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    It is not a pathetic post, but is trival. Still, I felt I should post about that famous Kim Kardasian* punch.

    Do you know the reason? There must’ve been one very good reason. Kim is supposed to be really nice: she wouldn’t throw a punch for no reason.

    Anything to add to my celebrity gossip? Pathetic or not? LOL.

    *Excuse the spelling!


    I had to Google that one, Kitty.  I don’t watch the Kardashians, so I’m unsure of whether that was a real punch.  I read somewhere that her sister threw something at her?  Supposedly, all is forgiven now.


    I don’t like the Kardashions anyway, I just think big bum big lips ugh !!


    I don’t honestly understand what these people are ‘ famous’ for…

    Ive only seen a clip of their so called show and it was a group of harpies screeching at each other over a kitchen table…

    Nasty cheap entertainment at best and pure vouyerism at worst.

    I really couldnt give a care for what they get up to as long as they leave me alone!


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    My sentiments exactly Cassandra, I think they give a false impression of women today.

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    I only posted about it as a general post because it just surprised me that a woman would throw such a punch at their own sibling. I could not imagine doing that to my own sister. But I do feel that is someone is taken to be a fool – and they are struck first –  they have the right to defend themself. I can’t help feel that the sister got what she deserved. That sounds terribly mean, but Kim is no fool and should not have been attacked, however she was attacked. Sometimes you have to do something to stop someone in their tracks.


    I have never seen the program at all, and from what I have heard I am not interested. It sounds a bit like ‘Eastenders’. A (soap) program in which they appear to create nasty situation after nasty situation and then yell at each other at high volume. I don’t think I have changed that much but I used to watch it years ago. Always a drama but I am certain it was easier on the ears and mind. Nowadays when catching the end before another program I have to turn the sound down as it is just a shouting match. I have literally started to hate TV drama and often just turn off. It all seems to be going toward overplaying the stress and harshness and seeing who can get the biggest twist in the plot which is ruining our lives rather than relaxing entertainment to wind down to after a hard day.

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    @spinningjen EE OMG that really is the worst possible example of human beings… Honestly if aliens or future generations look at that and think its real I dread to imagine what they will think of us.


    Ive never seen tempation island , love island, big brother, celeb up the jungle (or whatever its called) any of these artificial life shows.

    The new TV drama on BBC noughts and crosses which is basically about racial divides makes my stomach churn too. Too close to the truth too much like recent history and we dont need it .

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    I agree with all you say ladies, I do confess to liking LINE OF DUTY though the plot lines and  acting is superb, sorry about that. Also I like 10 years younger seeing the results when a plain jane turns into a beauty, shame most of the filler and cosmetic skin treatments are not that long lasting. I would like to keep my wrinkles at bay now.


    There are a few reality shows I do watch…not the “a day in the life of…” shows, but competition shows like “Project Runway.”

    I also like to watch many of the cooking/baking competitions like “Worst Cooks in America,” “The Great British Bake Off,” or “The Great British Baking Show, “The Great American Baking Show” Paul Hollywood is easy on the eyes. 🙂


    I agree there Paul is VERY easy on  the eye lol.


    I agree the great sewing bee, the interior design challenge and the bakery shows incl ready steady cook which has returned recently are all good examples of reality shows. They showcase peoples talents (practical talent not just singing or dancing) and they can be quite educational Ive already seen a great dairy free pudding on RSC that will be great for the summer.


    READY STEADY COOK was a fav of mine,  Ainsley did have an engaging personality and useful tips as well.


    I watch the Sewing Bee too as well as programs like ‘Masterchef’ and the Pottery Throwdown. Some of these programs give me ideas and inspire me to do things.

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