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    …Yes, that song.

    I downloaded a song lyrics page and read the words to that famous Kylie Minogue song. The lyrics are actually really good and the tune is catchy and rather cool. This seems odd to write, but I think if the song had been produced better, then people wouldn’t think it cheesy.

    It grows on you. And just reading the lyrics makes you realize the talent it took to write.


    Some of the lyrics were part of a question on a show on TV recently Kitty (possibly Pointless). I remember none of the contestants knew them.


    Well, I was a child of the 80’s: many people weren’t. Still, it is a catchy song. But it doesn’t surprise me it was forgotten: Kylie Minogue has so many hits under her belt. Her music is modern, dance, pop material.

    Kylie must be glad “I Should Be So Lucky” has been mostly forgotten [no thanks to me!].


    To talk about song lyrics: I love them and have a list of them on my bookmarks feed. I could read song lyrics forever. It takes such time and effort to write lyrics and the talent these people have is astounding. It really opens your eyes to the world of writing: not just the music and people who perform the songs.

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    I have always tended to be more into rhythm. Guitar riffs as well. Carlos Santana is coming into my mind at the moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ab4EFELunU

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    I would love to write song lyrics. I tried to as a little girl: now I write poetry instead. I just love the creative process and being imaginative. Having an imagination is amazing.

    There is no limit to what I can imagine.

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    In another life, maybe I would. Except for your poetry I don’t read much Kitty. You do remind me a little bit of an old favourite poet of mine, John Cooper Clarke. I prefer more contemporary things than most of the old writers.

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    I have to agree, SpinningJen: modern, contemporary poetry is more enjoyable to read than the older styles of poetry. Of course everyone loves W. B Yeats, but he was from a different century. We are – obviously – in the 21st century and I feel my poems should be modern, sometimes fun and just a breath of fresh air.

    I have never claimed to be a genius at writing, but I feel pride in my work. I know that writing is in my blood. And I definitely write quirky poems. Poetry should be fun: not stuffy and boring!

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    I love the lyrics to the U2 album “Songs of Innocence”. Their lyrics are professional and just work. And I do love reading song lyrics online. I would love to write them myself. It takes incredible talent and effort. And I am totally in love with music. I always have been. I played the guitar for three years. I never would’ve reached a high status in the guitar, though. But it was a learning curve and I don’t regret trying.

    That’s my penny’s worth!

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