How high a heel can you handle?

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    Allow me my barefoot preference when ever possible and legal


    I am into shoe porn. I’m serious: I have so many pictures of high heels on my bookmarks feed, Facebook page AND Pinterest board.

    I’d LOVE to wear shoes like that everyday.


    Just to add: you can google images of high heels and buy them online. Shoes do not always need to be bought in a shop. There’re thousands of unique and affordable women’s shoes to be found online. You can go wild with any design your heart desires. If you’ve got a credit card/PayPal, why not?


    Hi Kat: I buy most of my shoes on line at Zappo’s. I know my size and most fit well. If not, they are easily exchanged. Maybe its too easy to buy shoes on line.


    It is good that you’re wearing stylish footwear, Rhonda333. I agree that it is all too easy to buy items online: it’s almost addictive.


    No, you never see the hard cash so it’s so easy to lose track.


    That is so true, SpinningJen. When the money is not physically in your hand, it doesn’t feel like spending money. That is why credit cards used to be so addictive. I even got in debt with one once. Thankfully I paid it off, but now I stick with a debit card and PayPal. I refuse to purchase anything with a credit card these days.


    I feel people seem to respond differently to spending cash compared to using cards.

    I’m a card girl … if I have cash in my purse, I’m likely to spend it.  It’s like once it’s out of my account, psychologically I already view it as spent, so I’m more likely to waste it on something frivolous.  But I’m very careful monitoring my card usage, and I don’t like seeing my balances go up, so that keeps me more disciplined in a way.

    Plus so far this year I’ve earned $500 in Amazon gift card rewards from using my credit card! XD

    Not too long ago I went to get my hair touched up, and on my way out I stopped in at Payless for their going-out-of-business sale (so sad!), and I picked up a few pair for about $60 total.  Not high heels, they’re either block heel or wedges.

    I order online a lot, from Zappos or Amazon mostly (I love free shipping and returns!) I’m very reliably a size 9, and rarely is something so uncomfortable I need to send it back.  Yesterday I just got a pair of Birkenstocks from Zappos … will need some breaking in, but I don’t think they’re quite as good as I feel they’re hyped up to be.

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    I always wonder about gift and storecard rewards Mamie as it must mean spending a lot of money to get them. I am a little bit in the middle as it comes to cards. I use a credit card online because of its extra protection, knowing that my bank account cannot be cleared in an instant. I have setup a current accout that pays it off every month so I can keep close track. Some shops, particularly for smaller items, I like to use cash. I even still use the odd cheque in some places.

    You have some nice additions to your wardrobe there!


Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)

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