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How Has Your March Day Gone?

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    Well yesterday was a bit fraught toward the end of the day. Our smallest computer, one which has a very small standard disk memory of 32 GByte seems to have got to the stage in which it is extremly difficult to update the the latest Windows 10 version. For reference – I came across a Microsoft document a while back which stated that all new PC’s for Windows would have to allocate 32 GByte of disk space purely for Windows update so I saw where this was going. Unlike some other systems Microsoft do seem to demand that they may put all manner of features on your computer without letting you hardly know or have means of removing them. Not updating means that Microsoft continually try to update but it won’t work, the disk gets jammed with their temporary files andΒ  security may become suspect.

    For only reasonably easy way around is that it will have to change to Linux software. This is, to a degree, more secure but is also somewhat leaner and displays updates without demanding install. Installation of Linux will also mean that I can use plug in drives (memory sticks) so the disk space is increased. Windows is pretty much based around the C: system drive model with only minor scope for variation. Linux provides superior means for distributed installation so alleviating disk issues to some extent. One point I would mention is that Windows software does not readily run under Linux so an equivalent package to the ‘Microsoft Office’, for instance, would need to be replaced by the Linux version but that is straightforward but does require a little re-learning. Most packages are available as ‘open source’ or freely available with donations welcomed so you give as you feel.

    Not quite a frustrated gripe this morning and technical issues most will just avoid but, for anyone who has come across this type of problem, where there is a will there is a way. It’s not the first I have converted and is a big step as everything needs backing up before the system is overwritten, but for someone who is technically minded or who has a knowledgeable family member it can rescue what would otherwise be an obsolete piece of technology for a good few years more. Recycling at it’s best.

    Anyway, Friday lesson and minor technical gripe over. Nerdy me will have to get out and to the chipshop this morning for my usual fish and chips. Have a lovely day everyone! πŸ™‚


    I have made myself a caffetterie coffee. I have put on a load of laundry. I am airing out my apartment. I have also given myself a manicure, using a light summer pink. The colour is gorgeous! I LOVE having regular manicures. My nails are my lifetime vanity and my weekly treat. I’d advise anyone take care of their nails! Who’d want uneven, grubby nails? Even if the person just cuts their nails and cleans their nails with soap & a nail brush, then that is something. I’m not suggesting anyone spend a fortune on nail salons: I simply would do above and regularly cut and clean your nails. That’s all.

    I shall be browsing the Internet, after posting on this website. I love Facebook. In fact, I use Facebook as a media tool. Basically, to just entertain Facebook users. I am very creative and have an artistic mind, you see. I shall also go on Pinterest and various other sites. The Internet is fantastic! I also love technology in general. I love DVDs, boomboxes, smartphones… In fact, I love all gadgets and technology. Back to Pinterest: I have over 220,000 pins on Pinterest. AND I still use it to this day. I am completely addicted to the website!

    Anyhow, your post was interesting to read, SpinningJen. I don’t know all the technicalities of computer hardware and software, but your post I understood: you’re very good at explaining how things work. I do wonder at how computers function. I know the basics and are willing to learn more: because understanding the machine you’re using is incredibly important. And you’ve shown this.

    Enjoy your Friday, guys!


    I have run a few errands today: I went to the Post Office and sent off a parcel to my good friend, Nick. I also sent off my other friend – Vicky – her hello card with $20 included in it. The most funny thing happened: the woman behind the screen I recognised, but thought nothing of it. Then it clicked that I knew her: “Of course, it’s Jo!”. I recognised her face but didn’t put two and two together! Anyhow, Jo is on new promotion at the Post Office and I am happy for her. It is wonderful to have a job that people respect you for. AND I also bumped into Eileen. Eileen was at the tills in B&M a few years ago. So when I spotted her walking along – with her dog Tommy – I said hello and we had a nice chat. Eileen is lovely. I think she was surprised I recognised her and even remembered her name. In fact, I make it a point to always remember a person’s name. I put it down to memory every time.

    Anyhow, I am back home and airing out my apartment. I keep busy!


    Thank you Kitty. The computer is now sorted but, like anything else, may need a few days to settle down.

    I envy you a little with the good memory for names and faces. My memory is terrible for many although I usually recognise features but have difficulty putting names to them.

    Today it’s back to normal, as far as I know. This morning in the garden and then visit my mum this afternoon.


    I have had my daily shower. I have also made myself a cup of coffee and have put on a load of laundry. I am also airing out my apartment and just browsing the Internet.

    I shall be having lunch at my sister’s house: it’ll be a duck wrap from Aldi.

    Anyhow, I keep myself organized. Oh: I am also waiting for a delivery. They never come on time, though. I’ll just have to wait a few days!


