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    … on a 10 out of 10 rating.

    I am about 2/10. Spiders just don’t freak me out. However, the very big ones do.

    Just a creative thread!


    Im not at all which is just as well my son bought a red legged tarantula called Matilda who lived here for a few years. Then my daughter took her and Matilda finally passed away last year aged 22.

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    Not really…also about a 2/10.  I’m just wary of brown recluses, whose bites can cause a great deal of harm.


    They can make me jump but mostly I leave them around the house as they deal with other pests.  The large ones we get here are not dangerous. There are some in this country that can bite but I tend to avoid holding them anyway. The furthest I go is to touch one of the large ones on the leg to coax it away from danger; If I am putting the lid back on the water butt, for instance, to avoid trapping it. Probably a 1/10 for me.


    Spiders are better than a wasp crawling on your neck! And I am being serious.

    I was on the bus and this wasp decided it liked my neck and chest area. I felt it crawl on me. Thankfully I didn’t freak out and it flew away eventually. I was careful not to upset it.

    Give me a spider any day.


    I’d say 0, since I actively love spiders.  I have a pet tarantula named Daenerys, and she is my baby.

    When I see spiders around my house, I give them names and talk to them. I like having them around to keep my home safe from pests.  I’ve forbidden my husband to ever harm a spider.

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    I love spiders myself! I NEVER crush a spider: I always put him or her into a glass and then outside.

    I do believe spiders are good luck. Plus, they have their own personalities. If I had a pet tarantula, I’d name her Suzy. I have always wanted a pet tarantula. I just don’t know how to care for one. Because they do need their food and general health looked after. I suppose I’d need a spider expert to show me how to take care of her. Because spiders do need looking after: they’re like any animal in that regard.

    Anyhow, I shall give any spider I see a pet name, too! I think spiders are beautiful creatures and do symbolise good luck.

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    Tarantulas are one of the easiest pets to care for.  I have a Zebra Knee, and all she needs is a heater, water, and crickets.  I don’t need to clean her tank (except after she molts), and she’s happy as a clam in there.

    I wouldn’t recommend sending spiders outside. House spiders have evolved to live indoors, and they’ve had whole generations inside that’ve never been out of doors.  Sending them out is sadly a death sentence 🙁

    I’m glad I’m not the only spider lady! 🙂


    I wouldn’t recommend sending spiders outside. House spiders have evolved to live indoors, and they’ve had whole generations inside that’ve never been out of doors. Sending them out is sadly a death sentence

    I don’t know but one thing I do know is that they come back in again if they can. I remember some time years ago putting one outside. It had a missing leg so I recognised it easily. A couple of hours after I had put it outside I found it had come back in again. The only time I put them out now is when they cause a nuisance, which is almost never. The last time I remember was a long while since when a large one dropped from the ceiling onto me in the middle of the night. I heard it walking across the ceiling before it dropped so not a complete surprise. They are building up in the house again now but a couple of years ago we had a mouse problem and they cleared all the spiders, I think.

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    Since I am not able to sleep I guess I will just browse the forums.    As far as spiders go, if I see them and they don’t just surprise me, I don’t mind them so much.   One day I climbed in the shower and turned around and there was a big black hairy looking spider right at my feet.   I almost fell I jumped out so fast.    Now if you want to ask me about mice or snakes they frighten me.   We have a garden and sometimes we get these blue racer snakes laying there sunning.   They are not afraid of people either.   Same way with mice, if I see one I am heading the other way.

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    Oh dear, I’d be scared too if I saw a spider at my feet in the shower … I’d be so worried about drowning or squashing the poor thing.

    Mice are so cute!  I like snakes too, it’s so nice when they’ll wrap around your arm, and they have those adorable little eyes and when they like lift their head up …

    The only creatures I can’t abide are ticks.  I just can’t handle how they attach themselves to you and gorge, that’s just too much for me.  They’re the only thing I’m willing to kill.

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