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How Is Your November Morning Going?

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    Moving on from my popular thread, I thought I would continue with the month-by-month theme.

    Today I have hoovered, put on a load of laundry, sorted doctor’s medications and shall soon eat a light lunch. Oh: I am working my way through a novel I borrwed from the library. I do enjoy reading books. I guess I always will. I am a true booklover.

    The weather is not raining: in fact, it is quite pleasant. I definitely feel we are in autumn now, though. But it isn’t too hot or too cold. Plus, there are no bugs and constant sweating. Hot weather is not all it is cracked up to be. I much prefer this time of year.

    Over to you!


    Good idea Kitty!

    Today is Ok as warm for autumn. It’s a bit dodge the showers here and is a bit blowy but good 🙂

    I have had a busy morning doing the weekly shop but had to call in at another shop and pick some batteries up before plus filling up with petrol after. Relaxing at home this afternoon though.



    Amazing,,, we went off for a walk this morning and it was 18c at 7,32 am. !!!

    Time to get the shorts and tshirts back out.



    I got up quite early and read a book all the way through. The main character turned out to be a psychopathic man-hater. A horrible, horrible character, but you did learn her motivations. She was a clever trickster, though. Even the police fell for her acting! Anyhow, I also watched a short DVD. I then cleaned my apartment. This includes hoovering, laundry, mopping, decluttering… you name it.

    I have now later been doing some work on the computer. I keep busy!

    I shall eat lunch soon, as I am rather peckish.


    It’s rather wet here this morning so I probably won’t get out. I dodged the showers yesterday fo a quick walk and got as far as the next village and back with only a minor sprinkling. There is plenty to sort out indoors though lol.


    Well I hope everyone is well.. Its Georges birthday today and so we headed out to the woods for a nice long walk tracking deer.. (thats his favourite) It was 10c colder than yesterday! its crazy.

    But we still had a great walk and just as we left we spotted the white hind.. Brilliant.


    I did the usual and put on a load of laundry. I am airing out my apartment and am drinking my cup of coffee. I am also just browsing the Internet, as one does.

    It’s just a usual Wednesday for me! Enjoy your Wednesday too, guys.


    [quote quote=219281]Better, after seeing this:

    Thank you 🙂

    You have cheered up my morning too!



    It didn’t: I only woke up a few hours ago. That is NOT normal for me. Anyhow, I have cleaned my bathroom and kitchen. I shall eat my dinner fairly soon. I am having sweet & sour chicken with rice. Yummy.

    I shall check-in tomorrow morning!


    I have been up and about! I cut my nails: they were too long for me. I can’t stand having long nails. Although – I must admit – other women look gorgeous with long, painted nails. I also had my daily shower. I have drunk my cup of coffee. I put on a load of laundry earlier, too. I am airing out my apartment: I do like fresh air.

    I shall be going to my dad’s house for lunch: my sister and I are having sushi, which I particularly love. We cooked a Chinese feast yesterday: we ate duck pancakes with noodles and orange sauce. We also had spring rolls, which were lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner last night. Friday night we ate tuna bake. Again, seriously nice food. Next week we are having chicken faijitas. With sour cream and grated cheese. Yummy.

    What are YOUR favourite dinners to whip up in the week?


    The last few days have been totally glorious and we have made the  most of it enjoying wonderful walks in local nature reserves.


    Today I have been quite busy, after walking the dogs this morning we came home and I cooked a lovely Sunday breakfast. I uploaded the photographs I’ve taken, then  I called my mum.  Ive stripped our bed clothes and put those in the laundry and I given one of the dogs a bath.

    I hung up the bedclothes and now all the  towels are in the laundry.



    It’s night here, but probably morning for someone here! I had a great day, and the morning included kids’ church (videos from a South Florida church we enjoy) and then getting out in the chilly fresh air for exercise.

    I’m looking forward to reading with my guys tomorrow morning and getting a letter ready to send in the mail. Also hoping to get a text or two from friends to brighten the day.


    Yes it is morning here. Another foggy one but, as long as it stays fine, I should get out for a walk. I also have some hand washing building up. I could do with a dry fine day sometime this week to do it.


    We have just returned from a fantastic walk in the woods.

    All those colours and fallen leaves to whoosh through we loved it and the dogs loved it. We take rolls and tea with us so we had breakfast al fresco too.

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