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How Has Your March Day Gone?

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    Agreed, SpinningJen. You’ve spoken words of wisdom.

    I have drunk my morning coffee. I shall have my morning shower shortly. I keep busy!

    Enjoy your Friday.


    Not well… I couldnt understand why Ive been so off this week and then I took a good look at the date.

    Of course its been 12 years this week since we said goodbye to my brother the day when the hearse moved slowly down the road , police officers stopped traffic and saluted as we passed. When the long lane to the crematorium was lined with HMP officers all in full uniform all saluting as his coffin passed but with tears running down their faces..

    The doors to the church wouldnt shut because so many wanted to get inside to say goodbye.

    He wasnt famous or rich he was just a bloke who loved football a pint down the pub and a good laugh , he loved his daughter and us and yet he couldnt tell anyone , he felt unable to ask for help.

    Some of the same people who stood in that church next to us are the ones on social media saying that MM claims of depression are acting /rubbish / made up/fake … I wonder did my brother worry that was what people would think of him? Did he worry about being laughed at mocked and ridiculed? Is that why he went out all alone and put the noose round his neck?

    I dont know we never will …. But I know it explains why Ive felt so bad and why I really dont like people right now..

    I would have a hard time giving those people the time of day let aloneย  confiding with them about anything else..


    Think twice , speak once, above all else be kind.


    I woke up this morning completely soaked, and when I checked the time on alexa, it had just gone 4 A.M. after sorting myself out and trying to get comfy again (and dry), I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t, and was in the shower by 5- talk about aan early start to the morning!


    I had a fruit salad for breakfast, and I guess for most of the day I’m just going to be checking emails and reading my forums- no real plans, but outside the weather is miserable too, so I don’t feel too bad..


    it’s friday too, so I’ll be having mcdonalds later. yum


    Emily, hope you had a good night’s rest on Friday night. It’s annoying getting up early and your body giving up on rest!

    Saturday morning here, with the boys home. I’m relaxing with online time before making a batch of fresh muffins. I think I’ll make blueberry today. The youngest won’t eat them (though he does eat blueberries on their own now) but there are leftover carrot muffins he can have. I have a webpage bookmarked for new muffin ideas to use soon…

    We’re planning to get to the library after we eat morning snack (with those fresh muffins). When the boys are comfy in the car with new books, I’ll pop into the grocery store. We’ll want pie for Pi Day (3/14) and maybe soup for tonight? I should also grab more probiotics for myself at the pharmacy.

    A Corningware serving dish slipped out of my hands last night and broke, so I should research what size to buy to replace it soon. That was quite disappointing because I like those dishes so much! The pattern on them wasn’t my favourite, but the size was great, and the fact that they all have their own lids… Well, I’m gonna miss that one! I recently also dropped a similar soup bowl. Oy.

    The middle guy is working on the Taj Mahal 3D puzzle, and we have a 550 piece “flat puzzle” on our regular puzzle table. That’ll give us something to do today besides reading, chatting about Star Wars (the boys mostly, while I chime in now and then), and getting out for a walk later.


    I’ve sorted my kitchen cupboards: removing everything, throwing unwanted items away and cleaning said cupboards. I now don’t have a heap of stuff in my cupboards that I don’t know the contents of. I’ve sorted all my cleaning products, too.

    The other day my dad re-decorated my bathroom. He shall be replacing the floor in the next two weeks. Firstly, though, my dad will be measuring the bathroom space, so he can buy the right size flooring. In the next few days after that, the floor will be fitted. And I shall continue to clean my bathroom twice weekly.

    I am having my lounge and hallway carpet replaced in the next few months. I shall be choosing a light green colour: I don’t want beige or blue. Once I’ve had both my vaccination jabs, it’ll be straight to the carpet shop!

    I am really looking forward to sprucing up my apartment! I do also throw away stuff ALL THE TIME. I try to reduce mess and clutter as much as possible. It is an ongoing process, though. I did sort my bookshelf a few weeks ago. I will need to wipe down its surfaces again. I mostly have items in use on the bookshelf. There are a number of books I’ve to give away. But I love everything on my bookshelf and won’t get rid of everything: a little clutter does makes a home. But I never want to be a hoarder and go way overboard with sentimentality, that doesn’t look like sentimentality, but looks like a huge mess instead. Stuff that needs to go to a rubbish tip, rather than ruining a home.

    Now springtime is nearly here, I’d advise anyone do a spring clean!

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    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty!


    I have drunk my morning cup of coffee. I have also put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment. I have been browsing the Internet, too.

    It is a nice – but cold – day, here in the Midlands. There is no rain yet, so am looking forward to taking a wander later today to my dad’s house.

    Anyhow, I hope all you have a restful Sunday.


    I have had a long, luxurious shower:

    1. Imperial Leather soap
    2. Shaved
    3. Used an Imperial Leather shower gel: gorgeous scent
    4. Used Boots Mango & Papaya shampoo
    5. Used Banana hair food [from Boots]
    6. Used a roll-on deodorant
    7. Sprayed Lynx Africa on myself

    I LOVE showers. I pamper myself daily in the shower. I love soap and bubbles and gorgeous smells.

