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    with the manager of my local GP surgery


    a few weeks ago I put in a complaint about my current GP (he said he hoped I got kovid19,) and made rude comments about my appearance and ongoing issues


    today the manager called me in to go over what was said, how I felt, and what I hoped the outcome would be.


    I’ll know next wednesday (hopefully he’ll be spoken too and I’ll  get someone else), she’s going to investigate


    that is how I spent my afternoon!. I can think of a million better things I could be doing, but what needs to be done needs to be done… and she generally looked shocked when I told her about some  of the stuff he said


    Good luck with your complaint I hope some action gets taken.

    I recently had a similar issue with my husband’s doctor.

    This year he has had a serious chest infection and pneumonia .

    yet when he got pain in his chest shortness of breath again the GP just brushed him aside and when he asked to be sent to the hospital to see the lung specialist she refused him.he is a known lung and heart patient he suffered a heart attack in 2014 and has encapsulated asbestos lodged in his lungs.

    I phoned her and said I want the referral letter to the specialist she started to make an excuse and I told her lady listen to me the next phone call I make will be to the complaints commission so think very carefully about what you say.

    Her reply was quite simple…. I am writing your referral letter now.

    Sometimes strong action is needed to get the results you want but these people are there to help us and they need to remember that.

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    thank you, and I am sorry to hear about your experience


    I can’t believe the GP did that (especially at this time with the kovid)


    with that said, I think that their are a lot of people in your situation, shrugged off or ignored

    or even miss diagnosed


    while the NHS is certainly doing wonders for kovid, and helping people in the hospital, it’s also a mess too


    (I don’t know if you’re from england and use the NHS, I’m sure you’ll tell me lol.)


    In the Uk it’s worth knowing about the Care Quality Commission https://cqc.org.uk/

    Another useful ploy used to be going to your MP. I know that when working in healthcare our boss used to jump through hoops if someone mentioned this. GP’s surgeries are more a law unto themselves and because of shortage of services they are in a better position to resist outside pressures. It seems to be mainly hospitals which get the grief. Unless it has changed in the Uk GP practices pay for what they request but I don’t know about where you live Cassandra.

    I remember sending an email to my local surgery after I got a letter from the national organisation advising a GP check, then calling the surgery and they saying they were not making any appointments for over a month and I could not make one until then. It was two months (at least) before I got the email reply which was not really helpful.  I never got the check but, as I was in good health, didn’t worry at the time.

    As an aside – Internally that is the way the NHS often is though. Someone in authority makes a decision and says sort it out with no real though as to whether, in practice, the system is capable of accomodating it. If a member of staff did not have a list of jobs to do then it would be seen as a waste of pay as they may be under-utilised. I used to use the computer term  I learned – ‘Thrashing’ – When a multi-tasking system is spending so much time changing between jobs it’s concurrently working on that it has no time to actually get any of them done (as a further aside – A point to remember if you have lots of tasks open on your computer desktop, ipad or iphone etc – it may be why it seems slow).


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    Im not in the UK now although I am originally from the UK and regularly have to write mails for my poor mum who gets treated like dirt by her hospital in London.

    Im in the Netherlands where generally the health care system is really good and quick. But a couple of the people at my GP surgery seem to think they are demi gods who can treat people like something they found on the bottom of their shoe.

    Once my GP wrote the referral OH was seen by the specialist within a week. He is fine it is just that the pnuemonia was still cauing shortness of breath so he has to use his puffer more often, but there is no change in the encapsulated asbestos (thank goodness).


    The NHS is desperatly underfunded and over managed with too much money and resources being wasted on bad decisions.



    that’s cool, casandra.


    I have a few online friends from their (netherlands I mean), and some I have known for a while

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    also thanks for the CQC link.


    nice resource


    One word about the doctors mentioned: shocking.

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