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How Is Your November Morning Going?

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    I have recently drunk my caffetterie coffee, SpinningJen! I do love drinking coffee in the morning: it wakes the senses and is just a routine I love. I don’t tend to drink coffee at other times of the day. I always drink tea during the daytime. I do love a cuppa.

    To the bar of chocolate: it is a great way to thank someone. I love being given chocolate: especially a box of chocolates. It is a really sweet gesture.

    Anyhow, I am waiting for the man to come around and fix my boiler. I am very much looking forward to a hot shower! I didn’t get to wash properly yesterday: I really need to wash my hair too. But he’ll be here soon. It is great that my boiler shall be seen to quickly.


    Only one more November morning after this one! Months pass by so quickly sometimes…

    The kids are exercising indoors since it’s pretty chilly this morning. We’ve watched kids’ church videos already (plus one for the first Sunday of Advent – it covered Hebrew and Greek words for hope). They’ll go spend time with their dad soon, for lunch and the afternoon. I’m planning an easy supper of lunch foods, and I’ll bake fresh muffins as well.

    I’m working on a jigsaw puzzle of a cat, done in a style like Van Gogh. Fun!

    Now it looks like I’ll read aloud to my guys!


    The last day of the month and we felt the breath of winter this morning. It was around 0c when we went out and so it was winter coats hats and gloves today..

    But our walk was wonderful we had two deer that crossed the path just in front of us and we saw a rather unusaual pheasant who is blue instead of the normal reddish brown


    That’s incredible, cassandra. I LOVE nature and wildlife: you must’ve felt privileged to see such a sight. Nature can be harsh but it can also be truly beautiful.

    I have drunk my caffetterie coffee. I have put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment. I have done some work on the computer, too. I do keep myself and my life organized. I guess I always will.

    It is a lovely day out too, so I may well venture out later and buy myself a small chocolate bar!


    Good and sunny here today, if a little chilly. I had a nice walk, nicely blinded by the sun in one direction lol



    I have had another early start. I drank my caffetterie coffee as usual. I put on a load of laundry and am working on my computer. I am also listening to the Jennifer Lopez album “On The 6”. An urban classic.

    I am waiting for the engineer to repair my boiler. If he doesn’t come today I will shower at the house.

    Anyhow, enjoy your Wednesday folks!


    I hate to point out the obvious but it’s no longer November!

    my December morning is not going very well I’m having to check in via my phone because I am locked out of the site on my PC .. I press the login button but it just keeps saying login login and refuses to actually give me entry to the site so until I can login properly I’m afraid I can’t contribute too much.




    You make me laugh! You are so right!

    I shall start a December thread now. LOL.

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)
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