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I don't think people should have to alter their appearance to become rich

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    Does a woman have look to look like this to become rich and powerful?

    I think women who dress like this


    and this


    deserve wealth and power too!

    I want a mansion and sports car without cutting my hair and dressing in black and white!


    I am not sure about this as our different perceptions on the world make me wonder whether we really want to be rich and powerful.

    From another viewpoint, I have noticed quite a bit recently just how few women these days dress in a feminine manner. Yes there is mostly a feminine cut to the clothes but I sometimes feel out of place in a dress or skirt as so many are almost male in appearance with their jeans and jackets.

    Looking at the photos above I sometimes conform with the first or third just not pink as it does not work with me. Usually having a Purdey / bob style I suppose I ought to be rich and powerful but it’s not worked lol. That’s what I like, not for gain.


    I dont conform.. I never have .

    I wear what I want , I wear clothes that suit the occasion and my mood.

    Most time I am in jeans and hiking boots because Im out with my dogs. At parties both my daughter and I like 1950s style dresses but I also have a number of plain casual outfits suitable for normal days.


    However Im not rich  and unless a big pot of money falls from the sky Im not going to be rich in monetary terms any time soon and it really doesnt bother me.


    How a person “should” look to become rich is subjective. There are older/newer standards [for lack of a better word] for a woman with money. Thankfully – these days – that does not include having to be very slim. Larger women can also be rich. Just look at Dawn French and other presenters and actresses. BUT there are things she should do: like wear expensive clothes, have manicured nails, heavily styled hair, perfect teeth, etc. Unfortunately – in some countries – women who are white are considered more beautiful than those with darker skins. Hence the face whitening creams sold in those countries.

    Women do have a lot of pressure to conform to those ideals. I mean, if a woman worth 4 million walked into a room with greasy hair, broken nails and hadn’t showered that day, they would not be respected and would be pushed aside. So there’s that side of the coin. Still, women aren’t stupid and know to fit in. However, there is a difference between fitting in and being a fashion victim. There is always a line.

    Personally, I like to shower daily. I always have manicured nails. I don’t go out the door with greasy hair. But that is because of pride and a way to show I respect myself and want to get along with others. It has little to do with money and more to do with what I’ve mentioned.

    A few thoughts.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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