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    Sorry to hear about your day, Cassandra.  It’s frustrating when you try to do the right thing when others aren’t playing well.

    This morning had an amusing start for me.  My electric toothbrush with a plastic bristle cover that was in a toothbrush holder (not on the charger) powered on by itself!  The racket jolted me out of bed.  I didn’t hear a thud, much like one would hear a cat make when she hits the floor.  She was in the office with Hubby.  I eventually found the source of the noise and turned it off, got dressed, and closed the door behind me.  I was halfway down the hall when it went off again!  Apparently, this happens when moisture gets inside and shorts it out.  That’s never happened to me before!  While researching the “why,” I ran across a particularly funny YouTube instruction video on how to fix the problem (posted in another thread).  It hadn’t been working right for a while, so about a week ago I added it to my “Sam’s Club” list to pick up on my next visit.

    On a more somber note.  I found out that there’s a fire near my mom’s nursing home, but it’s not in the mandatory evacuation area…yet.  While speaking to my dad earlier, I told him that hubby and I decided it wasn’t a good idea for him to come over for Thanksgiving or go out to celebrate my birthday.  He wanted to do that this year (he blew off my birthday last year), but I’m really uncomfortable with dining indoors or having him over for takeout.


    I come across similar things Cassandra. I have noticed, in supermarkets, that this social distancing is not working well, and it is at least as much down to their systems as any shopper. When I go on a Sunday morning there are always staff with their large trolleys full of goods blocking the aisles causing bottlenecks almost forcing people together. That is understandable to an extent but some have trolleys full of goods multiparked in the aisles waiting in line to be unpacked.

    It’s sad about your father Test. I hope you think up a way to make things up with him. I am wondering about Christmas this year. The suggestion here is that higher restrictions before Christmas would mean people should be able to celebrate it but it’s does not take much to realise (for us anyway) that Christmas itself is usually quiet with all the visiting an activity in the weeks before. A pre Christmas lockdown would actually be worse than lockdown over Christmas itself.


    Well .. its amazing what a bit of bad publicity will do..

    The supermarket have been on to me after I had a polite but well aimed rant on their FB page.. They have apologised and offered me €10 compensation which as I explained is nice but not necessary.  I would rather they phone the branch and tell them to pull their socks up or else someone will be claiming dole money before Christmas. They have assured me they will be talking to the branch manager.

    The post office also got back to me after a similar rant on their FB page.. They have now flagged my friend’s address as disabled so that in future the postman will wait until she gets to the door..

    Ive also suggested that this habit of only putting internet information on the not home card is wrong because it discriminates against old or poor people who cant afford or havent learned how to use internet. They are going to pass this up the line to deliveries management.


    This morning I had a good walk with the dogs we were in the woods over 2 hours. We also took our family Christmas photo and Ive edited it and ordered the prints.

    Lastly as I cant go to Germany I decided to make a batch of German spiced cookies and the house smells wonderful.. I will give some to my daughter some to my friend and the rest…. well Im sure OH and I can make them disappear!

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    You’re right, cassandra: not everyone can or is able to use the Internet. Companies need to enable other ways for the elderly/poor/vulnerable to use their services. To be blunt, too: the Internet is expensive. It cost me over $100 this month to use the Internet. My service provider is making a mint out of me. AND I don’t have loads of money. If I had less money, there’d be no computer or Internet. I only have the service because I am one of the lucky ones. No one who is struggling with money is going to be able to access the Internet and deal with businesses online. Even with money, there are people who simply will never have the skills to use a computer.

    Another rant: pip benefits. I strongly disapprove of PIP . For instance, my friend has a vulnerable and elderly mother. How is such a person going to be able to budget their finances? They are VULNERABLE and ELDERLY. That means they are going to spend all their benefit money quickly, without knowing – or being able – to pay the bills the money is for. I don’t know what person in government put PIP in place, but whoever they are, they are stupid. It’s okay for the disabled who have carers to have PIP: their carers know how to budget for them. But what about people without carers? They are going to end up with their gas and electricity cut-off and will run out of food.

    Soapbox rant over.


    I have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKity!


    Thank you, Rachel!

    I have drunk my caffetterie coffee. I have also put on a load of laundry. I shall be cleaning my bathroom and kitchen later this morning. I am currently browsing the Internet, as I do.

    I hope you all enjoy your day too!


    Ive walked for 2 hours , been shopping uploaded my photos  and started prepping for dinner tonight.

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    That was me for two hours as well yesterday Cassandra. Today it is a shorter walk as I prep for lunch.

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    This morning was really nippy the tempreture was 8c but it felt a lot colder because there was almost 100% cloud cover so no sun to cheer us up. We still had a nice walk though and saw a few birds and deer but again because of the cloud and bad light almost no photos..

    I have a fairly relaxed day today I did all my ironing yesterday afternoon and a was load so apart from some hoovering and taking the dogs to the playground this afternoon Im done..


    Look forward to hearing back from you KitKatKitty!


    I have been working on the computer all morning. I also put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment. I have drunk my caffetterie coffee, too.

    I haven’t gone out this morning, as it is raining. But I shall still go to my sister’s and dad’s house for dinner. We are making burgers and chips today. I shall be making the burger mix myself. I do love my food! Yesterday I ate chicken faijitas for dinner. They were delicious. If you’re ever in the mood, make these yourself: they are seriously nice.

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