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How would you feel if pop culture became excited for space this decade?

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    Last year a lot of exciting things happened with space exploration.





    and it will continue this year




    Not only America, Europe, and Japan


    but Russia and China too!






    Pop culture seems to have gotten in with this renewed interest. This can potentially be the next “Game of Thrones”.

    We have a decent show about space exploration.


    This can potentially be the next “Call of Duty”.


    The announcement of a new Mass Effect shocked everyone at the Game Awards.


    And it won’t be the only big space game this decade.



    How would you feel if society and pop culture became excited or even obsessed with space this decade?




    I like sci-fi, so I think that would be cool. Not always sure it’s the right place to spend money, though, considering how much goes on here on Earth that needs great investment and bright minds solving major problems. Still, I’ll be keeping up with developments as best as I can (and not just because it’ll be for my kids’ schooling).


    I LOVE your post, HaileyCheerleader: I shall watch the YouTube links later today.

    NASA and other space agencies are sending regular people into earth’s orbit. Travel to the moon for normal people will happen. Billionaires are going to fund bringing people to Mars and building a colony there. BUT there are so many factors to having future people live on Mars:

    1. The air needs to be breathable and have the oxygen levels needed for normal breathing without a mask of some type.
    2. NASA have to be aware of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes on Mars: even dust storms.
    3. There has to be enough food and the materials and plants etc needed for Mars people to grow their own food.
    4. Buildings have to be built: this means bring building supplies from earth, which are heavy and also in vast loads.
    5. The above point also means professional builders would have to live on Mars: at least until all the buildings were built.
    6. Travel to and from Mars needs to be fairly – although not easy – efficient.
    7. Once a person has landed on Mars there would need to be security measures. There would also be security measures when leaving the docking from earth.
    8. This could mean having one ship always in space, next to the space station. Then passengers would board a spaceship and pass through space to the orbit of Mars. Then another ship would take them onto the surface of Mars.
    9. Another point: there would have to be some kind of entertainment on Mars.
    10. In case of pregnant women: there would have to be a midwife on Mars. Plus, people born onto Mars might be labelled martian: even though obviously human.

    These are a lot of factors involved in colonizing Mars. It isn’t as simple as sending someone on a spaceship to Mars and having them put up a tent: there are a lot of research and money needed to be put into such a project.


    It would be interesting if there were methods of avoiding the use of chemical engines as their pollution is great. It would be useful too if the countries worked out some method of organisation and limitation of satellite pollution. It will be interesting but there is a lot of detail behind the news which, in the past, had lesser impact than the triumphs.


    With the advancing of science and technology, SpinningJen, there will one-day be engines that are not chemically powered: engines that don’t cause pollution. For instance, years ago, no regular person considered electric powered cars: and what do we have today? We also have wind farms. We have recycling. With computers we use less paper: therefore less trees are cut down. Thankfully the list goes on.

    The human race will advance its scientific knowledge and improve earth. Even save life on earth. And we CAN do it. And we WILL do it.

    We are not the dinosaurs.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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