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I hate New Years

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    New Year , is there anyone who hates it as much as I do? I could honestly cry right now.

    I hate this with a passion.
    Im so lucky to live in a country where people are relaxed and civil they say goodmorning or offer help to total strangers, some people still leave their back door unlocked (even here in the city), children can play outside without risk of being molested and in the summer kids still go off on bikes with picnics and swim in the lake..
    But it all changes at new year because thats when they get hold of fireworks.

    Its as if a little monster inside them comes out at this time of year and wrecks havoc with our society. Grown men and youngsters alike roam the streets tossing mini bombs, blowing up bins, post boxes, and anything else that stays still long enough.

    I wont sicken you with the acts of random violence against animals carried out by firework sadists but it is only too real and frequent. Yet the government wont ban the fireworks they wont even raise the fine for letting them off before new years eve or increase the punishment for the ‘misuse ‘of fireworks. Even the police chief has said that what would be classed as a terror attack in July is now called a ‘firework incident’, every year people die or have bits of their anatomy blown off and still its goes on! Last year about four people died after blowing themselves up with fireworks and many many thousands were injured ..In this part of the counrty they do something called carbide shooting so it sounds like a huge canon going off all day and night.

    After boxing day I have a growing knot in my stomach, my mood darkens and I bubble with a hatred for anyone with fireworks.. Its awful and I really want it to be over asap. Trouble is these random explosions will go on until mid January or until the idiots have used all their nasty little bombs.
    I Hate it big time…


    I do wonder too Cassandra although use of fireworks has declined here in recent years. I think the safety demands and possible liability with public displays have detered many and many people do not buy them now. There were a few in the days up to last night and only a few then. Sometimes I wonder if there is an hidden agenda with the legality of public use of fireworks as they are still legal here, even though they are dangerous. Some types are now banned though. It does irritate me to remember one time I was visiting a patient in a village in Southern Lincolnshire on one of the days leading up to Guy Fawkes day. Someone launched a rocket (mid morning) from the other side of the village. As it came down it hit the bonnet of my car and dented it. Little chance of finding the culprit and probably a teenager so complicated to claim so you can imagine I was well irritated!  Luckily only minor but proves that what goes up does come down and it could have caused injury, even catastrophic if it had startled the driver of a moving car.


    What an awful night. Not so much for us as we have been using cbd oil for our dog and that helped calm him although thinking there was a bit of a lull in the shelling around 10pm we tried to let the boys have a wee in the garden only for a bomb to go off next to our hedge and it scared George witless, at midnight to avoid most of the assult I hid with the dogs under a table that I had covered with a blanket that way they didnt see the flashes on the windows and the sound was a bit muffeled which did help but we ended up going out at 2,30 am to walk them in a nearby field.

    But thick mist reduced vision and desptite emergency services asking people not to let off fireworks because it was making the situation worse they ignored it and visablity fell to zero.. That led to one crash on a nearby motorawy involving 50 cars causing 19 injuries and 1 death. there were many more other crashes too.

    Two people died in a flat fire a man and his 4 yr old son, the cause was fireworks. But the family got into a lift and in case you dont know this you should never use a lift when there is fire, the lift shaft acts like a chimney and draws the smoke up plus if the powers goes out your risk being trapped and cooked like a turkey in tinfoil. Luckily the fire service was able to save the mother and daughter.

    One hospital has already reported 19 people with eye injuries half of them have lost at least one eye.

    Other hospitals have not yet release figures of firework casualties but the figures will rise.

    Bins, bus shleters , cars and other property have been damaged or burned in this nioght of ‘celebration’ and just across the border a zoo was hit by fireworks the ape enclosure caught fire and none of the animals could be saved..

