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How Is Your November Morning Going?

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    If I had a dog and woodland nearby, I’d happily take my dog out for a walk. In fact, I LOVE walking in the woods. As a child – in Sweden – my grandfather would take us for hours through the Swedish woodland. Those times were wonderful. One year we got lost and had to catch a bus to get back to my Nan’s house! I truly love Sweden. As for dogs: I grew up with two dogs. The first dog we had was Kim. She was a protector. She died, sadly. So the second dog we owned was Jenny: a black labrador. She sadly died a year after we moved away. But she had been a wonderful animal: I shall always miss having a pet.

    Back to the present: I have updated my accounts. I shall do the cleaning today: in spite of being prone to whetlow [you’ll have to see the other thread]. But I hope you all enjoy your day!


    I have been getting ready for the day: including drinking my cup of coffee. I have put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment. I have posted on Facebook and the suchlike, too. I shall watch a film later today.

    Enjoy your November morning, everyone!


    An update:

    I have washed two loads of laundry, have watched a film on YouTube and am eating my lunch of Mac & Cheese. Yummy! I have also written a new poem and posted it online.

    I hope you’re all enjoying your November day, too!


    Just private messaged you back KitKatKitty.


    Non stop since 5,45 got up showered washed my hair , quick breakfast walked the dogs , got back changed my trousers and shoes and went shopping (early to avoid people) came home phoned the vet for my dog and they had a space free so I quickly unpacked and raced back out with the dog. Got home from the vet had a cup of tea and then headed out for their proper walk…

    That was nice we saw a kestral a buzzard and an eagle !!


    By the way Murphy isnt sick he just had an allergic reaction to egg and has been up all night itching !

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    I went food shopping with my dad today. He helped me clean my apartment a little more thoroughly than I was doing. I had to clean my sink again and also my washing machine dispenser. I cleaned off mould from my bedroom window too. I had cleaned it previously, but I used more mould remover spray than before. I am airing out my apartment now. I must say, I do like airing out my home. Having the air fresh is lovely. I am just hoping my washing machine is on the right setting.

    Happy Friday the 13th everyone!


    I have had my daily shower. I put on a load of laundry and also took out the rubbish & recycling. I am airing out my apartment ATM. I have sorted my medication. I am now browsing the Internet. Oh: I also have drunk my morning coffee.

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone.


    Well not morning anymore but as normal we went off for our walk this morning and saw the most fantastic sunrise then home and breakfast put on the laundry and ran the dishwasher and then I tackeled the job thats been calling my name… The loft. Not cleaning I didnt clean I just re organised stacked and put things in their rightful places.

    It also meant I sorted out a few things for the chairty shop and Ive bagged them up ready to be taken down there tomorrow..

    Not bad for a Sunday


    Sunday it was just really the shopping although it was a bigger list than of late. I should have expected that as last week’s was so small.

    Tody I hope to get out for a long walk although I am a bit of a sleepy head this morning lol. Have a lovely Monday everyone!


    well yesterday I cleaned the kitchen cupboards and today I have done all the downstairs doors and skirting boards. Tomorrow I will wash down the rest of the paintwork..

    But this afternoon is breadmaking,,


    Hope you are all having a good day today

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    Today I did the usual cleaning. I also have been working online. Not much to write home about!

    Have a nice day!


    Today I shall visit my mum, as usual for Wednesday. It does remind me that art group has been cancelled though 🙁


    I have had my daily shower. I have drunk my caffetterie coffee. I have put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment. I am now browsing the Internet, as I do.

    The weather is raining but it IS winter. Still, my dad will probably pick me up later and drive me to the house. We are eating chicken and pasta tonight. I do enjoy my food, definitely. Last night we ate chilli con carne with rice. It was delicious! What you are having for dinner this evening?

    Enjoy your day!


    Evening is usually an early supper for me rather than cooking. Last evening I did attack the sweet chestnuts though. I always buy some in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I usually don’t roast them, just eating raw. They are a bit tedious to shell and clean to the white flesh though. The brown membrane under th shell does not taste good.


    OOOh Ive been ranting this morning.

    Thursday is my shopping day and I do the shop for two elderly people too. One is housebound and the other is a kidney patient so they cant really do their own. But half the stuff that should be on the shelves isnt there so I asked and was told well we do have it but weve been on a break just now so it will get put out later.  In other words I should come back later on… when the shop is crowed and I only would need the two articles that are not yet unpacked.  Argggg I could scream…

    Ive worked for years in retail and the rule is specials take priority on the day they appear you unpack and put them out before opening..

    Mind you last week the same store told me that it the foccia wasnt there because its forgien and is an import article.. I happen to know they are actuallly made in this country and the supplier is less than 20 miles away so that was BS.

    The governement have asked us to do our shopping once a week and to shop in a focus and organised way but how can we if the shops dont have their act together?

    Then the 76 yr old lady phoned her doorbell had rung and although she did her best she didnt get there in time and found a note on her mat from the postal service. Her parcel has been taken to a postal service point for her to pick up… But shes housebound… But it gets better,, she couldnt tell me what service point because there is no adress on the card she said it says go to www. or scan a code thingy..Poor woman doesnt even have a smart phone much less a pc, and even if she did how would she get there?

    So she gave me the code over the phone and Ive traced her parcel so Im going to collect it and I will give them holy hell if they dont hand it over.

    Ive already contacted both the shop and the postal people about their appalling service and lack of thought for those less able bodied.

    Ive taken the dogs for a good walk and that helped calm me down but the longer this covid thing goes on the more annoyed I get about the stupid and lack of thought that so many people have ..

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