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    Hows life going ladies, everyone looking forward to Christmas? x


    Hi – can’t believe that we are now in December. Haven’t done a thing yet. Must get to the shops soon to buy the pressies. Going out for a group Christmas lunch today so that will make everyone feel a bit festive.


    Yes – I’m feeling more christmas-y now we’re into December. I have managed to get most of my presents now, just a couple of the harder ones to get.

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas lunch Lindylo : )

    How do people buy their presents, do you get them online or go to the shops? I do a bit of both.


    Lovely lunch. It was in the restaurant at our local plant nursery. They do wonderful down to earth food and we had a good look around too.


    Where do I start?

    My brother got married and there was a huge fall out with my sister, she blames me for not getting an invite to our brother’s wedding, tried telling her that it wasn’t up to me but she went bat s**t crazy on me for it.

    Was sick a few weeks ago and now sick again, my mom was also sick last night, I stayed up the entire night, no sleep and things have been tough of late, my laptop was close to dying but I managed to get it going again, the internet is being a stubborn s**t but seems ok for now….

    Been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto 5 Online and currently on rank 286, only 14 more until I hit 300….


    Oh my I have to get started on Christmas present shopping, I am so behind this year! I usually have it all done but been buried in work projects. But I am looking forward to just relaxing with my family once I get all my work projects and errands done!!

    LD, how was the wedding besides the drama!?

    How is life with you Rachel? Are you looking forward to Christmas?


    Do you have loads to buy for Kiwi?

    We’ve managed to do a bit here and there but still have quite a bit to buy. Not least because two very annoying people have to have their birthdays in the week right before Christmas *cough*cough*Fred*cough*BIL*cough*


    Birthdays near Christmas are hard!!!!

    I’m buying baby Kiwi music classes for Christmas (did the same last year) then I usually head over to the second hand shop and get some small toys and such.

    I don’t really have many people to buy for. Just my parents, brother and sister-in law. I just like the idea that they have something to open and think of me on the day since I am so far away.

    Martin and I got a rowing machine this year. That was our Christmas gift to each other. I might add something small for him to open on Christmas, probably just coal. He is such a pain my *** lately 🙂


    @kiwi, it was amazing and enjoyed it…

    I have to see my doctor later this month, been in pain for a bit and the rib cage problem I had a few months back, well it resurfaced again and got worse, Dusty is quite the drama cat of late, she is crazy over cable ties and just goes nuts for it. Got a new neighbour and she has a cat too….

    I treated myself to a new toy and it sits on top of my tv….


    I have bought and wrapped most of my Christmas presents. I have a few more cards to write. I went to the first of my Christmas meals last night. I have another meal to attend tonight and I am having a Christmas lunch with work tomorrow. I need to decorate my tree and hang a few streamers. Other than that, I am ready for the big day!


    I have bought most of the presents and ordered the Christmas meat. In the last two years I have bought most presents online but this year I have bought in shops.

    This year there seems to be more Christmas meals as I have already been to one. I have another at the weekend and another just after Christmas. I need to put up the decorations and the tree, but at least I have sorted my mother’s.

    It’s all go but I’m getting there…


    They REALLY are Kiwi! No time to recover from one before the next is up!

    I got Fred a photo collage frame thing with photos of the family (including his much-loved and deceased granddad and him together) for his birthday, and a ‘psyche’ present for Christmas – a huge box with a box in it. The 2nd box has a drum book and another box. The 3rd box has a pair of drumsticks and another box. The 4th (!) box has a gift certificate in it for drum lessons 😀

    He’s talked about it for years but never done it. Since I took up the Viola he’s talked about it nearly every other day so I keep having to dampen him down! I don’t want him going off and doing it when I already have it sorted!!!! It’ll be a good exercise for him though. Drummers have to be very fit, cardio and arm strength-wise, so it’ll be fun and work his head and his heart :D:D

    Otherwise, I have my last Crochet class of the year and I’ve got them doing anamigurumi snowman. I design all my own patterns for them and this is BY FAR the most difficult I’ve given them.


    Well, I decorated my tree last night. It looks fab! I went to my Christmas meal last night and attended a work Christmas lunch today. Christmas is a hectic time of year! I am going choir singing [although I won’t be singing myself] next Thursday with my social group. It is a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas. Then it’s the big day and that is that!


    I’ve gotten my present shopping down. I might get a few things here and there but for the most part the bigger gifts are down.

    Pap! I love your idea of drum lessons and how you are presenting it. I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face when you exchanged gifts! Too funny.

    LD, I hope you feel better for the Holidays. Keep us updated.

    We decorated our tree last night! It was fun doing it with baby kiwi, she is pretty obsessed with the tree and lights.
    “tree!’ “Christmas!” “lights on!” “oooohhhh pretty” are pretty much all you will hear in my house, all day long!

    I feel like I put my tree up late. Maybe it is a tradition here in the States but lots of people seem to put their trees up on Black Friday which was November 25th! I hear that the tree has to come down right before the New Year too!

    I’ve just put mine up and I usually take mine down after the New Year.

    Anyway, what do you all do for Christmas dinner? I was hoping to find some lamb this year from a local farm.


    Yup me too and think I need to play some games or something to keep busy

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