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    I understand Kat. Wearing tall heels is one of the blessings of being tall.


    Hi Kat: Wearing 4″ heels may be one of the benefits to being tall. A long foot means you can handle a taller heel. On the other hand, the downside is that I wear an 11b shoe. That means most shoe stores like Shoe Carnival and the like won’t go above size 10. On the other hand I’ve found that designer shoes will usually come in a 11 or even a 12. Nice of course, but expensive.


    It must be a pain when shoes don’t come in your size. And designer shoes are expensive [naturally]. I don’t know your income, but do you indulge in designer shoes/clothes? I would love to, but can’t ATM.

    On a tangent: I do love clothing and fashion. I actually love buying dresses from charity shops. You’d be surprised at how lovely they are. And I do wear them often. I also love wearing skirts and thick denier tights. Shoe-wise I would like more variety of styles. I can’t wear very high heels, but I’d still like to wear different shoes every day. As women we do get to wear beautiful shoes. Actually, I post a lot of shoes on my Facebook page! They’re gorgeous.


    You are a stylish woman, Rhonda333.

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    well thank you my dear. I find that I have to make an investment in style and fashion for my work. I very frequently have to meet with property owners who are going to have to trust my judgement. Being transgender, already makes me suspicious in the business world.  But well cut suits and classic traditional clothing seems to give me the credibility I need.  I’m not a highly paid person, but I have very little expenses, so I can afford to spend a Christmas bonus on shoes.

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    I’d love to see some of those pictures KitKatKitty! (eek, just realized your initials are KKK!)

    Here’s a picture I took a few months ago, I have a few new pairs of shoes and boots since then.  I only have a few sets of heels, for me open-toe is a higher priority, lol.

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    I understand that struggle! But maybe starting with a block heel would be better as it provides more support.

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    I agree, Vkrasno. I definitely can NOT walk on spike heels: I simply lose my balance and fall over. It is always in block heels, if I decide on shoes with height.

    I do own court shoes: and love them. I am looking forward to wearing feminine summer shoes in the next few months. I really love foot wear. Actually, I have a good selection of spring/summer shoes that are coming out to play. Because it’ll be springtime soon and winter will be forgotten about!

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    I go bare feet when ever possible. Love the feeling of grass (not Mary) against my soul

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    I go bare feet when ever possible. Love the feeling of grass (not Mary) against my soul

    Also like the sand on the beach 🙂


    Jen, toss up between smooth dirt paths in parks and hot sandy beach as my second choice for Barefooting enjoyment

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    I wear block heels sometimes, they’re definitely easier but I find them a bit heavy.  I prefer narrower heels usually, but I rarely go over 3″, that’s just what my feet are most comfortable with.

    I’ve been finding a lot of sales on sandals lately, which don’t really help me now lol, but I’m getting stocked up for spring and summer.  I’ve bought like six pair over the last two months, from comfortable slide ons to walking sandals, and a few pair of heeled dressy ones.  I got this sparkly silver pair I just absolutely love and can’t wait to wear out in a couple months.

    I’ll also go barefoot as much as I can during summer, like Jen I just love walking on the beach.  I also love walking through nature, I find stepping on pebbles and bramble to be a very stimulating experience, sort of like getting a foot massage.  Walking through cool mud is also amazing.

    I picked up a new pair of boots a couple weeks ago, I was out shopping and saw these on clearance for $15, so I grabbed them.  I got a really nice flat pair for my birthday, but they’re an expensive name brand and I’m terrified of ruining them in the snow, so I got these for wet weather, and I absolutely love them.  They’re incredibly comfortable.

    Oh and a question, do you ladies wear socks with your shoes and boots?  I was having a conversation with some guys, and they couldn’t seem to grasp the idea of wearing shoes and boots with bare feet, lol.

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    They are lovely boots Mamie!

    The only boots I wear traditional socks with are hiking boots, as I have them over my leggings or jeans.

    I do tend to wear the thinn knee high or ankle (nylon) pop socks or tights with other boots though.

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    I love your boots, Mamie! They are very cool.


    I bought myself a gorgeous pair of sandal/wedges last week. I haven’t worn them yet, but they’re fabulous summer shoes. I definitely am in love with shoes: I have images of many designs on my computer browser. I would LOVE to wear them all.

    We women are lucky that way!


    I’d love to see them @kitkatkitty!

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