How high a heel can you handle?

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    I wear mostly 3 or 3 1/2 inch heels for work, but for going out I like really tall heel like these pictures at 4 1/2 inches. I’m tall and have  a long foot 11b shoe, so that helps me wear a taller heel.

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    Sadly nothing above about 1 or 2 inches. I suffered a back injury a few years ago and as well as loosing about an inch in height I cant tolerate high heels anymore.


    I don’t wear anything more than three inches, I’m not especially fond of high heels.


    Three inches is my limit as well, though I don’t wear that height often.  I wear mostly 1 to 2.5-inch heels.  At 5’8″, I’m tall enough.


    I don’t go for high heels either, although do have some ankle boots I like which have two and a half inch heels.  I am fairly tall too!


    I can’t walk in heels: I always twist my ankle and fall down.

    This makes me sad, as I love how heels look. But, alas, I cannot wear them.


    I’m so sorry you struggle with heels KitKatKitty, I know how much you love them!

    I’ve found for myself, I have better success with heels when I step toe-to-heel instead of heel-to-toe.  I feel I maintain my walk better and I have an easier time balancing, even with very thin heels.  Of course, I’m only on about 3″, lol so I don’t know if this works for longer heels.

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    well girls, I can tell you that practice, like everything else makes things easier. I spend all day in heels so it is not a feat to slip on 4″ heels for a few hours.


    Check these out girls.


    You’re right: I do love heels. I often feel jealous when I see the ease at which other women wear their high heels: they seem so self assured and comfortable, where I struggle even with chunky boot heels. It does feel unfair, to be honest. But – thankfully – there are many shoes for women designed with lower heels. I do like wearing stylish shoes: I just have to look around further for them.

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    All mine are 20 cm stem and 5cm platform


    In addition to making your legs look absolutely terrific, high heels produce a pronounced jiggle to your butt- something most men find provocative.

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    And high stems drag more attention and wiggle


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    If only I could wear heels like you, Rhonda333. Heels are stunning, absolutely: but I just cannot walk in them.

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