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How Is Your December Morning Going?

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    atheist alert here…

    I do have a good knowledge of various religions my father was a bit of a study nerd when it came to belief.. Apart from several bibles in both English and Dutch old and new the oldest being about 150 years old. I have my own copy of The Torah and the Koran (Quran) as well as books  by his holiness the Dalai Lama. All good books with great advice to offer.

    Online or tv services a great way to reach people in a safe way.


    My morning was good in that the storm has passed and we had a lovely if somewhat muddy walk but bad because I took an anitinflammatory pain killer last night and Ive had a bad reaction its made me dizzy all day. Previously I could take this one and not other similar ones ,, So I suppose I have to add this to the no go list along with some types of anti histamines that all make me feel sick and dizzy for ages.

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    I was in bed most of the day. I had felt ill yesterday and was just exhausted today and could not get out of bed. But I eventually did get up. So I gave my apartment a good clean. This includes hoovering and laundry. I do think having a clean bathroom is important: especially to me. I clean my bathroom twice a week, every week.

    I have made myself a cup of coffee and am just browsing the Internet before cooking my dinner. I am rather hungry, actually.

    I know it is not morning but enjoy the rest of your day, everyone.


    Oh dear, I hope everyones maladies are only temporary. I must admit though that I have been feeling tired the past day or two. I did get out for a long walk yesterday though. The first for a few days. There were lots of people out with dogs which did cheer me up a bit (more the dogs than people lol). It’s also nice to get out in the countryside and just see the animals and birds getting on with life.


    Up and out this morning finally the dizziness has passed!

    But its raining again… Friday is looking as if it might be a nice day so we have a special walk planned for then.

    Not much today I have a zoom call scheduled with our case manager later but thats about all.. I will also go and check up on my old people later and see if they want shopping tomorrow.


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    Last Tuesday of the year! It’s still morning for me here (Pacific timezone) and I’ve got the laundry going, tidied the kitchen, and made cherry tea.

    We’re almost out of our favourite bakery bread, so I may get out for that at some point today, otherwise we’ve got a bit of housecleaning to do together, and the guys have their various projects. They’ve been doing a lot lately that relates to a shared fantasy world – Tim started it with a story of his, then Ben was interested and has his own story plus artwork for it, and Alex follows his older brothers by having his own story started and some artwork. I predict they’re going to be LARPers when they’re grown. 😉

    Trying to wait patiently to see if an old friend from junior high will write to me after I offered my email address. He joined the same dating site that I did and lives right here in town… (I would have gone straight to giving him my phone number, but I felt odd doing that on the site.) Potential date? Or maybe just reconnecting as friends? I want to know – now! 😉

    Hope the day is going well for everyone!


    I had a lie-in this morning. I got up in the end and put on a load of laundry. I then wandered to my dad’s house and ate a cheese toastie for lunch. We [my sister and I] went into town and I bought myself a few items of clothing. I did try on these grey cord trousers, but I realized they were the wrong size. I nearly, nearly purchased them: I’m glad I didn’t. They looked awful on me, in retrospect. Anyhow, we then we walked home and made dinner. In fact, dinner tasted really nice! We cooked toad-in-the-hole, which I rather enjoyed! After dinner my sister drove me home and I put on the computer.

    As I always say: I keep busy!


    Hmm still having odd bouts of dizziness.. Also slightly sick feeling but then with the dizziness thats to be expected..

    Checked my pulse and oxygen sats.. sats were ok 99% but Im having eposodes of slow heart beat.. Could explain why eating is making me so tired, so this is totally weird but if Im up and moving Im fine.. I had some unsalted nuts while I was busy with chores yesterday and that went great but this morning trying to chew toast was exhausting I felt like I needed a rest after eating it. So not the physical act of chewing that make me tired but I think sitting down might let my heart slow and that might be causing the tired feeling..

