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    Just a random idea for a thread to add interest! I wash my laundry every day: I am a domestic goddess.



    When there is a full load.

    Not as much now there is just the two of us but I used to have ordinary clothes plus My daughters all black goth stuff, my eldest sons chefs whites, my younger sons overals and clothes with car grease (hes a mechanic) and OHs clothes full of metal splinters, grease and other nasties from his work as an engineer..Not to mention dog towels and blankets that all went in on seperate washes.. My poor machine worked triple shifts!


    When there is a load, except for hand wash which relies of what I need and what the weather is like for drying. Things were worst when my stepson worked on a building site -Dust!!!



    Usually once a week.


    Don’t mention washing it never ends, I handwash my smalls and this does somewhat add to the workload especially if ” he ” has had a busy day doing man things.


    Well, I just do the laundry because it’s something to do. If I’m at home, I may as well do it!

    It’s nice to have you back, mikki!

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    Thanks Kitty, If I don’t do the washing no one else will lol.


    I do it only when it is necessary.


    Have private messaged with a reply to you KitKatKitty.


    Another load of laundry is on today!


    And we have never had it so good! The days of flags on the line (nappies / diapers) lol


    You’re right there, SpinningJen.


    At least it is dry and windy here so my washing is drying quickly. dog just ran off with my top !


    Yes, the washing dries well at this time of year. I have never had a tumble drier but with this issue of them catching fire I have no incentive to get one either.

    Visions of you racing down the garden chasing after the dog topless Mikki  LOL


    We have got a tumble dryer it has been essential in getting all those different work clothes dry but we have alway had a very good make and always clean the filter after every use.  We never put it on at night or go out while its running.

    This past year we have made a very concerted effort not to use it unless absolutly necessary. I have just done my elcetricity reading for this year and there is a drop in my useage which means I should be getting a little money back from the utility company..I really think this is down to not using the dryer.

    As s side issue  I have now given up on fabric conditioners too. They make me itch and I found one that was ok but they changed it without notice and I ended up looking like a mange ridden monkey clawing at myself trying to stop the itching which despite showering every hour or two and applying special cream went on for 3 days. Then of course to add insult to injury I had to rewash all my clothes.

    I now use a little natural white vineger where the fabric softner used to go and my clothes are fresh and soft.. Plus no allergic reaction.

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