    What are YOUR favourite shower products?


    I like the “pampering” Shea & Warm Vanilla body wash from Dove. I also use Dove shampoo and conditioner (separate products, since 2-in-1’s don’t seem to do the same good job).


    We did our church videos at about the same time as usual, and I had fresh muffins baking while we started our viewing. After morning snack, I went to the grocery store farthest away (midway through the city) to get the best bakery bread we’ve found here so far. (Closest store has the inferior one, but it can be a backup if needed.) Meanwhile, the middle guy got out for a walk in the neighbourhood and the other two were home reading. (So nice to have a teen who can be the one in charge for a bit!)

    I just read a few articles online, including one about Dune, which I’m thinking of trying to read. There’s been a bit of chatter, but mostly the middle guy working on a 3D puzzle and the others reading more. So nice!

    After lunch, I’ll probably get out for a walk (since I waited for the temperature to rise). Then we’re going to make popcorn and finish watching Bride & Prejudice. Yes, my kids are watching one of my favourite musicals with me! ๐Ÿ˜€ (The youngest says he doesn’t like it, but he wasn’t bothering us while we were watching, so it can’t have been that bad for him – he tends to whine and pester during a show or movie if he really doesn’t like it. And he’s always free to play in his room for a bit…)

    As I sort the clean laundry later, I’ll be grabbing items to put in duffel bags for our trip on Tuesday. (Medical appointment, or we’d be in town as usual.) We’re hoping the bags will fit in the car a lot more simply than suitcases, and it’s a short trip, too.

    Since the kids are here, I’ll start catching up on church services in the evening and probably use tomorrow evening for that as well.


    It’s a lovely sunny morning here in the UK. I am hoping to get out for a good walk.

    Yesterday was pretty much as usual with the morning shopping, but, late afternoon, I spent time downloading and installing a new software program on the computer. It took a while but seems Ok. It’s cheaper and better for the environment to dowload rather than purchase the disc package but does take a while on a slower (non fibre) connection. A disadvantage of living out in the sticks lol.

    On Saturday I was busy in the garden cleaning out the accumulated debris in the greenhouse ready for the new season. I have just got the windows to clean now and it will be ready. It was backaching work though so I needed to relax a bit afterward.


    As is my Monday routine, I did ALL the cleaning. I cleaned my bathroom, kitchen. I hoovered my entire apartment. I put on a load of laundry, too. The list goes on. Oh: I have also been working on my computer.

    My apartment feels so nice and luxurious now [it should considering all the cleaning I do!] I definitely love being clean & tidy.

    I will be preparing my dinner soon. I don’t know what I’m having yet, though! Probably a mac & cheese sachet. Not very posh, bit there you go!


    It’s been a good Monday here. Because we have to go out of town tomorrow, we switched a lunch the boys would have with their dad and they had that today. I used the quiet time to get my volunteering in… and start research on the possibility of starting my own small business! (I’d like to use the social media skills I’ve learned to help local businesses, but that might require even more research first so I can handle multiple sites. I’m not fond of them for myself, but I think they’re good for business use. The other thing I could do on my own would be writing for local business’ websites and materials. And maybe there’s more? I’ll have to think about it!)

    We also got a bit of cleaning done and got outside for fresh air. It was windy at points in my walk, but refreshing most of that time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Our educational video today was about Perseverance on Mars. ๐Ÿ˜€


    I finished the book ‘A Spitfire Girl’ the other day so plan to return it to the book exchange today. It was an interesting book, and I was surprised at how much the ATA pilots did during the war. There were many amusing little things too like how some occasionally, when invited by a friend to pop in for a cuppa, landed the aeroplane they were delivering in a nearby field and popped in when passing. I also liked the bit in which Mary delivered a bomber and, on landing, the ground crew searched the plane to find the pilot as they couldn’t believe a young attractive woman could fly one alone. There was a lot of predjudice toward women pilots in those times, events being mentioned over and over again in the book. Another amusing bit was where a girl was delivering a spitfire and did a roll not realising that her bag with essentials was open and her compact fell out and showered the cockpit with powder lol. They were not supposed to do aerobatics but had less discipline than the military. They were civilians. There were more serious bits though as there were a number of fatal crashes. One good point was that after some pushing their commandant managed to get totally equal pay for them with men. I did find finality yesterday when, doing further research into the ATA, I found that Mary Ellis (who the book was about) died in 2018. She was 101 and had led a good and interesting life so not too depressing but it did close the story.


    What a fascinating book, SpinningJen! I’d be interested in reading the book myself. I have read a great deal of – fictional! – books about the World Wars. Even though they’re fiction, they still have truth in them. So much occured because of those World Wars and has affected us: even today. In both good ways and bad ways. But we’re still here because of the bravery of our soldiers. I don’t carry any prejudice, however: those times were out of everybody’s control. The Germans, for instance, were from a different time. Society, fortunately, does change and – again – I hold no prejudice.

    Back to the present: I have put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment. I am browsing the Internet, which is a daily occurance! I definitely keep busy.

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