    We assembled two dining room chairs this morning, and the middle child took apart the old chairs. We’ll have to put the parts in garbage bags for taking out garbage and recycling today – anything we can fit in garbage bags gets to go in the dumpsters belonging to the townhouse complex, otherwise we’d have to find a way to get bigger things to the landfill (where I don’t like to go much).

    The oldest isn’t feeling well today, and I’m hoping it’s nothing big. Especially not Covid! Maybe he’s just worn out?

    Almost time for Monday afternoon popcorn as a reward for the kids letting me have some time for volunteering (and potential naps for themselves).


    Now my little tomato and tomatillo seedlings have grown a bit I am starting to put them into the greenhouse soΒ  they can aclimatise, and also as the house gets too crowded lol. The first I put out on Saturday. It was looking a bit droopy yesterday morning but soon perked up when the day got up. It is due to be cooler at the end of the week so I shall see but they should be Ok. I looked at the apple tree as well yesterday. It is now cut back well so I was wondering but there are quite a few buds so it should come back. The leaves are now coming on things. Spring is here πŸ™‚



    As usual, I had my morning shower and put on the laundry. I have also been working online: finances and whatnot.

    I have bought my sister a pair of earrings online: I know she loves them from her looking at a website a while back and thought I’d surprise her! It arrives in the next few days and I can’t wait to see her face when she opens the box! Surprise gifts are always gratefully received.

    My close friend, Vicky, is in legal trouble again: she has to go to court over an incident with a sandwich and cup of tea at a local hospital. I can’t go into it, but Vicky could be fined. I do not know why the hospital has gone after her, though: she only threw a cup of tea at a glass window. Vicky is now worried she could lose her new home. I don’t think she will, but – unfortunately – there is the possibility she could. However, I am sure Sue will be there for Vicky. Sue is no monster and really supports Vicky. Vicky actually likes where she is living now and does not want to move again. She has really settled in. I hope it stays her home for another 15 years. Of course, Vicky could meet someone special and get married in that time, but – for the time being – she is at home. Plus, she knows to suck it up and follow the rules.

    It is another busy day on the computer. Oh: my boss phoned me yesterday. I shall be returning to the charity for work. Knowing I have a job is wonderful: not working like normal feels wrong. I really am going to work harder at the charity and have found my passion again. I do also have my other job as a writer BUT I need to do office work. I love working in an office and working in general.

    Good news for me!


    Unexpectedly busy day for Tuesday. The oldest seemed a bit ill yesterday, and today I suspected strep throat. I even checked his throat with a flashlight, which I used to have to do for myself years ago. Can’t get checked for that at the clinic here without a Covid test first, so I was on the phone and then online for a while before finding that there don’t seem to be any testing times available in our city, and it would make sense to snag a slot in another city (in fact, the one where the oldest was born). We drove there and back in the afternoon. Got the test results far earlier than we thought would happen, about 5 hours later. That’s good for being able to sleep well and plan for tomorrow (when we’ll try again to get in to the family doc, and I’ll watch for the other two to have any symptoms).

    Other than that, it was a typical Tuesday, with laundry, dishes, bathroom cleaning, and dusting done (most of it with kid help, hooray!). I sorted laundry tonight while listening to music on YouTube. I’m loving TobyMac’s latest, Maybe Midnight. πŸ™‚

    Now I should go read and wind down, so I’m refreshed in the morning for whatever Wednesday has in store!


    It’s good to get the housework done, Rebecca. I don’t live in a house – and never will – but I am still the goddess of cleanliness.

    1. I keep on top of the laundry
    2. I hoover 3 to 4 time a week
    3. I take out the rubbish & recycling regularly
    4. I clean my bathroom twice a week
    5. I clean my kitchen twice a week
    6. I wash up dirty crockery daily
    7. I wipe down surfaces with Dettol anti-bacterial wipes
    8. I regularly declutter

    I clean my apartment thoroughly every single week. If I were living in a house, it’d be much more hard work. I shall never reside in a house: not just for that reason, but also because I prefer apartment living. Partly because if something goes wrong, my neighbours help out. If I were in a house, then I’d be stuck. Strangers aren’t going to pop into my house: they’d think that I was luring them in so that I could murder them. No: living and looking after an apartment is my paradise.


    So far I’ve gotten an appointment booked with the doctor after lunch, so he can give the oldest (now known as “The Teen,” when we’re not using first names πŸ˜‰ ) a throat swab and hopefully prescribe antibiotics right away. (That’s how it was done the last time I had strep throat, anyway – they didn’t wait a couple days to find out if you had the bacterial infection, they worked to get you to a not-contagious stage earlier!)