    If it doesnt clear by next week I will have to see my doctor… Cant stand the doc but needs must when the devil drives.


    Take it steady Cassandra. You will feel better soon x




    I cleaned in my room after breakfast, while I had a few minutes to spare (while Ben was in the bath and needed someone close by). Found my daily planner for the next year, which I intend to use well rather than having just notes to myself on my phone or a bazillion pieces of paper all over the hose (or forgetting because the list is supposed to be stored in my head LOL). When I discovered a pen that needed to be trashed, I took out the spring for Ben to use for little projects and also found a couple gel pens that he’s likely to use whereas I prefer ink pens.

    All these treasures to be found by tidying up! 😉

    Got the laundry going after that, made blueberry muffins, and handwashed some dishes. I’m leaving a bunch for the dishwasher, though. Tonight will likely be a two-load night, where I start one before the older two go to bed and then put on another load before I head upstairs to my bed.


    Well, today is the LAST day of December: by midnight tonight 2020 will be over. So I shall start a January 2021 thread tomorrow morning!

    I have drunk my caffetterie coffee. I have been posting on Facebook. I am also listening to the Ms Dynamite album “A Little Deeper”. It has to be one of my favourite albums.

    I shall be cleaning my bathroom and kitchen later this morning. I took out the rubbish & recycling last night: I like to keep my apartment clear of rubbish and junk. In fact, I love cleaning, sorting and tidying my apartment. I often imagine myself living in a showhome.

    Enjoy the New Year celebrations tonight!


    New years eve… I hate it.

    Its a date change nothing more to me.

    But the biggest reason I hate it is the huge trend for fireworks total madness, normally anytime for October onwards. This year there is a 100% ban on fireworks and yet every night we hear them going off scaring the life out of animals, both pets and wildlife and that angers me. Why anyone would get a kick from scaring a horse into a barbed wire fence or a dog so that it runs in front of a bus is beyond me but those are just two of the terrible things that have happened this year inspite of the ban.

    Today by 8 am we could hear the carbid explosions, I have no idea why but when the govt ban fireworks they didnt ban carbid so this will be going on all day and most of the night here..

    This film shows a well organised group but most are just idiots with milk churns and explosives on playing fields and in gardens ..


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    I have heard some fireworks here over the past few days but last night was quiet – or maybe I was sound asleep as I was in be just after eleven. At the moment most of the bangs are shooting parties guns going off but that is well outside the village.


    Well there were less injuries and no fatalities (that we know of yet) which is a good result but the firework ban was a joke.

    They were going off on every street corner until about 3am.  OH had to stay downstairs with our parrot in case he panicked and injured himself. I took the dogs upstairs and at midnight sheltered on our upstairs hall with them all the doors closed and the curtains close meant less noise and no light flashes for them to see or panick about.


    Were people behaved and did they obey the covid rules? Of course not…They threw firework bombs at police and glass bottles and bricks. Here in our town the police had to do a baton charge at one point.. Normally peaceful and law abiding people go nuts at new year I just dont understand it.





    Since we live in a mature neighborhood with streets flanked with large trees, hubby and I go out in the middle of the street next to our home, Champaign in hand, to watch the fireworks show on the summit of Pikes Peak.  A few neighbors do the same.  Even though  shooting off fireworks in town is illegal, people do it all the time.  Our long-time neighbors behind us are “those people.”  They set something off so loud last night that we almost dropped our glasses.

    The AdAmAn Club’s midnight fireworks show is a tradition since 1922.  This year, there was an additional show three hours earlier (which we missed) to celebrate the 150th birthday of Colorado Springs.  In 1922, there will be another spectacular show to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the AdAmAn Club.



    You can start replying* to my January 2021 thread now!

    *I am glad I started the December thread: it has shared so many experiences, opinions and thoughts. I hope this trend continues in January. [Because I love you all, guys! And thank you all for being there throughout the ups and downs that is due to a turbulent life.]

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