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    I know outdoor grilling has always been considered a man’s occupation. But they don’t have any exclusive right. I don’t really have an ‘outdoor’ , just an apartment terrace, but I have a really nice gas grill out there and I grill throughout the year. Usually its just for me and Luciano (the cat) so I’d do a steak for me and shrimp for him. Sometimes I get lucky and have a real date I can grill for. Funny thing, the man, (when it is a man) most always wants to take over and do the grilling himself. Maybe I am bucking a million years of evolution, so I quietly give way and retire to the kitchen

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    I don’t really eat much meat, when I do I normally bake or fry it. I haven’t had a steak in years. I do have a grill but I barely use it. 🙁


    well I can tell you grilled fish or shrimp is wonderful!! Just ask Luciano.


    Grilling during the summer is a great way to keep the house cooler by not using the oven.

    Mamie, almost anything can be grilled.  You should try cedar planked salmon…YUM!

    It’s funny how women take hours to prepare the meat and vegetables for the grill, but men claim all the credit for cooking.  😛

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    I don’t but we don’t have an outside grill anyway. It’s funny really when you consider that if the same thing is done indoors it is predominantly ourselves who do the cooking.


    Oh I love outdoor cooking! And it’s not just for the protein. I have a gas grill and a charcoal smoker and if the weather is above 65 you can bet I’m making at least dinner on one or the other. I also make a point of smoking up a roast, chicken or turkey for lunch meat during the week and I smoke up some fresh homemade bacon once or twice a month for breakfast and lunches. But like I said grilling and smoking isn’t just for meat, I will grill/smoke everything from apples/fruit to any vegetable, you name it I’ve probably have grilled/smoked it. I make an amazing caramel flan in the smoker and baked bread/rolls as well so don’t underestimate what your grill can do.

    I absolutely love cooking and my outdoor kitchen is my favorite place to be. During the winter when the power goes out I’ll use it to my advantage as well.

    Oh and hogwash on it being a man’s job. lol Don’t ever hand it over unless you’re just trying to protect his fragile ego. But even then you’re not really doing him any favors.

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    I’m afraid I don’t do grilling myself. Still, I enjoy the eating of the food!


    I don’t really eat much meat, when I do I normally bake or fry it. I haven’t had a steak in years. I do have a grill but I barely use it. 🙁

    One of my favorite way to make salad to go with summer dinner is slicing open tomatoes, avocados, cutting large slices of bell peppers, zucchini and eggplants and whole mushrooms all go on the grill with a little olive oil or Worcestershire sauce (works with any sauce). Grilling and smoking vegetables and fruits is a great way to add a new dimension of flavor. Oh and grilled pizza is the best and way fun if you have company, everyone can put their own toppings on. 🙂

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    Hi Rhonda, I cook anywhere outside and in. I do think outside cooking is something a man does maybe it is because he does not have to spend ages cleaning the hob or the ovens afterwards ( they don’t like that do they ). Being veggie obviously everything is easier to clean without the animal fat. I think you spoil your cat, I bet he likes the shrimp !


    Hi mikki, yes I know I spoil him. Every other cat owner I know just opens a can. Luciano watches me and when I open the frig door he’s under my feet. I don’t think he’d allow me to just sit at the table and eat something without him. Of course he weighs 30 lbs- just like his namesake.

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    Rhonda, for the most part, we open a can and give treats.  Every once in a while, my hubby will bake her a chicken breast and dole that out, bit by bit.


    Just like our dog used to be when I was in my teens. He had his own food but wouldn’t say no to extras. He even loved fish as he was originally with Grimsby trawlermen who lived on fish as they had an allowance.


    Bet your dog had fish breath Jen.

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    I cannot remember that Rhonda, but he did suffer from bad breath from time to time.


    When I said Rhonda spoiled her cat I have to confess my dogs are well fed ad I cook for them even when we have a salad. This means I am just as guilty when it comes to pets lol.

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