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    I was listening to a radio presenter interviewing some guy who works for the ambulance service. He was telling him about the number of people who dial 999 for little or no reason.
    One bloke dialed for an ambulance because he had toothache, another one because his thumb hurt, and the last one because his electricity went off!!!!!!!!!

    People who waste the emergency services time should be fined. What is the matter with these people??!! The emergency services have enough to do without putting up with these time wasters. >:(


    I have heard stories of timewasters like that – it must make the emergency people so mad.


    I have a freind who works for the police service 999 she tells me stories of some of the ridiculouse things people call about which are pretty unbelievable.

    Some guy called to complain about his neighbors weeds apparently!


    I agree these people should be fined, its ultimately our tax money that’s being wasted, not to mention the genuine emergencies that could be missed while the police/firemen/paramedics etc are busy having their time wasted >:(

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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