime I shall browse the Internet and all that gubbins.

    It is a beautiful day: without snow or rain and with lots of sunshine. I shall enjoy my walk later today.


    Almost chickened out of a walk as part of my Sunday afternoon because it’s raining a bit, but it was pretty good. And I spied chickadees! πŸ˜€

    Figured out the tap sizing, and now the water flow is back to normal. Yay! It’s amazing what a small part can do… The nearest hardware store was the destination for my walk, but I have to say they’re missing some good signage that would have made it easier to find the aerator. (The one uptown has a good website with product search, and I often snag the location from there before I get to the store! Nothing worse than wandering around a large store…)

    And I just got off the phone with my younger sister. She needs to come up with a hideout when she wants to call someone – my nephew is an attention-seeking almost-five-year-old, so the conversation can get sidetracked by his loud interruptions. At least he didn’t seem to get too riled up and hurt her… I’ve been there with my middle guy, and eventually hired a behaviour interventionist so I wasn’t the only adult around and a target for him. We got a lot of issues worked out and he’s a lot calmer with me now. Whew!


    My Sunday was pretty normal, with the weekly shop then relax in the afternoon. Today I plan a walk, particularly s it talks of rain tomorrow and a possiblity of snow later today.

    I am glad you have sorted your plumbing Rebecca. It always feels good to have coped with a difficult problem and sorted without recouse to outside help; particularly at the moment.


    We had such a wonderful day yesterday a stunning walk in the frsot in the morning and then last night as we walk we heard the ice sing..

    If you have never heard ice singing them youve missed out. Its eery, spooky and a bit scary but lovely like whale song.. This is ice song…


    I have given myself a makeover [you’ll have to check out the thread in the Fashion & Beauty sub-forum]. I have also done all the cleaning. This includes two loads of laundry, hoovering, wiping down surfaces, cleaning my bathroom and kitchen, etc.

    I have also been on the computer. Which – to be honest – I am on every day. I absolutely LOVE the Internet. Pinterest is one of my favourite sites. Of course I love Facebook, too. But I like to spread my wings and fly. Internet work is perfect for me. I definitely have a vast digital footprint.

    Enjoy the rest of your Monday, guys.

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