How high a heel can you handle?

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    I got these today for $20 at Payless’ close out sale. Higher heel than I normally like, but OMG they look great, I feel super sexy wearing these.


    Being only 4’11” I say the higher the heel the better. Marnie those boots are great.


    halfpint, I am only one inch taller than you and wear 20cm skyscraper heels when cruzing or on a date as most men tower over me

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    rabbithabit, my fiance is 6 foot tall so most of the time I wear very high heels and it doesn’t even make that much difference. He thinks they are sexy on me and doesn’t understand how I even walk in them.


    KC, Hi Heels stress your lower legs so muscles surge to give a more sexy appearance. My 20cm skyscraper only add about 8cm to height but every cm is precious to me. Guys are always amazed by me walking in such high stilts.


    rabbithabbit, my calves  and ankles are very strong and I owe it to many years of wearing high heels and I suppose also playing Soccer a bit.  Even though my legs are short my fiance always says they are one of his favorite parts about my body.

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    I’ve been a runner all of my adult life, so no question about weak ankles. Certainly no varicose veins either.


    Running makes for amazing looking legs. I was never into running much because my legs were so short so no matter how fast my legs moved I never traveled very far. 🙂


    well I’m tall and long legged so running comes naturally to me. Not ever fast, but good enough for cross country in school.  Now its for fitness  and to keep my figure.


    I played soccer in high school and good enough for short sprints to score goals even though I was not that good. I am just happy that my Fiance likes my short little legs and that is all that matters.


    I too have always been very active. Growing up in the countryside so having to walk or ride a bicycle everywhere and learning to ride a bicycle at an early age. I am still pretty active, walking several miles a week over the countryside, but I have always had slighly weak ankles and just take a little care. It does not stop me wearing heels, but I don’t often. I used to like cross country at school too Rhonda. I found it more interesting than running round a track.

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    I bet Rhonda’s running shoes are white

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    I am about as active as a plant. OK, not that lazy, but I’ve never been into sports. Although, I have done yoga and dancing in the past. But those activities were with my social group. Still, I respect people who keep active. It must be wonderful to be fit and just enjoying life. I do find sporty people are more enthusiastic about life and are more positive. Of course, this is not true of everyone but it is often accurate.

    I love your new boots, Mamie: they’re fabulous. You must look great in them! I am in love with shoes myself. Oh, Halfpint: I don’t understand how women walk in heels and I am a woman myself! You’re very brave [and not to sound gay] look sexy in your heels. Embrace your feminity, like you do.


    I was a Physical Therapist my entire career so I never wore heels to work. It was always comfortable sneakers. As for going out for the evening I can tolerate a nice sized heel as I am not that tall and any additional height helps plus it extenuates my leg and hamstrings.


    I just LOVE shoes.


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