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    Hi everyone

    As many of you will be aware, we often run competitions here at Female Forum. Up to now, all the prizes have had a humorous (in my opinion!) edge to them, with the awarding of a tea making penguin, a sushi watch and a poo poo journal.

    Now I want to hear from you – what types of prizes would you like to see up for grabs in future competitions? Feel free to suggest funny, novelty gifts or more serious, desirable items.

    Please be aware that any electrical items will need to be battery operated – we have members from all over the world so appliances that plug into the wall will not be suitable.

    I look forward to reading your suggestions and hopefully putting up some of them as future prizes.


    Ok I,ll start with this highly amusing book from presents direct It,s a book of 1000 senior moments and includes such classic senior moments as the time that American president Jimmy Carter left the codes needed to launch a nuclear missile strike inside the pocket of a suit sent to the dry cleaners!

    And this one is something to challenge the grey matter. It,s an intricate puzzle called “double vision” and what you have to do is remove the large ring. There are 3 difficulty levels from 1-3. This one is easy, apparantly!


    How about an Amazon gift certificate? You can get them in any amount you wish. Always very usefull for birthdays and Christmas.

    I also found this cute little wind up penguin torch. As it says you wind it up so it needs no batteries and it,s eco friendly, so you,ll be doing your bit to save the planet as well!


    you can probably get alot of ideas from us lol

    my suggestion… go with the theme of an upcoming holiday? easter/st.patricks day/valentines day. just a thought to make easy fun gifts.


    I have found the cutest little fluffy labrador puppy, plus he comes with his own pet carrier!! He,s so sweet. How could anyone resist him? Awwwwwwwwwww.


    Shan suggested a prize with a valentines theme, so I,ve found this Chocolatiere. You can use it as an electric fondue and have it on the table. The chocolate stays soft so you can dip fruit in it such as strawberries. Perfect for valentines day fun. 😉


    I,ve found some really novel mice for your pc. No more boring plain black ones. These great little gadgets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes including, human brains, cows, cats, dogs and ladybirds and strawberries. There is even one in the shape of a bright red chilli and one that looks like a ghost and it glows in the dark too!!! :ahhh:
    ghostly mouse


    I,ve found this lovely set of smellies from the Body Shop. It,s called the “Head to toe collection”. Ideal for when the kids are in bed and you,ve got time to shut yourself away in the bathroom and pamper yourself.

    The set includes: peppermint cooling foot lotion, cocoa butter body lotion,olive glossing shampoo and coconut shower cream. Plus as it,s from the Body Shop you can be sure that none of it,s products are tested on animals.;=

    I also found this really pretty initial necklace from Avon. My daughter recently got a couple of these for her friends at school and they loved them. Just choose which initial you want.


    I,ve found these beautifull puzzle boxes. This one is heart shaped and is made in Vietnam from pattened rosewood. It has a beautifull inlaid shell design and a high gloss finish. Each puzzle comes apart in 4 moves to reveal a secret compartment inside. So if you hide anything in it, be sure to remember how you opened it!


    My mum got that same wind up torch for christmas Souxi. I bet they are real handy too as my batteries are always missing whenever I need a torch.

    Also loving the mouse idea especially the ladybug version.


    I,ve scoured the earth for some more possible prizes for Female Forum users and this is what I,ve come up with today.

    This is a “leather look” notebox made in the outskirts of Delhi, providing much needed employment for local people. Cotton waste from the garment industry is collected and recycled and handmade into leather look products.
    note box

    This oval glass recycled pendant is handmade in Chilli. Each pendant is totally unique.

    And finally here is a wall clock with a difference. It is made entirely of recycled circuit boards. You can bet your neighbours won,t have one of these.! Batteries are included.

    I found all these on Planet Trash.


    And a few more. I found all this on Coconut Hut.

    First up is some seriously funky socks. I defy anyone to find socks as funky as these. Some have spots, some have got stripes and some are bright luminous yellow and lime green!! :ahhh:
    And now for some seriously funky beach bags. None of your mates will have a bag as funky as this. You,ll be the envy of everyone on the beach.
    beach bags
    And last but certainly not least a chance to go back in time to the fabulous 80,s with…….wait for it……..funky legwarmers!! Check out the colours of some of these.Guaranteed to make your eyes go funny. 😉


    No one can resist cute cuddly kittens can they? Now you can have 4 all at once! Well you can if get this set of 4 cute kitten mugs from the RSPCA. 4 cute bundles of fluff are pictured on each mug. So not only can you enjoy a nice cuppa in your new kitty mug, you,ll be helping a good cause too. I,m a sucker for cute cuddly kittens. 😉
    kitten mugs


    Some fantastic ideas here and I would be more than happy to be the recipient of any of them 😆


    Why thank you kindly Miss CC. 😉

    Here,s a couple more things I found for you. This first one is ideal for the man in your life. When he goes to the bathroom, does he take the newspaper with him so you can,t read it? Now there is no need. He can have the ultimate in luxury……Suduko Toilet roll!!
    That,ll keep him quiet for hours. 😆

    And finally something to cheer up your morning cuppa. Instead of using the same old mug every day that you,ve had for years, how about this singing Elvis mug? When you pick it up it plays “Love me tender”.

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