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    You are just too funny Souxi 😆


    Ok heres some romantic things I found for valentines day.

    First of all you can start your day with some “I love you” toast. Simply place the plastic cutter on the bread and then put the bread in the toaster. 2 minutes later out comes your toast with the words “I love you” toasted on it. What could be a more romantic way to give your loved one breakfast in bed on valentines day.

    Then at the end of your romantic day, take a nice soak in a bubbly bath. And to make it really romantic, add these rose bath lights. They are battery powered and last for up to 8 hours. They change colours all the while your in the bath and gently float on the top, creating a warm romantic glow. Ahhhhhh. 😉
    rose bath lights


    How about some spices, and a nice recipe suggesting how to use them?


    Or one of those things where ANYBODY can open a jar easily, so that we don’t have to go find a man just because we want some dang relish. Guess what I’m having for breakfast? Hotdogs with mustard, while my new jar of relish sits in the kitchen. That rubber gripper is occasionally useless, even after sitting the lid in hot water.


    Elizabeths idea about spices gave me a brilliant idea.

    How about using some of this stuff to spice up your chilli? “Mad dogs revenge” It is extremly HOT and is to be used with caution. It is 450 times hotter than tabasco pepper sauce!! Use sparingly. For those who like it HOT!! :ahhh:

    And this one is called “mega death”. It is made with habanero pods, cayene chillies, white vinegar and allsorts of other lethal ingredients. As before, use with caution. It,ll blow your head off!! :ahhh:

    These sauces are all made in the US.


    Now you can listen to the radio in style while you take a shower with this fish radio. This cheerful little chap will play all your favourtie tunes whilst you wash your hair. You don,t have to worry about him getting wet as he,s fully waterproof.
    fish radio

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    I,ve just found this really pretty wishbone necklace. It,s made in Cornwall of solid English pewter with a freshwater peal in the centre. The chain is adjustable and comes gift boxed.


    How about a natural salt crystal candle holder?

    Or some Yachana Jungle Chocolate? The extra cool thing about purchasing through that site is that procedes help to save the rainforests.


    Martin how about some of those delicious peanut buttercup thingos that you only seem to be able to get in America ( a friend sent me some once and OMG…gorgeous!)


    What? These? They don’t have those in other countries?


    What? These? They don’t have those in other countries?

    Yes, I think that is what CC was referring to. I can’t stand them myself, but my wife loves them!


    Yes those are the ones, no I have never seen them for sale here in Australia.

    I tried to make them once but lets just say they were not the same!


    Want something to get rid of all those crumbs from your keyboard? Then take a look at this. Henry the hoover has been resized for the desktop! He,ll gobble up all those crumbs for you in no time.
    And I also found this great little gadget. It makes a great stress reliever. You simply plug it into your USB port and whack the little creatures on the head. It also runs on batteries too. So next time you have an urge to yell at someone, don,t do that, just beat hell out of this.
    whack it
    And finally for some head phones like no other. You can choose from pigs or flies! I bet none of your mates will have a set of these!
    flies and pigs

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    I,ve had to put “whack it” here because I exceeded my limit for posting pics.

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    I might have to get Whack It for myself!

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