    Then there is the cost to our planet with all the toxins and heavy metals that have been dumped into the air , that will fall ont farmland and waterways…

    Now people are wandering around with stupid grins on their faces exchanging inane and meaningless New Year greetings .. Its a date change for heavens sake nothing more and nothing worth all this…


    I had know idea the mayhem allowed. Ah, tradition, hard to change that. No wonder you, and probably plenty more others, hate New Years Eve. If it weren’t for loss of life, injuries, and property destruction, the night might be more enjoyable. Our New Years is too cold for blowing things up. Instead there are random shootings, either at each other or up in the air. But like SpinningJen said, what goes up, comes down. Even bullets.

    The more responsible folks just get drunk and hopefully don’t drive home. Watching the video link, the whole town was a firestorm! 13 year old boys, quite right. I grew up with brothers. Who knows why they did the things they did. Wajoo! Till your favorite butt scratching digit is in the neighbors lawn.



    Another tragic turn in the whole sorry chain of events is that police have found who set fire to the flats where the father and son died via cctv and have charged a 12 and 13 year old boy with arson that has caused loss of life..

    The boys actually live in the same building.

    Imagine being just 13 and charge with at least 2 deaths.. the mother and daughter are in serious condition in hospital so that charge could change..


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    Oh, dear!  All sorts of mayhem occurred across the pond last night!  Here, it’s illegal to shoot fireworks within city limits, and some types are illegal statewide.  When the fire danger is high (like during a drought), all fireworks are illegal statewide…even public displays.

    I live just inside city limits, but it’s not that bad…just a couple, here and there.  On the fourth of July, I like to hike up to the highest point of a nearby city park and take in all the professional fireworks displays from Memorial Park, Fort Carson, Manitou Springs and Briargate.  I even see all the illegal fireworks, but they’re few and rather innocuous.

    Every year, the AdAmAn Club hikes up to the summit of Pikes Peak and sets off the New Year’s fireworks display.  Since I live in a mature neighborhood with many tall trees, the best unobstructed view is in the middle of our street.  I usually go out there and toast the New Year with a flute of champagne and enjoy the show.  Sometimes, other neighbors join me, sometimes not.

    Photos: New Year’s fireworks on Pikes Peak


    That’s shocking. I had little idea of the mayhem and damage done by these fireworks. And – also – the thought of an animal being hurt or killed in such a way is upsetting. I have a beautiful white cat that visits my dad’s home every day: if she were injured or died I’d be devastated. I know that sounds trival, but having an innocent animal hurt breaks my heart completely.

    I would ban fireworks if I were leader of a country. The injuries are shocking and needless.

    No wonder you hate New Year’s Eve, cassandra: I do now myself.


    A turn of events with the zoo fire today , a 60 year old woman and her two adult daughtershave turned themselves into police in Germany. They heard that the fire had most likely been caused by one of those awful Chinese wish lanterns which are banned in Germany but the ladies had bought some in from abroad and set them off.


    I bet this wasnt what they wished for…


    It sounds like all ages and not just teenagers then Cassandra. Not a good example for everyone. Although there may be few of them about these days, I suspect many of the older people particularly from the German cities and your bigger ones may well have memories of WW2 and nightmares.


    After I read a newspaper article from 1955 yesterday which talked about calling for a ban on fireworks due to unruley behaviour I am near to giving up hope of seeing change because it means that the teenagers from then are the grandparents of now..They have raised their children with fireworks and their children have raised another generation with them , our only hope is that younger people will start to see the damage and do something about it.

    I have a very elderly French man that I do some shopping for, he fought in Korea and then Vietnam and each year the fireworks trigger terrible PTSD and he is convinced that his dead comrades are coming for him, he tells me he sees them with all their injuries crying out to him but that he cannot help them.   In the week after New Year he is exhausted because he is afraid to sleep then when he does he has such awful nightmares. The poor man is convinced he will die and cries himself to sleep each night.


    Im sure there must be so many others young and old just like him. We honour the war dead in November ( here in May)  but then at New year we brush aside the fears of those who survived as if they dont count. I feel so sorry for them.

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