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    Who eats at their keyboard?????????????????? not in my house >:(


    Right for all you lovers of all things spooky, I,ve found just the book for you. This will keep you up until the wee small hours with tales of spine chilling terror!! :ahhh:

    It’s the story of Greyfrairs Cemetery in Edingburgh and it,s gruesome history, which includes:
    witchcraft, bodysnatching and live burial!! :ahhh:

    So turn the lights down low and settle down with this book of horror. And whatever you do, don,t look behind you!!! :ahhh:

    A summary:

    Greyfrair’s Cemetery in Edinburgh has a centuries old reputation for being haunted. Its gruesome history includes use as a mass prison, headstone removal, witchcraft, bodysnatching, desecration, corpse dumping and live burial. In 1998, something new and inexplicable began occurring in the graveyard. Visitors encountered ‘cold spots’, strange smells and banging noises. They found themselves overcome by nausea, or cut and bruised by something they could not see. Over the space of two years, twenty-four people were knocked unconscious. Homes next to the graveyard wall became plagued by crockery smashing, objects moving and unidentified laughter. Witnesses to these attacks ran into the hundreds. There were two exorcisms of the area. Both failed. The section of Greyfriars where the attacks occurred is now chained shut. The entity responsible has been named the ‘Mackenzie Poltergeist’. It has become one of the best-documented and most conclusive paranormal cases in history. The Poltergeist is still growing stronger. This is its story.

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    I,ve found a few more funky things for you all.

    Fed up with boring old toast? Then you just have to try this: Holy Toast! Say goodbye to that boring old toast with this visionary toast stamper.
    Holy toast

    Make bathtime fun again with this cheerful little Union Jack rubber duck. It,ll keep the kids and the OH happy for hours of bubbly fun.
    rubber duck

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    I,ve had to put this one seperate as I exceeded my image allowance for posting images.

    This cute little guy will get your nails dry in no time. Simply apply your nail polish, press the banana and the monkey will do all the hard work for you.


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    Oh Souxi…U have made my day again chick…xxx :kiss:

    Me and OH are the owners of a trike (motorcycle) club..called..’Who Gives A Duck?’…

    Iv been cruising the site with all the ducks on it and found a duck thats right up my street…

    It will nestle at home nicely on the trike along with all the other ones…biker ducks and cool ducks in shades that have already ‘nested’ there aided by a bolt thru the

    It is of course…Punk Duck…

    Happy quacking!!

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    I’ve been having a look at Hawkins Bazaar and I found a few things. It’s a great site. Full of those retro toys you just can’t buy anywhere else.

    A six sided sudoku cube to drive you mad.

    Something to makes your eyes go funny, amazing eye tricks.

    And a book of childish pranks to play on someone after too much punch at Christmas. 😉


    lol Souxi! this thread is great! I’m so pleased you brought it up again lol. I must admit the Holy Toast DEFINITELY made me giggle lol!


    I,m glad you like it Flutter. Have you seen the funky coloured socks? My daughter is nagging me for some of those. I might get her some for Christmas. Might even get me some too. 😆


    Oooo, no I haven’t actually! Where are they? I would love some ! 😆


    Oooo, no I haven’t actually! Where are they? I would love some ! 😆

    Here they are. funky socks



    And yes. I meant the capitals! I almost had a scream attack when I saw them. Ask my OH. I have been wanting socks like these for AGES! Especially the think stripy ones like the ones on the book cover!



    Who eats at their keyboard?????????????????? not in my house >:(

    Ermmm…. NOT me! 8-/

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