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I want to make America a bright happy place and Republicans scare me!

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    I remember this section of Mass Effect 2 where I had to go into a private prison space station and retrieve a powerful biotic named Jack.

    There I saw prisoners being abused as well as being treated like slaves and cattle. It horrified me but I felt empowered when my Shepard told a guard that abusing prisoners degrades them.

    It got me interested. Did prisons like this really exist? Could a prison like this really exist on American soil?

    I found out soon enough.


    More evil!


    The American Criminal Justice system is evil!

    It must be reformed or replaced so America can be a bright happy place!


    Regardless of party people scare me. The old saying ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutley’ is often true.

    Many people in a postion of power cannot help but use that power to achieve whatever they want no matter how bad or twisted it is.

    Its good that you question your system but may I ask how old you are? Its just that the US prison system and justice system is well known as corrupt/ unfair and often abusive, its been the subject of many documentaries and news items the world over if you are very young I can understand you may have missed this, but for older people there is no excuse.

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    I try to avoid politics as you an never tell who is manipulating who and often whether open enemies are really friends putting on an act. I think people at the top who abuse power need tough sentences but the old pals act, and people in power worried about how they would feel, generally limits such sentences to little or poor country officials who have few friends.


    I don’t have anything to add: I second cassandra and SpinningJen’s comments. They’ve hit the nail on the head.

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