How to be the best dad?

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    Last week, we welcomed our very first baby. We named her “Agatha”. She is so beautiful and adorable. She’s been my stress reliever every time I get home from work. Meanwhile, my wife has been very remarkable with her duty in taking care for our child. I always see her tired and I thought it’s just normal for her as a mother. But now, I’m thinking about taking care for Agatha some time if I don’t have work, also giving my wife a time to relax. Now the main concern is how to be the best dad for our baby. Please tell me!


    From my experience, together as a family. Realising what they have been, and are going through. Taking your part. Helping and sharing. You will miss things later, even if you are not keen on them now.

    Being there and sharing things, good and bad, between yourselves. Caring for each other. Don’t take over – share together. Both Agatha and your wife need your time and affection.


    get off of girls forums and use guys forum would be best way to avoid Embarrassing your children 


    You’re already showing what a great dad you are! You obviously care deeply for little Agatha [and a very pretty name]. Just be understanding, kind, affectionate, playful and you’ll have it nailed. When little Agatha gets older there will be stressful moments, but don’t lose your temper: simply be stern but respectful. It is all too easy for a parent to get angry, but being stern is better. That is what I’d do.

    And do remember: you’re already a wonderful dad.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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