How to best motivate your man??

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    I’m pretty obsessed about keeping my kitchen clean, I always wash my dishes immediately after use.  When I’m cooking something that needs time to boil or something, I’ll start on my cleanup while I’m waiting.  I just can’t abide a mess or dirt, ewww!

    My boyfriend tries to be clean, but in a man’s sort of way, if you know what I mean?  He misses a lot, and while he’s tidy he doesn’t quite understand how to dust properly, or how to really deal with grime and such.  I give him credit for his effort, at least he doesn’t leave clothes lying around or dirty dishes all over.  When I visit his apartment I feel a strong compulsion to clean, I can immediately see everything he’s overlooked.

    I don’t know if it’s how men are raised or if they’re just wired like that, maybe it’s a nesting instinct we have?

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    I am exactly like you, Mamie: I always wash up. I always wash the laundry and get rid of clutter and tidy up messes. I hate dirt and mess. I clean my bathroom twice a week. I am home proud.

    I don’t know about other people’s attitude to this, but all that matters to me is that I am clean & tidy. Whether it is nesting instinct, I do not know. But – again – I like being this way.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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