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How Has Your March Day Gone?

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    I know it is not March until tomorrow BUT I thought I’d start this thread so you’d all get to post on here nice and early tomorrow morning.

    I look forward to getting this monthly thread started on Monday 1st March!


    Well done Kitty!



    I’ve just finished my online volunteering, and we’ll have some popcorn next as part of our Monday routine. (Good to reward the kids for letting Mum have a peaceful computer time, hee hee.)

    We have also read together, fetched packages from the post office (with no other mail, but the oldest is waiting for his next National Geographic magazine), and have worked on a couple of puzzles (The Women of Star Trek for the regular jigsaw, and Neuschwanstein for the 3D one).

    I’m hoping to get out for a walk in the neighbourhood, since we’ve got a bit of sunshine. 🙂


    The sun has gone away from here for a while and it is cooler but still dry so good for walks though 🙂  My tomato seedlings have come through and I noticed the first of the peppers showing it’s head today so all is good. I was later planting them this year so they need to catch up.


    We saw the first lambs today.. lovely cute little things with wobbely legs..


    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty.


    Thank you, Rachel.

    I have put on the laundry, as usual. I am airing out my apartment and drinking my cup of coffee. I have to say L’OR coffee is my favourite instant coffee brand. It is much, much nicer than many others.

    Anyhow, I am browsing the Internet. I have been on Pinterest and Facebook. There are some hilarious posts on Aunty Acid! One man had his dream house painted bright pink: needless to say, it didn’t go down well with the neighbours. LOL. I do love Facebook. Sometimes there are posts that are so funny. But genuine funny: not abusive or malicious “funny”.

    The weather today is cold but it isn’t raining and the sun is out. I hope you all enjoy your March day!


    The laundry has gone on again. I am airing out my apartment, too. I have drunk my caffetterie coffee and am just browsing the Internet.

    Just another day!


    I’m waiting for a phone call with the doctor. We’ve gotten to some cleaning that was supposed to be yesterday’s job. I definitely didn’t mind prioritising getting outdoors (or getting Math and English done) over the cleaning, but now it’s all finished.

    Later, I need to take the oldest to get new shoes, since his old ones are too tight. We’ll likely get parcels from the post office at the same time – lots of online shopping in this household!


    I do a great deal of online shopping myself, Rebecca! I bought myself a gorgeous pair of rose gold and silver knotted studs online the other day: I am wearing them now. They are beautiful.

    I put on the laundry as usual: it is a daily occurance. My dad is here painting my bathroom. I could not do it myself, as I do not know how to decorate a bathroom. I am appreciative of my dad’s efforts.

    Anyhow, I shall be staying in today – which the government wants – and shall prevent the spread of COVID-19.


    We’ve had a good day here. Got our brains thinking about math here and there, finished watching both a historical documentary and a science show (since yesterday we’d decided to watch about half of each), and got the floors cleaned. (Though the hall from the front door is already messy from going out and coming in again for an afternoon walk. Oops!)

    I booked the lab appointment for the middle guy to get checked out, so that will happen at the end of the month. (We used to just show up and wait, and you can still do that if it’s urgent.) I haven’t called to set up counselling just yet, but maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow? Don’t want to wait too long… I’ll try for online appointments, so that we can eliminate the drive time to a nearby city, and I could be working with the other boys for their schoolwork.


    I’ve been doing the cleaning today: the bathroom/kitchen/hoovering/mopping/airing out my apartment/dusting.

    I certainly keep on top of things! However, I did get up very late today, which is NOT good. I just felt shattered. I will definitely have more energy tomorrow to get things done at the house, though.

    This Friday started out non-existent, but ended up full of activity*!

    *Mainly online.


    I spent all Sunday afternoon and early evening in the kitchen, cooking dinner. I got a lift in the car home, though. I am now browsing the Internet and posting on here.

    It has been a long day and I look forward to going to bed. A few Zzzz never hurt anyone!


    The usual Sunday with me. The weekly shop in the morning followed by lunch – quickly made couscous with smoked haddock and tomatoes – then a relaxing afternoon.


    It is Monday morning and I’ve drunk my caffetterie coffee and am listening to Madonna’s album “Hard Candy”. I have also put on a load of laundry and am browsing the Internet. I’ve been on Facebook and Pinterest: I do love those sites.

    I shall be cleaning my apartment later this morning. This includes hoovering, mopping and general scrubbing.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 75 total)
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