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How Has Your March Day Gone?

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    I am sorry to hear about your mum, SpinningJen. It’s a hard time.

    I have brewed myself a cup of coffee. I have put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment. I shall shower later this morning. I am just pottering about, really.

    I had a busy day yesterday: I arranged two vases of flowers at the house. I also helped cook dinner: it took over two hours to prepare. But we ate it and it was delicious. It was pork steaks with flavoured rice. I definitely enjoyed my dinner! I am not helping with dinner today, however: instead I will be finishing reading my library book. Oh, that reminds me: I bought my bestie a tan leather handbag yesterday. I hope she loves it! It is defintitely the right colour and I did check the sizing. Fingerscrossed!

    Have a restful Sunday, folks.


    Thinking of you, Jen. It’s gotta be hard to have to stay away right now.


    Rainy afternoon here, so soup for supper is an appropriate plan! I’ve got minestrone, and the kids will have chicken noodle.

    I got in a walk after lunch even though it had been overcast for a while. The rain had just barely started when I was done. I’m glad I made myself go!

    Laundry’s nearly finished, and I started a large puzzle my parents lent me. Since it’s wider than my puzzle table by one inch, I’m doing it on my bedroom floor, with foam mats rather than just the carpet. Hopefully I won’t step on it before it’s done! I could have taken space in the living room downstairs, but we’ve already got the same amount of space used already for our France 3D puzzles: Notre Dame cathedral, Eiffel Tower, and Alsace. (Now I feel like doing the New York collection next!)

    I’m going to share the cake I bought for dessert tonight, since there weren’t mini ones in the right flavour. (We’re now lunch dessert people so we can run off the extra energy we ingest! We’ll make exceptions for special days like this, hee hee.) I kept a quarter of the cake for us, and I’ll drop by my oldest sister’s house soon with the rest. I bet her hubby and daughter will really appreciate it.


    Thank you for the well wishes! Mum is likely to be out of hospital this week but I think there will have to be a better care plan in place so we shall see.

    Yesterday I potted on the rest of my tomato and tomatillo seedlings and put them into the greenhouse. They appear to have survived the night well so all is good. Now it is just the peppers but they don’t handle the cold so well so I will wait a while for them.


    My friend loves her new handbag! It isn’t as large as it could’ve been, but she loves its colour and design. She really, really loves it. I am rather pleased about this, considering it cost a fair amount!

    Anyhow, March will be over soon. I shall post a new thread when this month ends.

    Have a nice night, everyone!


    I slept pretty well yesterday, and dreamed I was chilling at an amusement park- seeing a few shows, going on a couple rides, etc. I did wake up twice in the night because of my incontinence, but twice is better than what it has been these last few nights (waking at 1 A.M, and not being able to sleep again no matter what)


    when I did  wake up properly, I had a massive stomach ache. I don’t need the toilet, I am all empty lol.. I think I’m just hungry, not really eaten well since friday (I’ve eaten, but nothing that satisfying)


    we’re meant to have a small heatwave today. I hope not: I hate heatwaves, it makes everything hot and sticky even with my 3 fans (yes I have 3)


    no real plans though, if the weather is as it says, fans at full capacity and keeping cool


    we are still building /decorating.. The new kitchen worktops have arrived the lights and taps arrive tomorrow.

    The living room is decorated but the new wood floor still has to be laid.

    Then the hallway to do..Its a never ending job with a house this size but hopefully soon we can downsize now there are just the two of us.


    I gave my apartment a clean. Yesterday I cleaned my bathroom and kitchen. Today I put on a load of laundry and took out the rubbish & recycling. I also aired out my apartment and hoovered. I really do look after my home. Oh: I am also decluttering. I just don’t want junk and mess in my home.

    Anyhow, I shall be eating dinner in an hours time: I will be having two mini chicken pies and something else [?]. I do enjoy my food. But I am pleased to say I’ve lost a few kilos! Below are my views:

    I know I was on my soapbox in my other thread BUT I am still glad to lose weight rather than gain it. I do still believe some people are liars and trick others into dieting – when they don’t need to – but I still know the value of watching what you eat and how you prepare your food. There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight. And I definitely don’t want to be fat, basically. I think it is a balance: eating some treats, but not all the time. I don’t believe anyone should use meal replacement drinks or take diet pills. In fact, my friend took diet pills years ago. The result was horrible and she never took them again. Perhaps the technology has improved now, but even my friend advises I don’t use diet pills.

    Back to meal replacement drinks: they are subjective. They may work for some/many, but don’t suit everyone. I think it is a matter of opinion whether someone goes down this route.

    Anyhow, those are my thoughts about food and dieting. I do still want to be slim, but I don’t want to do diets that damage my body.


    I lost a friend today.


    got a message from his family around 3 in the morning to let me know that he passed away in his sleep. he had cancer for a while, and I knew it was coming.. I did reply to them wishing them well and said I hope they can get through it okay.

    we didn’t speak as often as we wanted, but very nice guy. RIP


    Sorry for your loss emily91 even knowing that its imminent doesnt stop the feeling of loss when someone passes.

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    thanks. it does feel strange without him even though it’s only been a few hours


    My condolences go out to you, Emily.


    Sorry to hear Emily, thinking of you x


    I’m sorry to hear that, Emily. I am thinking of you.


    I’m sorry, Emily. It’s a tough time even if we do expect it to happen.

    One of my cousins died of cancer in 2019. It’s still weird to think of her family and realise she’s not there to raise her kids anymore and keep everything organised.

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