    I also picked up mail at the post office (including new triple-layer masks from an Etsy shop). And I went to the nearest grocery store to get soft or easy foods for the oldest: frozen waffles, yogurt, bananas, applesauce, snack crackers…

    The two younger boys will go with their dad this afternoon, for an extra Spring Break sleepover. The oldest wants to stay here until he’s no longer contagious. That means a relaxing evening for me, since the oldest is getting to the point where he does a lot for himself and is a lot more mellow overall, even with his ADHD. I’ll check what options I’ve got for supper, but right now I’m thinking of the last package of leek soup! πŸ˜€


    I have felt a little ill today, but still was able to do all of the cleaning. BUT last night I found a bug in my hallway: I got seriously freaked out. So I crushed it in tissue and threw out the tissue as was. I did not even put the tissue in actual bin, I was so scared. I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep out of more such bugs getting into my apartment. It was a small bug but I was so scared. Thankfully I keep my apartment clean and mainly clear of clutter: if I didn’t then I’d’ve never seen it. If it had been a spider, I would’ve been fine: but it wasn’t. I hope none more come into my apartment. My home is not an insect sanctuary. Again, I am so vigilant about cleaning & tidying, I saw it straight away.

    My sister got her earrings yesterday: she loves them! They were rather expensive, but I feel my sister is well worth splurging on. I won’t say which shop I bought them from, but it is a high class jewellery shop.

    I have also eaten my dinner. Again, though, I am not feeling very well, so didn’t have a big dinner. Still, I had something to munch on. I do not know why I don’t feel well: I just have a headache and feel off. Not great.

    Enjoy your Thursday evening.


    I don’t enjoy having carpet here because of its tendency to hoard allergens πŸ˜‰ but I’ve vacuumed today, and washed the vinyl part of the flooring as well. Also did a bit of the Eiffel Tower 3D puzzle while finishing off the special features from Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard. (I watched it as it aired last year, then forgot to check out the DVD when I ordered it. Silly me! I think I’ll watch that season again very soon to refresh my memory. And I should check when Discovery Season 3 releases for sale…)

    The oldest has started his antibiotics and seems to be getting back more of his energy. πŸ™‚ He’s going through old computer files and finding bits of silly stories or projects, making sure they have filenames that describe them well. Before that, he did a bit of writing and printed out the story so I can edit! Otherwise, he’s been reading (and that’s how he got inspired to write some).

    I’ve got fresh muffins cooling (double chocolate) and if it’s not raining hard, I’ll go for a walk after a bit of a snack. Or I could use the stairs for exercise today and stay dry for sure. πŸ˜‰

    I’ve squeezed in my volunteering already, so I’m debating watching TV tonight or seeing if I can get some writing energy going. I have a lot to type from earlier in the year when I had just grabbed a notebook and pen, so maybe reviewing those notes will help. πŸ™‚


    I’ve squeezed in my volunteering already, so I’m debating watching TV tonight or seeing if I can get some writing energy going. I have a lot to type from earlier in the year when I had just grabbed a notebook and pen, so maybe reviewing those notes will help.

    Writing is a wonderful way to express your ideas, thoughts, imagination, emotions, frustrations, desires: even your anger. Definitely type out your work: you’ll have a clear and concise body of work to work on. Having a skeleton – so to speak – means you can add bones to your writing. You always start with the basics: don’t worry about mistakes when you’re starting your work. Just type, type and type. Whether that be your notes or your mind’s images: and mixing both.

    I had a busy day today: I went to the supermarket. I spent time at my dad’s house, working on my mathematics. I am now studying decimels and percentages. I have tackled – and won – the game that is known as fractions. It’s all good!

    We didn’t have dinner until really late: we made a fish pie. And it was delicious: I enjoyed every bite. Cooking food is wonderful. Having it served on the plate and having people sit around enjoying the meal you’ve prepared makes you feel really good. Cooking is something I’ve picked up: and I’m getting better.

    All-in-all, it has been a busy day. Oh: I have also arranged my beautiful vase of flowers. I do love stargazer lilies.

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    I was out in the garden yesterday and planted some pe and carrot seeds. It is still a bit early to get the tomato plants into the greenhouse as, when I went in yesterday, the ones I had put out seemed fast asleep and laying flat in their pots. With the warm sun though they did wake up and seemed perfectly Ok. Those in the house do need potting on very soon though so I will have to take a risk.

    Currently my mum is in hospital. She is Ok but became very weak at home as she is not eating well. Things do not look too good for the future but she is in her late eighties. Fingers crossed for now. Due to the conditions at the moment there is no visiting and I understand she is a bit confused.

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