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    I made – and drank – my cup of coffee. I am listening to Madonna’s album “Hard Candy” ATM. I am also browsing the Internet.

    Enjoy your October day!


    Hi , so far so good

    I have been out to the woods walked 5km saw deer, pheasants, geese, cows, buzzards and hares enjoyed the beauty of all the autumn colours. Came home put on some washing and prepped tonights dinner.

    Paid a bill, ordered a christmas gift (it was 70% off this week) and now Im having a sit down…

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    I have been very busy in the garden this morning, continuing the big cleanup before winter. I found the last little two red tomatoes before I cleared the plants. It’s interesting that I can now see my Black Pine tree. It is in a container but some roots project beyond and has been shielded by a butterfly bush all summer. Normally these grow to immense size so I hope it is not too unhappy being restrained. It would be far too big otherwise but has grown to about 4 feet in maybe 10 years lol.


    It isn’t morning, but I thought I would let you know how my day went!

    I went over to my sister’s and dad’s to have lunch. I went out for a walk with my sister: and it didn’t rain, thank god! I also made my sister’s salad for work. I helped my dad in the kitchen, where I made Yorkshire Puddings myself. In return I got a lift home . I also cut and filed down my nails: again*.

    I have bought myself a mathematics workbook online. This is because I want to maintain AND increase my skills in mathematics. I shall use the workbook to keep me up-to-speed with my maths. It has been some years since I did my Mathematics GCSE. I really – and seriously – want to be good with numbers.

    The cat – whom I call Elizabeth – came over to the house, after we had eaten dinner. She must’ve been able to smell the roast beef from the closed kitchen door. She was very insistent that she wanted feeding. We often give her Dreamies. Lord knows what’s in them, but she goes nuts for them. She’ll gobble them up!

    That is my day in the nutshell. I am just browsing the Internet now. Enjoy your night!

    *I know this is a tangent but I HATE long nails. Other women look great with such nails, but I look awful.


    I have been very busy today.

    I went to the library and convenience shop. I also bought a few items from the chemist. I have put on a load of laundry and am airing out my apartment. I have been browsing the Internet, too. I shall hoover shortly.

    Enjoy your October day, everyone!


    After a nice long and very wet walk with the dogs this morning. I have just ordered my last Christmas gifts…. OH and I are treating ourselves to new coats. We have really thick parkas for winter down to -20c and we have summer coats and thin rain coats for summer showers  but our inbetweeny spring /autumn coats are tatty so we have just ordered really swish ones from a country clothing shop that should last a good few years and they are waterproof for all these rainy days.

    It gives me a headache spending that much on myself but I have saved hard for Christmas and I know I do have the money put aside so I think its well spent.



    Today is art group day so I will not be going out walking as I visit mum as well. I had a long walk on Monday but it was very wet here yesterday so I did things indoors.

    I hope you lke your coats Cassandra. It is that time of year when it’s difficult to decide as our winter weather is not too much cooler than autumn is at times so I almost get away with summer and winter. On a walk though it can be cold but the exercise warms me up so a well insulating coat can get too hot.


    I hope you enjoy art class and your mum is fit and well today..

    Our autumn weather can be great but as its generally so open and flat theres little shelter from rain and the wind can get quiet cruel even on warmer days.  I dont mind the cold but being wet is awful so a coat that gaurds against wet weather is a must but as you say the big winter coats are just too warm…

    This morning weve done our walk nothing special about 5km but we did beat the rain!

    Today is my daughters day to be with her dad so I get a day off…. Yeah ! Im going to update my photo album.. Im creating a memory books for OH so that he can look through photos and be reminded of the good times.

    I hope this loads but this is the coat I ordered… Not flash but very practical.


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    It has been doing cleaning jobs today. I may put on a DVD later. I am reading a romance novel I borrowed from the library yesterday. I am browsing the Internet this afternoon, as usual. I also shall give myself a manicure and just chill out.


    Thank you Cassandra. A bit of a quiet morning yesterday as mum was fast asleep in bed when I visited. When she finally got up she was in good cheer though, which was good. Art was good too although there has been news of increasing lockdown in Nottinghamshire which maybe means there will be none next week. Our meeting is just over the border rather than Lincolnshire. It’s spotting with rain here this morning so maybe a sortout in the house.


    Everything was going quite well until we went for a walk in the woods it was so calm and peaceful at a given moment I stepped to one side to take photograph and my other half and the dog stepped off the path with me….lucky for us because at that moment one of the idiotic lycra clad lunatics on a mountain bike came down the path and almost hit us.

    he had no bel ,no light issued no warning and came along at a speed that  if he had hit an old person or a child or even the dog we would have been looking at a fatality.

    But when my dog barked from the shock the man had the audacity to moan about the dog, these mountain bikers ruin the woods their bikes leave really nasty deepgrooves which fill with mud and they go at such speeds it’s really impossible to enjoy your walk when they are around.

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    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty.


    That cyclist, cassandra, was incredibly dangerous with their stupidity. You must’ve been furious.

    Also – when I  see cyclists without helmets – I want to talk to them about head injuries. Michael – who will always be my best friend – got a severe head injury due to being hit by a  car when on his bike. He had to live with his injuries his whole life.

    ALWAYS wear a helmet: no matter how short the journey.


    I can hardly believe this myself… After taking the old Franch man I care for , for his flu jab  I chopped and blanched vegetables for the freezer and now… and this is the bit that sounds crazy.. Im listening to Christmas music and wrapping gifts…

    To explain;  I am sure we are headed for lockdown,  I had all the gifts here so yesterday I got some labels and paper and I want to get the parcel sent on Monday. Rather it arrives early than have my grandchildren sitting empty handed on Chrstmas day


    It’s just past morning here. I did some worrying while waiting for the middle boy at his occupational therapy appt. Yay for writing time!

    Laundry and dishes taken care of earlier this morning, plus fresh muffins made. (We love our homemade muffins!)

    I’ve also texted a bit with a new friend, a guy!! 😁 I don’t seem to make friends with guys well as an adult because the single guys want to be friends with benefits and I don’t, or they’re interested in completely different things than me and we have nothing to say to each other!

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