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    I am very organized! I keep my apartment clean and organized. I keep my computer files and folders organized. This includes a food diary and journal. I also keep my accounts on Excel spreadsheets, which I am always updating. I am good with time management, too. However I do like my sleep! Although I try to get up at the same time everyday.

    I do like routine and order, I have to say. What about you?

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    Im quite organised. I have a filing system and I know where to find most things blindfolded. We recently had a power failure and I was able to find candles and matches in pitch darkness without any trouble..

    Our days are fairly routined its easier for my OH if we keep to the timetable..


    I am very organised too. I do relax a little without being pedantic about it when I can do though. I don’t have a strict time to get up as I feel that if I oversleep I need it. It is years since I last used an alarm clock but have always got up for work Ok. I could probably find candles and matches too Cassandra, although it would take a few minutes. When I was little I suppose I must have had a fear of going blind so I practiced moving around the house with all the lights out. I still do so visualise where things are and can usually see well enough to move around. With the current procedure of turning out the streetlights at midnight, and sometimes before, the training can be useful lol.

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    I do think there are ways to be organized: and not just with filing systems and keeping things tidy. Like time management, paying bills – i.e: keeping finances in order – that type of thing.

    Organization is important to a lot of people: including myself. Routine is also important to me. You guys?

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    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty!


    I think ‘routine’ is good but a regular change of routine is also good too. Routine can stifle spontaneity which helps with creativeness, especially in art.

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    I think ‘routine’ is good but a regular change of routine is also good too. Routine can stifle spontaneity which helps with creativeness, especially in art.

    Agree, there is routine and then there is Routine…

    My OH likes to keep to a routine because it helps with his memory problems so we get up at the same time each day and after a cup of tea we walk the dogs but not always at the same place or length of time sometimes its a quick walk round the block , sometimes to the common and sometimes we pack our breakfast and a thermos and head out to a nature reserve..Then he feeds and cleans his parrot and does any chores like taking out the bins..

    He likes to know that my daughter comes on Wednesdays thats her daddy and me day so if he wants to take a trip with her he knows Wednesday is ok. But apart from that he is quite flexible, once his little morning chores are done hes happy to embark on a project..


    On the other hand


    My friend got married and she was given a list by her new  mother in law , it listed what my friend’s  husband  ate each day, eg chops on Monday , sausages on Tuesday pie on Wednesday, what day he got clean pyjamas and what brands of shampoo , toothpaste etc he preferred as well as what TV shows on what day he watched.. Needless to say the marrage didnt last that long although in court my friend asked the judge to note that in divorcing her husband she was divorcing his mother too and called her the other woman!

    That kind of routine is just smothering and unnessesary..


    Hi Cassandra, I like keeping our place tidy although that can be a challenge when living with an untidy make lol. However I manage to keep on top of things ( Freudian slip ! ) and keep everything how I like it. It pleases my eye when the house looks good.

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    I am in the process of throwing items away.

    If you’ve got the time, do so yourself! You won’t regret it or miss your ornaments. It seems hard to do so at first, but it gets easier when the object is gone. Out of sight, out of mind. And this will clear your mind of clutter, too.


    Yes for the most part.  There is the clutter that we have and really need to do something with.  Boxes of baby things that I really hate to get rid of and the toys and games that the kids have outgrown.  Most of the clothes were donated so I have been keeping up with that.   The kitchen is organized with the exception of the tupperware cabinet.  Too many mixed matched bowls and lids.  I am sure I am not alone on that one.


    Mixed matched bowls and lids – plenty of those lol. I had a bit of a clearout yesterday and got rid of some old clothes, although mainly underwear so not really suitable for the charity shop.

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    I think you’re right to bin some items, SpinningJen: if it isn’t suitable for the charity shop, then it is best to get said items recycled.

    I also save the planet by recycling. It is a common practice now. Plus, charity shops are great but they don’t need to sell some things.

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    I’m tidy, but I can also be a mess sometimes.  I’m a note maker, and these will start to pile up on me.  I also hold on to things longer than I should.

    My living area is always neat, so is my kitchen.  My worst spot is my work desk.  I use it too much as a “catch-all” too, but every month or so I’ll really clean it up.

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